Posted on February 5, 2009

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Glenn Beck: Communist Comrade Update! 18:54:37
Fed Up!~ Article about Ron Paul on Cover of American Conservative Magazine!! 14:08:39
Obama Warns of Catastrophe if Congress Doesn't Act 11:15:17
Eight States Now Declaring Sovereignty 11:15:25
"States rights movement and the Ron Paul reality are seeds that have been planted" 11:15:19
DailyPaul Makes WND news 07:51:21
Bill Gates Predicts Deflation 00:51:47
C-PAC, Ron Paul and the Power 11:15:18
Invitation to Participate in Monetary Reform 01:51:21
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Bees & Guns 23:51:36
Need help creating new web site. 23:38:43
5 feb 08 WND "Expect Fed to lower Dow to 8,000" 23:38:20
A List of Ron Paul Legislation & Question: Have Any of Ron's Bills Been Passed? 23:28:15
Sen. Stabenow Wants Hearings on Radio 'Accountability'; Talks Fairness Doctrine 23:16:53
What better time to win a Congressional seat? 23:16:41
Boycott Kellogg !! No longer endorses Phelps... 23:09:46
Searching For Low Hanging Fruit 22:46:20
Peace Patriots Respect Everyone 22:35:39
Economic Collapse Was Planned 22:11:57
Dr. Paul to help form new national Transpartisan Cabinet Feb. 12th 22:07:22
Ron Paul Sponsors U.S. Family Farm and Food Freedom Bill! 21:44:26
Ron Paul Sponsors U.S. Family Farm and Food Freedom Bill 21:41:30
Shoe thrown at Israeli ambassador in Sweden 21:30:03
Encourage congress to bring our troops home from around the world 21:05:00
What if elected officials telecommuted from their home districts? 21:02:37
United Nation's "threat" No more parental rights 20:58:35
The Daily Show references Ron Paul.... 20:52:59 : Only 2 days in and we already have 14 candidates on board! 20:27:41
Marvel Comics mirrors Reality 20:17:20
Glenn Beck: Obama Resorts to Fear Mongering 20:09:45
More Audacity of Arrogance 20:09:29
I have a gold question 19:46:47
Army: suicides skyrocketed in January 19:38:26
Bars have to collect personal data on patrons 19:27:32
Codex Alimentarius - How the global elite will control your food supply 19:10:43
Goldman, JPMorgan Won’t Feel Effects of Executive-Salary Cap [DIGG] 18:59:19
Patents Stifle Progress 18:21:27
Rioters chase police in London 18:10:30
Mayor Keeps Stimulus Projects Secret 18:01:24
Does anyone know what the roll call vote being 17:57:14
Going back to the Gold Standard has two big problems! 17:55:31
I want a new YouTube! 17:54:46
H.R. 25 - Fair Tax Act of 2009 - Repeal of the Income Tax, Abolish the IRS 17:50:04
Sovereignty is a Controversial Subject 17:35:32
Now the Labor Secretary-designate has family tax problems! 17:33:51
Look at what Jason Whitlock has to say about the war on drugs... 17:33:49
Video: Letterman takes on Blago 17:30:52
China will subsidise fuel cell and electric vehicle purchases 17:28:09
Autonomous Regional Government Push Now Underway!! 17:24:49
Dow Close 2/5/09 8,063.07 up +106.41 +1.34% 17:07:22
*DailyPaul Cool Stats* 17:04:39
US Soldier Calls Out Mahdi Sympathizers in Iraqi Police 16:52:43
No INCOME TAX in Nine States! Which state is next? 16:37:06
Retakecongress 2 days in and we already have 14 candidates on board! 16:23:42
French troops to be stationed in US 16:05:05
Alex Jones and "engineered" disasters. 15:49:06
Calling Rush Limbaugh Fans 15:38:38
How to Brainwash a Nation - Interview conducted by Edward Griffin in 1984. 15:37:17
Vote For The Master Plan 15:36:35
CNN: Harvard Libertarian Lecturer gives ideas on how to fix the economy. 15:34:54
Ok...I thought Flouride was bad for you. 15:08:11
I'm Curious. How many here on DP were involved in the political process this past year and what did you do? 14:45:40
Trevor Lyman's NEW money Bomb! Lets support him again! PUMP 14:43:14
Why is there an "ad" in support of the bailout 14:37:54
Ginsberg Just Had Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer 14:36:25
The reasons we fail and will continue to fail if we don't change our thinking! 14:30:38
Why Was Harry Markopolos Testimony not Front Page News Today? 14:17:57
9/11 Pentagon Attack Survivor Files Lawsuit Cheney Rumsfeld Myers 14:15:21
What does "potentially irreversible" recession that Obama threatens mean? 14:02:55
Larry Silverstein had accounts with Madoff!! 13:57:57
I missed the propaganda, why is the DOW going back up 13:53:17
Why should we listen to Obama in the first place? 13:50:05
Canada threatening Obama and U.S. over NAFTA (NAU is not dead) 13:49:50
JURY POWER in the system of checks 13:36:03
SO Proud of My Mississippi Senators 13:18:50
Breaking! Obama Strongarms UK Judges- Upholds Bush Torture 13:17:24
More Child Sex Allegations Against McCain Campaign Mgr. 13:16:44
Another Paul in Congress? How about Rand Paul for the second Kentucky Senate seat? Turning state races into national races.... 13:07:37
Obama warns of an irreversible recession? 13:03:54
Montana.. telling the feds to stick their gun ban! 13:00:29
Obama arrested on charge of marijuana possession 12:52:38
♥♥♥ Black RP Supporter questions Obama’s “blackness” and more…great video ♥♥♥ 12:48:33
State rights movement 12:28:52
Quotes of NWO advocates. 12:27:03
Wow, Imagine That! (1981) — High Quality Video 12:14:42
Great Support in PA to be fiscally responsible - Tell Mrs. Brooks - THANKS! 12:07:09
For a laught 11:56:02
"CEO pay cuts could spread beyond banks." 11:38:16
U.S. loses critical base needed to bomb Afghanistan!!! YAY!!! 11:37:05
Glenn Beck at it again! Pretty funny stuff 11:17:01
Final Blowout Phase as Fed Ramps up Inflationary Debt Purchases Using Fictitious Money 11:08:49
Germany's biggest bank posts first loss since WWII, * rejects state aid * 11:04:37
Communism In America 10:45:31
Roman Statesman's words of wisdom 10:41:27
Obama Gets Tough to Shield Bush Torturers 10:31:11
RFK JR: Hog Farmers Are More Dangerous Than Bin Laden 10:04:45
16 illegal aliens suing an Arizona rancher, claiming he violated their civil rights 09:58:44
Gold UP $22 Stock guess?? 09:54:11
Big Brother State - short video 09:45:01
Thoughts for Survival 09:44:43
United Nations' threat:No more parental rights- 09:39:52
DailyPaul Makes WND news 09:25:46
surprise (sarcasm intended) Obama's first trip-Canada for NAU 09:04:52
Who's the moderator? Squash the Scorpian 09:03:33
Could a Constitutional Coup d’état save the U.S.? 08:43:37
Auto Parts Mfg - We Need A Bailout Too 08:30:20
Israel fires at aid ship destined for Gaza 07:29:29
Actual court dialogue ... just too funny. Enjoy! 06:55:39
City Workers Accidentally Dump Hydrochloric Acid into Ohio Water Supply Instead of Toxic Fluoride 04:01:51
'What It Feels Like To Be A Libertarian' by John Hasnas 03:58:43
What about the equal pay for women law that Obama signed? 03:48:18
Banks could still find wiggle room in pay caps 02:46:15
$819 billion stimulus bill- Pork Article 02:40:28
America and the Creation of an Economic Frankenstein 02:28:32
Peter Schiff on The Alex Jones Show 2-4-09 02:13:42
"United Nations in bed with Communist Chinese government" 02:10:35
Peter Schiff on The Alex Jones Show:End of The American Empire! 1/4 01:59:52
Russia: Weve been down this road already...NO MORE BAILOUTS and less gov't this time... 01:56:16
My son's dream of 'occupation' 01:48:49
A Call for A General Strike 00:59:06
Baldwin shows admonition for Christian Apathy 00:08:32
Classic Tom Dashle...Your gonna love this one 00:08:23
Gene Burns 00:06:52
Obama continues rendition 00:06:49