Posted on February 6, 2009

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US Inflation Could Hit 200%: Dr. Doom 12:09:44
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Cold Hearted B***H 23:55:06
Is Kevin Tuma The Cartoonist Of The Revolution? 23:44:33
Turn that Frown Upside Down!! : ( : 23:24:38
20/20 22:54:13
rhino: I have noticed a big change in dp lately ... anybody else? 22:40:02
Give me your opinion 22:32:03
Dirty cop Rams Car, Forces Driver With Kids Off Road while doing 5 mph in a minivan 22:25:32
Steve knows his rights ! ! ! 22:00:14
Made In America!!!! 21:53:17
Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo's lecture on Liberty 21:36:17
Unhappy voters jam Capitol Hill phone lines!! 21:33:55
3 nuclear weapons guards dead is America about to be attacked? 21:18:50
Can't Republicans see through the Democrats' Stimulus Bill strategy? 20:45:22
$805 Billion Stimulus Vote Not Tonight! 20:12:25
One of Many Abuses from "War on Drugs" 20:04:53
Has anyone else gotten unsolicited FEMA/DHS emails? 20:01:10
I am getting tired of videos like this. 19:43:42
Reading "A Brave New World" 19:29:48
Gerald Celente NOW on KFI's John & Ken 3-7pm Pacific Time 19:29:03
Obama names outside economic advisory panel 19:23:45
you're worthless to the american people 18:43:13
TSA searches passengers and crew boarding private aircraft 18:14:17
What is the name of the man who's 18:03:03
H.R. 45 is Draconian Gun Control 17:55:50
The Best Quotes from Barack Obama in "Dream's from my Father" 17:12:12
I Had a Dream 16:44:03
Ron Paul's Economic Adviser 16:38:54
Is anyone here an Austrian Economist? 16:32:04
Corrupt Judge Releases Felons Early 16:24:06
Money Bomb!!! 16:07:42
Montana and Michigan have state sovereignty bills now as well!!! 15:55:06
New World Order Movie Trailer 15:49:21
Army Deserter Deported From Canada Placed In Jail 15:46:53
I think I am giving up......just not in. 15:34:28
Washington Sovereignty Bill HJM 4009: What You Can Do To Make It Possible! 15:26:36
Unclog it with your hands you little jerk 14:41:54
Why was I taught in school that FDR was one of the best President's ever? 14:40:30
China Time Bomb: 26 Million Jobless, Waiting for Employment And Mad! 14:30:32
France may take NATO command post in U.S. 14:05:30
So What If Phelps Inhaled, So Did Barack Obama! 13:50:45
Peter Schiff: Why I'm Right and My Critics Are All Wrong 13:45:52
Fair Tax Act of 2009 introduced w/ 44 co-sponsors 13:08:32
Pentagon spent $4.7 billion this year to sway the minds of the public into accepting war 13:02:58
Gold Disconnects From USDollar 12:25:34
Peter Schiff: Stimulus Bill Will Lead to "Unmitigated Disaster" 11:43:34
Peter Schiff: Why I'm Right and My Critics Are All Wrong 11:42:39
TARP overpayments total $78 billion 11:30:23
*Urban Naturals Liberty Soap* 11:21:35
"WHAT" is Intended for America and All People in the World, and "HOW" the NWO Intends to Carry Out Their Plan 11:14:35
Looking at the junior Silver Stocks 10:57:14
So much for the talk of Transparency in the Obama's Presidency 10:18:25
**UPDATED - Chem Trails - Discovery Channel Series** 09:56:07
I've been trying to figure which way interest rates are going - 09:55:15
Payrolls plunge 598,000, the most since 1974 09:49:31
Murdoch blames losses on lack of auotomobile advertising. 09:14:02
NH: Affirming States' rights based on Jeffersonian principles 08:46:45
Peter Schiff Lays it Down Again 2/05 08:40:37
WTF Is Obama Thinking? 08:36:49
David Icke - What the hell is money 06:22:39
O’bama Finally Declares Disaster in Kentucky Ice Storm 06:15:26
Charges Dropped Against USS Cole Bombing Suspect 05:35:06
Need a laugh?? Jerry Seinfeld makes fun of the War on Terror! 04:57:09
Facebook intending to cash in on their database? Your data!! 03:59:56
I thought this was great!!A terrific description of..well..alot of 03:47:40
Teenage Girl Eaten By Attackers 03:47:01
What is Globalization? 03:29:54
Obama and Michael Phelps smoke weed too VIDEO! 03:18:57
*Brand New Film* ~ Kymatica ~ check it out! 02:52:43
Five for Freedom, Awesome check this out... 02:44:41
SA@Takimag - Reefer Madness 02:34:59
Davos Economists: Dumb and Dumber Save the Global Economy 02:32:17
The communism/ socialism/ liberalism debate: 02:05:59
White House Responds to DEA Raids, Vows to End Policy 02:02:05
Bad Seed: Gov’t/Corporate Takeover of U.S. Food Supply Now 01:37:04
The Reason We Will Fail if We Don't Change Our Tactics! 00:48:00
High Tide and Delegate Video People Please contact me 00:42:38
Are You an Austrian, Axiomatic or Mainstream Economist? 00:34:57
Easy on the Quotes 00:20:55
We Now Know About The FED. But What Do You Know About the AMA? 00:15:38
*Elite Power Brokers Meet In Secret* 00:13:58
Resist Illegal Orders: Assert Your God-Given Rights! (Filming Cops- Must See Video) 00:09:49
Michigan House Resolution for State Sovereignty 00:06:42
CBS News: "Shadow Government" News To Congress 00:03:58