Posted on February 28, 2009

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What If...A CLASSIC! 21:26:20
Ron Paul Takes 3rd Place and 13% in Official CPAC Straw Poll! 18:34:58
Urgent! NAIS Action Alert 18:21:46
I built 2 new Liberty websites! 17:51:01
More on the Rand Paul & the Senate Race in Kentucky 14:53:10
Ron Paul Interviewed on CNN: We Killed A Million Of Their People! 22:34:52
Dr. Paul on CNN Live from CPAC 22:34:54
Ron Paul: "I will probably NOT run for President again." 22:34:51
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The Truth 23:19:23
The Liberty Forum 2009 1st Video 23:19:10
FYI... 22:38:30
After the Financial Crisis, Civil War? Get Ready to "Leave Your Region ..." LEAP/Europe 2020 Think Tank Predicts 22:35:55
Government Prepares the Public for Cradle to Grave Surveillance 22:34:08
First amendment battle brewing in Knoxville. Anonymous posts on news websites illegal? 22:28:31
Fantastic Video From Ron Paul's "What if" Speech 21:58:50
Dishonest Money by Joseph Plummer 21:40:53
14th Amendment->The New Deal->JFK's Death->and YOU 21:40:46
China's Eminent Domain, a article 21:38:05
I got booted out of a 9/11 conference at the Constitution Center 21:30:20
Rush Limbaugh: Champion of Big, Powerful Government 21:24:55
Who's "Showing Up"? Greenville/Spartanburg SC - Monday March 2nd @ 7PM GOP Re-Org? 21:20:55
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive 21:00:50
Sons of Liberty 20:27:52
DIGG for Liberty! – Our imperial jackal’s ode to fascism. 20:09:28
Steak, Bread and Candlesticks Article By Peter Schiff 2/28/09 19:21:53
Why does Peter Schiff harp on the trade deficit? 19:21:13
Is Modern Day America More Like the Colonies Before the American Revoltution or More Like France Before Their Revolution? 18:47:28
Jeff Cherry is running against Ron Paul for congress 2010 here is his neocon agenda youtube video 18:33:24
CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex 18:19:05
Take the (AOL) C-PAC Straw Poll 18:13:07
hypocrits 18:08:54
BUZZ up Ron Paul 18:08:07
remember hillary just went to this! 17:30:21
Vatican Sponsoring Conferences on Works of Darwin and Galileo 17:18:52
More complementary currencies are happening! 17:08:21
Government reveals plan through ZOGBY poll, (again)? 16:41:53
Urgent question: How long before the trillions that were printed... 16:36:35
Buffett Predicts an “Onslaught of Inflation” 16:36:04
Book Promotion Bomb for MELTDOWN? Anyone Want To Help 16:32:47
Want to read about Mind Control? 16:17:12
Nat'l Geographic Rips Gold 16:12:03
Blurb about Ron Paul on CNN: Who should lead the GOP in 2012? 16:07:54
Why don't people on here talk about the FCC? It is "private" just like the FED. 15:24:36
Big Brother Watching You Shop 15:23:55
Illuminati history 15:17:28
Military Joining The American Resistance To Protect The Constitution 14:41:44
Ron Paul takes questions from Twitter 14:26:47
finally the satanic oath is exposed 14:23:41
Brian's Rain Barrel 101 and it in ACTION! 13:49:38
Challenge of the day: See how much of this video you can stand 13:44:48
Ron Paul Vs Rahm Emanuel - Must See 13:12:05
Could this be the homestead for freedom lovers ? 13:00:20
Transition Town/ Freedom Town/ Economic stimulus community 12:55:27
Constitution Revolution - Calling All Remaining Patriots!!! DIGG!!!! 12:35:11
Life With Big Brother - Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID 12:33:38
Campaign sites to draft Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano for office are up and running! 12:32:28
Looks like AOL pulled down the CPAC Poll with RP Winning 12:17:44
There is no such thing as a " Peaceful Revolution " 11:58:25
Campaign For Liberty 11:55:50
Worse than real id Worldnet daily scary stuff 11:48:44
Did Ron Paul really say 11:33:55
Dollar Bears: Be Very Careful 11:18:50
UN calls Zionism racist, like anti-Semitism 10:34:40
POLL-- If you were faced with the choices our Founding Fathers faced...... 10:14:44
Usury! 09:28:43
US scientists produce hydrogen using aluminium 09:24:05
The Unknown Citizen 09:22:14
is this a joke or for real? 08:53:16
FOREX and RonPaulAudio 08:40:08
Can we get Ron Paul on a university speech trail? Educating the masses 07:58:12
The Globe 07:51:22
My complaint to the FCC against MSNBC and Keith Olbermann 06:34:02
RNC is in full panic mode right now 06:09:52
Ron Paul 21 Years Ago Explained Banking and the Drug laundering 04:56:56
Christian Musical Accidents 04:34:52
So This Is Why Barney Frank Cut Ron Paul Off The Other Day 02:48:24
Atlanta Tea Party 2009 02:31:36
Alaska House of Representatives Bill Claims Sovereignty 02:28:31
Rand Paul YouTube: Senate 2010? 02:15:17
Kramer : THE SKY IS FALLING !!!!! 02:03:08
A message from Rand Paul 01:50:34
Van Halen Freaks 01:29:11
Patriots, God gave you a brain, so use it! 00:47:17
Tea Parties 00:42:23
Skull & Bones being sued! 00:41:34
Rand Paul on TV too !! 00:30:37
19 States do NOT have their own Republican Party Platform 00:28:37
ARTICLE: Ron Paul's Big Week!!! ---- Great Coverage!!! DIGG!! 00:10:36
US gov't monopoly-power-company freezing poor Americans whose land it occupies 00:07:57