Posted on February 27, 2009

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U.S. to Yield Marijuana Jurisdiction to States 22:45:44
John Bolton at CPAC: The Benefits of Nuking Chicago 16:26:42 Ex-Bush Economist: Blame The Federal Reserve For The Crash 16:22:29
Ron Paul Questions Paul Volcker - JEC 02/26 07:16:37
Rand Paul May Run for Kentucky US Senate Seat 22:45:45
CPAC 2009 07:16:38
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Stop Real ID Coalition: Napolitano wants EDL's for All States 23:36:20
Who is "von Hayek?" 23:27:12
GOP Mayor Dean Grose email: racism or stereotyping the GOP 23:23:28
"United Nations Wants To Regulate Free Speech Of Every Nation" 23:12:40
Natl. Guard finally leaving New Orleans....after 3 1/2 years. 23:11:24
Didn't Tallahassee Florida have a meeting today? 22:50:48
We're Not Paying For Your Crisis! 22:32:58
Why does Obama need Bush's opinion or is it approval on Iraq ? 22:28:11
Calling all DPer's 22:24:37
Ron Paul and earmarks 22:14:37
Two more banks fail today, 16 so far this year! 21:57:26
.......slavery is freedom? 21:55:46
Checks are in the mail 21:31:11
The Oracle with Max Keiser/Jim Rogers - 27 February 2009 21:23:48
Happy to see that slab of bloody rancid meat picture is know replaced with a hamburger 21:21:35
Only two banks (so far) listed on FDIC failed bank list 2/27/09 20:50:41
Every Breath Bernanke Takes 20:49:59
Why is Gold so low?? 20:49:05
2 more banks bite the dust! 20:44:39
Teen catches fire while trying to kill head lice with gasoline. 20:34:32
Need advice from DP about survival seeds 20:11:19
I saw it with my own 2 eyes ! 20:01:20
Violence between repo men, car owners on the rise 20:01:04
Russia Today Covers CPAC 20:00:46
CNBC guest calls for One World Bank and One World Currency 19:51:07
Ron Paul 2012- Ron Paul on Washington Unplugged 2-27-09 19:22:33
A Little Humor For Friday 19:19:22
Here's how the central bankers are accumalating the world's best land and resources! 19:02:00
Chicago TeaParty Pictures... 18:22:26
Anyone Know Where We Can Watch Ron Paul's Speech Today? 18:20:32
Freedom force international interviews on video lead the way 18:17:30
Is There Anyone That Can Run For Senator For Illinois 18:06:51
Chuck Norris of Congress gets a leg up from Chuck Norris?! 18:00:40
What are your thoughts on power? 17:58:39
Financial Times: Gold coin shortage as demand soars 17:45:12
America's Next Top Model and 9/11 Truth? 17:40:53
THIS beer is For Gary Johnson in 2012 ;o) 17:37:19
Need Help Taking Down Crazy Youtuber 17:32:06
Bank Failures Take Toll on Insurance Fund 17:18:03
It's Friday!!! How Many 17:09:56
Dow close 2/27/09 7,062.93 down -119.15 -1.66% 17:07:49
Feds Grant Eminent Domain As Collateral To China For U.S. Debts! 16:58:32
Any Guess as to When the Market will go Below 7,000? 16:51:01
Jury Nullification: The Top Secret Constitutional Right 16:41:43
Veteran for Peace!!! Must March on the Pentagon and Wallstreet! 16:34:19
Will AIG Remain On The Big Board Or... 16:23:10
Dollar Collapse-Fort Knox prepares for INcoming gold shipments 16:08:23
military ... is this for real 16:07:31
I think it's time we do a Money Bomb on behalf of Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign (Hear me out) 16:07:18
Petition For Public Release of Obama's Birth Certificate 16:03:45
Stop Intervening in the Economy 16:00:27
MSN article: What's So Bad About Socialism Anyway? (ridicules Che idolization) 15:43:14
Who Owns Yellowstone National Park. You may be surprised. 15:33:01
Yoohoo! Calling all (soon to be) criminals! CALL TO ACTION. 15:19:05
ARMY investing $6M in RIOT gear 15:15:56
Save taxpayer money Stop the Abortion Bailout today! . 15:10:00
Jesse Ventura 2012 Campaign Starts With This Beer 15:09:50
Dr. Paul on the GOP | CBS 15:02:54
Alaska House of Representatives Bill Claims Sovereignty 15:00:08
What's going on with mainstream conservative radio? 14:58:30
Please Watch And Pass On! 14:50:52
CATS do exist (Here's the proof!) 14:45:08
'Skin taxes' tempt, but face 1st Amendment issues 14:33:27
French professor sacked over 9/11 conspiracy theory - Russia Today 14:33:05
Violence between repo men, and owners on the rise 14:31:00
Ron Paul "Probably" Won't Make Another White House Bid 14:22:21
Santa Monica, CA: Tea Party Time (who went?) 14:21:46
Cliff Kincaid Says President Obama Not Born in US 14:17:59
Backdoor to REAL ID? 14:17:44
This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009. 14:13:11
Fighting for your freedom 14:09:08
Should the state step in or is it any of our business when it comes to the octuplet mother? 13:57:41
Slow Death By Vaccine 13:39:51
Chicago Tea Party - Live Report 13:24:42
1933 Pro-Inflation Propaganda Film 13:20:24
Ron PaUL will be on Fox Business 13:02:07
Lies-man, Kudlow, and Santelli just agreed "unregulated free market capitalism is dead" 12:49:25
Anyone else seen this? Is it real? 12:29:21
*** 31 States already are, are now claiming, or are planning for declaration of sovereignty. *** 12:24:42
Big Brother Obama Supporters On the Internet Are Watching You 12:16:42
Military Joining American Resistance 11:59:35
Ron Paul for Texas Senate 11:51:13
Are the credit checking companies going broke? 11:46:34
73% Trust Judgment of People More Than Politicians: New Poll 11:36:58
Got an idea....What if we sent celebrities copies of Meltdown and the Revolution 11:32:30
As GM goes, so goes the Nation 11:32:16
Help me with the math 11:28:24
U.S. Energy Department Cannot Account for Nuclear Materials at 15 Locations 11:13:11
NO need for homeless patriots 11:11:19
Economic/Technology for the ultimate reboot 11:09:57
Liberty Works Radio Goes On The Airwaves. Watch The Video 11:08:15
How Important Is It To Have An "Over The Airwaves" Radio Network? 11:02:58
Another bailout to calm the 'ripples' from the US Auto Industry 11:01:21
Help me understand 10:55:11
Liberty Works Radio Goes On The Airwaves. Please Support This Project 10:52:34
Ron Paul Top of YouTube (Right Now) 10:30:58
Obama ripped on 'sex agenda' 10:18:43
Laughing all the way from the bank 10:13:14
Take the C-PAC Straw Poll 10:10:04
CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron Paul Was Allowed Air Time 09:57:57
Utube Review: George Orwell's "Animal Farm" 08:27:56
Liberty Works Radio Goes On The Airwaves. Please Support This Project 08:03:03
84--RIOT EQUIPMENT 07:38:13
Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness? 07:30:37
Who is John Galt, the hero of Atlas Shrugged? 07:09:57
REAL I.D. - Heating Up, Many States Voting 06:52:37 - new tool for liberty lovers and good for whoever wants to learn what we're about 06:47:28
Chinese Now Snapping Up Southern California Property-Says More Coming 06:11:07
Florida- Veteran & Businessman fined $500 a day for posting Constitution 04:43:00
Are People Really that APATHETIC!?! Housing.Banks.Healthcare. 04:02:21
this is funny..... 03:58:59
Obama to Renew Ban on "Assault Weapons"-2nd Amendment 03:58:00
Judge orders defendant to decrypt laptop files-5th Amendment Case 03:53:36
Is Naomi Klein going to change the title of her book? 03:28:45
HR 1207: The Federal Reserve Transparency Act 03:06:56
Chuck Norris on Glenn Beck The 2nd Amendment , The IRS and Taxes, And RON PAUL!! 01:15:25
Do any of you ever visit the other sites for Ron Paul links on the side of Daily Paul? I just did for my first time 01:12:28
CNBC Anchors mortified that Ron Paul spoke to millions 00:32:15
Good News! Justice Department will stop medical marijuana raids 00:28:07
Be a Good Samaritan and help people, Well that deserves a Ticket! 00:27:48