Posted on February 3, 2009

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Did anyone else see this gold ad during the Superbowl? 23:24:16
Washington State Takes on Federal Gov't -- Just like NH! 22:36:56
2010 WE RETAKE CONGRESS : Time to start now come see the new site! 22:36:57
Ron Paul on Brian and the Judge 15:45:29
Please Support Our Advertisers 15:32:45
What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were my age? 14:03:09
About the Senate's Version of the "Stimulus" Bill 13:42:32
Gerald Celente: Bank Nationalisation is Really a Corporate Takeover 12:39:03
The Whole World Is Rioting ..Why Aren't We? 12:21:49
Social Security Called a Ponzi Scheme on Glenn Beck 09:34:34
Attention Missourians! Missouri Sovereignty! 20:06:05
Homeland Security Checkpoint Video - Get Some Training! 12:39:04
New Hampshire Legislature Takes On Federal Gov't 20:06:04
The Census is Hiring 00:43:11
Ron Paul: Cures for Our Economic Disease 09:34:35
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Pending Legislation: Americans with No Abilities Act (AWNAA) 23:55:47
Stimulus Bill That's not all Stimulating 23:27:58
In the spirit of the Daily Paul 23:23:25
Tom Daschle Video from '99 about Tax Cheaters 23:12:09
The Marijuana Trick - (Manipulating the Masses) 23:05:36
Tom Dachle's tax cheat speech 1999- timeline 23:02:43
Tagged Censorship 22:54:55
Dog bleeds to death after getting microchip implant 22:23:22
Ron Paul controls Spokane County 22:01:22
Mumia Abu-Jamal - War for the Eternal Empire 21:49:03
Survival Coins 21:39:42
Obamarket Update Number 11 for February 3, 2009 21:31:52
Young Americans For Liberty needs help, Patriots unite! 21:31:02
State Sovereignty Resolutions so far 20:57:35
Is this the Ron Paul Revolution they are singing about or is it Obama they think will save the day?? 20:56:18
Questions on Military 19:34:08
I want to buy silver, but how? 19:24:29
Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found 19:14:42
question on how many gold and silver coins still exist 19:11:26
YT community "I Pledge" (PARODY) 19:08:52
Tax Revolt Now 19:01:11
Hillary "grateful" for Monica ... 18:57:32
What Michael Phelps should have said 18:52:55
I got the girk boy!! 18:30:35
New Hampshire Throwing Down the Gauntlet to the Federal Government 18:16:46
Iraq's Shocking Human Toll 18:15:02
Wells Fargo Goes to Vegas 18:13:12
In New Jersey - Chris Christie or Steve Lonegan??? 17:44:14
Mayor's Family Terrorized, Dogs Killed, in Drug Bust Mix Up 17:39:27
What would happen if we all saved up 1% of income for RP Republicans every year? 17:33:05
Stimulus Bill That's not all Stimulating 17:30:08
You Don't Riot Because You Are Not Starving 17:27:29
Serious oh ! give me a break minute !! Joe the plumber GOP advisor ? 17:25:27
Vital info for getting RP Republicans to win next election! 17:22:43
Oklahoma to feds: Don't tread on me 17:17:41
Kentucky - Fema and National Guard are Everywhere 17:17:01
List of states with passed or pending sovereignty resolutions (Updated) 17:12:16
Attitudes toward NWO 17:09:39
Bailed-Out Wells Fargo Heads to Vegas !! 16:49:24
Obama Ongoing Eligibility Lawsuits Dr. Orly Taitz Interview By Stanley MonteithToday!!! 3:00 pm PST on GNC Listen Live!!! 16:31:35
15 year old AJ fan made this video! 15:48:23
Constitutional Republic or US Empire? 15:41:42
Senate GOP blocks the extra $25B Dems are trying to add to the stimulus package 15:35:17
I Have a Question About Gold and Silver.. 15:23:47
Another Senator With Unpaid Taxes Withdraws from Nomination 15:19:56
---> URGENT Action Alert: Stop the Stimulus - I didn't think it would work, but... 15:19:32
Ron Paul & The Judge 15:18:59
You are not going to believe what is being covered by National Geographic 15:09:00
What if we started booing politicans instead of applauding them all the time. 15:08:24
financial crisis might cause a number of countries to go bankrupt 14:55:01
Of 10 calls to my business today, 9 were people looking for jobs 14:44:38
Secessionist Movements in American History 14:42:13
VIDEO: Pirates and Emporers 14:26:01
**"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic - Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO Giants Know Something We Don’t** 14:23:13
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Breaking News: Daschle Withdraws 14:03:13
tax revolt soon! 13:51:03
Federal Reserve appoints JPMorgan Bank as custodian of the government's program to buy mortgage-backed securities 13:50:40
Prop 8..The Musical 13:39:45
9/11 Discussion - Video and Articles 13:28:31
So What Else is New? News is "What's New?" Who Creates What's New? Why You Do, That's Who! 13:24:32
Pirates and Emperors 13:18:47
Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, suggests creating a list of people who have no rights, calling them "potential terrorists" 13:17:47
McCain is the biggest hypocrit! 13:14:28
2-3-09, noonish EST - I need help in real time on a resolution 13:10:45
Taking money from "our children and grandchildren." I'm tired of this rhetoric! 13:09:37
The Greatest Destabilization Is Yet To Come 13:04:27
Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano on Collectivism and the Gold Standard 2/3/09 12:36:55
Executive power memos found; Could be made public 12:28:12
New Party or No New Party...That is the question! 12:24:37
I just read that California is completely broke. 12:24:05
The Who, What, How, and Where behind the 700 Billion Dollar tax theft. 11:55:19
Who is he? 11:32:39
gold eagles 11:23:15
Economic Stories of Interest, Feb 3, 2009 11:19:21
This is John Galt Speaking.... 11:09:25
Bellaire, Ohio Chemical Mix-Up 'Very Serious Mistake' 10:43:45
Posts typed all in lower case 10:40:50
Ohio Congresswoman: Foreclosed owners should squat in their own homes 10:27:31
Pro-Wrestling Celeb "Kane" writes article on LewRockwell blog touting Austrian Economics 10:10:42
Reduce members of Congress by 50% 10:09:08
"The Spy Factory" tonight on PBS 8PM ET 09:55:24
business? need help? 09:10:38
How the banks are REALLY paying for stuff while the economy tanks 08:25:57
The NEW media??? Digg and spread the word PLEASE!! 07:37:08
Obama preserves CIA renditions! - LA Times 2-1-09 06:26:30
Senoir Citizens arested after trying to boost a whole shopping cart of booze at CostCo 04:27:25
Obama Understands Part of the Correction 04:05:47
For Those Who Dream of the Abolition of Drug Prohibition 03:52:21
Storable Foods - 3 Month Supply 03:39:38
Bank of America Executives Enjoy Taxpayer-Funded Superbowl Festivities 02:49:32
Big Bong Theory - Washington Post 02:44:42
CCTV:A video of NYPD officers grabbing cash and stuffing it in their pockets 01:41:23
Honest Money Update 01:03:17
As a Non-Catholic this Really Upset Me.. 01:00:55
What kind of infomercial is this? 00:44:15
Canada's 'Ron Paul': Marc Emery. And why we need to 'legalize drugs'. 00:29:31
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk "The cost of our empire is bringing us to our knees" 00:07:21
Report: Most Citizens Kept in Dark on Govt Spending 00:05:13
An inspirational quote for those who get shunned trying to spread the truth 00:02:01