Posted on February 7, 2009

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Jaguar Inflation - A Layman's Explanation of Government Intervention 23:27:53
CNN FRONT PAGE: "GOP senators 'caved in' on stimulus, Paul says" 21:28:45
Utah Asserting States Rights under the 10th Amendment 18:01:11
Lawmakers in 20 states move to reclaim sovereignty..... TWENTY!!!??? 11:15:11
Ronald McGovernment Supersizes Himself...Again 18:01:12
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The Associated Press: Whiff of change in US medical marijuana policy 23:35:20
The Supreme Court has Declared Congress to be Thieves 23:26:16
Stocks and Monetary Policy 21:59:04
CNN: GOP senators 'caved in' on stimulus, Paul says 21:37:48
I'm getting out of Santiago for a week, I hope by the time I'm back you guys are still here 21:30:06
HMS Victory found with 4000 tons of gold and silver aboard. 20:47:51
Dow death begins on 2/9/09 and culminates on Friday 13th. - UPDATED 20:45:49
Do you know what time it is? 20:42:51
OK people, here's where the rubber hits the road! 20:37:01
Is Hillary Worse than Cheney? And the Arcade Fire. 20:15:17
Life after the CHANGE! 20:02:26
Times is Hard 20:01:59
Ecuador tells US to take their toys & go HOME! 20:01:16
New Facebook group to promote the Daily Paul and RPF 19:58:36
???????WHAT is New Name 4 Trans TX Corridor & AIG...**???????? 19:37:28
Exploring the popular collective memory of Israeli Jews 18:44:01
Netflix head says 'tax me bro' in NY Times Op-Ed 18:30:08
Texan who died in prison cleared of rape conviction 18:29:06
Cop going to prison for conspiring against a person who never existed 18:23:45
GOOGLE ending video uploads. 18:05:39
Need expert collaboration to spoonfeed Joe Sixpack on Fed 17:52:18
"Montanans Speak Out In Favor OF Jobs Bill"....BULL! 16:51:13
"Montanans Speak Out In Favor OF Jobs Bill"....BULL! 16:42:40
DOJ routinely signs "Antitrust Amnesty Agreements" with Corporations 16:41:04
Time to get American military out of Europe 16:02:25
VIDEO: Dear President Obama... 15:19:11
Liquidity Crisis Sell Silver? 15:04:54
10th Amendment Assignment for all Daily Paulers. Keep up the pressure. 14:28:38
Dollar DVDs for Activists 14:22:38
Truth DVDs for a dollar 14:15:31
Born Again American 14:04:59
Obama the new FDR? 13:51:35
Let's put this anarcho-capitalism flag shirt to test in the free market! 13:28:50
Peter Schiff money bomb 13:24:06
The TRUTH About Fluoride!--Website 12:58:10
Government-sponsored racism: Expose the lies! 12:22:38
The Secret Rulers of the World 11:49:31
Dear Mr. Obama WE WISH! 11:40:01
Kellogg Boycott Underway 11:39:44
If anybody is bored or has time to kill... 11:34:09
Gosh..... where have we heard this before..... 11:26:00
The BDI Index Points To Worldwide Disaster 11:19:49
Walmart Last Night... 10:06:29
Mother of octuplets 10:03:23
WOW.... GREAT article by Gary North.. The market wins over the evil ones 10:03:13
Talk about STRONG ARMING! 08:40:46
Citizen's Council on Health Care reports urgent alert! 06:23:13
Joel Skousen ... Cheney warning (again) 05:59:05
One Dollar DVD Project 04:16:25
Deal reached on emergency stimulus plan-Dems say they have the votes 04:12:18
Philosophical inspiration for our movement? Excerpt. 03:52:03
Obama to visit Indiana and Florida (R3VOLUTION) 03:11:14
Lawmakers in 20 states move to reclaim sovereignty 02:43:04
A fight for control of the Oklahoma Republican Party is shaping up between mainline Republicans and the Ron Paul wing of the par 02:26:55
The $4 Trillion Hallucination Driving Gold 02:17:02
Are cities joining international groups like the ICLEI unconstitutional? 01:02:46
Mind Reading at the Frontier 00:59:46
"Lending NOT Required"- Banks Getting more of OUR Money, FOR NOTHING IN RETURN 00:47:14
Bush & Cheney Are Wanted Men In Vermont! 00:43:15
3 More Banks Gone today- 00:39:11
Double Digit Intrest Rates-Coming Soon 00:36:49
Weekend Read By Peter Schiff 2/9/09: "This Is Just The Beginning" 00:32:35