Posted on March 1, 2009

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Chinese mass counterfeiting gold and silver coins 21:13:15
RJ Harris 2010, OK Dist. 4: Stimulus, Socialism, & Slavery 20:39:15
Dr. Rand Paul at Logan County Lincoln Day Dinner 2/28 20:40:15
OMG Rush Limbaugh at CPAC 01:29:48
Rand Paul 2010: 20:40:16
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Rush Limbaugh is the epitome of hypocrisy: 23:55:40
The fairness doctrine ! And hate talk radio 23:13:01
**Fight Night** WTC 7 vs. Beijing fire 23:12:59
Raw Video: Deputy Shown Kicking Teen Girl 22:49:02
State Sovereignty Rally sign ideas? 22:48:58
Dow Futures down below 7000 tomorrow should be interesting 22:39:36
Why isn"t the oil industry bailing out the auto sector? End of Suburbia: Who Killed the Electric Car? 22:18:09
fun bumper stick slogan 22:14:28
AIG to get up to $30B more in Fed aid: DOW futures below 7k: Metals going up again 22:08:24
"Children Deserve Basic Human Rights 21:34:41
The World Today 21:26:59
I just donated to C4L.. 21:25:27
A website that might be of interest to some 20:53:15
To the citizens of the UK, you are about to go into lockdown: Birth of fascism in real time 20:45:43
Here's a Great one!! Don't you just love California!?! 20:30:38
This can't be true... 20:23:07
The Liberty Forum | After CPAC 2009 20:02:49
Among the Young Conservatives Notes from CPAC, the national conservative conference, where this week youth has been served. 19:50:15
Another poll - Shows Mitt ahead of Ron. 19:22:26
There never was a real draft 19:17:45
Which Party to Choose? 18:46:45
Ron Paul Introduces ‘Federal Reserve Transparency Act’ 18:15:05
Did police frame a convicted man? Old murder case gets another look 18:07:09
On the Impossibility of Limited Government 17:26:24
Can someone figure out this chart I found 17:26:11
Has anyone here read 'Hologram of Liberty' by Kenneth Royce? 16:51:26
A voice in the wilderness no more At CPAC, Ron Paul's critique of the monetary system ... 16:51:07
The 1929 Crash 16:42:22
Support a Patriot! Soldier REFUSES to Return to IRAQ 16:34:56
Bilderberger Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of HHS 16:32:02
Newsweek interviews YAL members at CPAC 16:17:50
teen girl gets punched by deputy on google,#1 video 16:03:56
Global Bank, Global Currency Within 15 Years 16:02:14
Introducing 15:14:16
Crowd pours out opposition to Obama stimulus package 15:09:07
RandPaul2012. 15:07:48
*** Thread on Splenda and other artificial sweeteners**** HELP! 14:38:16
LPUK leader on Forum TV: "How Corrupt Are Our Politicians?" 14:19:08
Beginning Now: The Panic Phase of the Collapse 13:58:06
CNN provides fair coverage of CPAC, mentions Ron Paul 13:26:49
Another Excessive Force case causing a victim to lose his life. 12:56:45
Rand Paul will not run against Jim Bunning may help Bunning in his campain for 2010 12:53:20 you kidding me msnbc. 12:43:08
sanford associating those like Rush Limbaugh as idiots 11:45:33
***HELP!!! IRS Troubles*** 11:27:05
Anybody know anything about Farc (in Columbia?) Update: WOW! 11:20:56
Galileo and pope square off in Goodwin's debut 11:04:40
Any more information regarding the US giving China eminent domain? 10:52:23
Why No More 9/11s? 10:50:59
Santelli fans: You were duped 10:45:14
Tea Party - Greenville, SC News Video 10:23:35
2012 Bumper Sticker: "DON'T VOTE FOR RON PAUL!" 10:18:29
~Peace On Earth 09:07:17
Voodoo Leadership; Everyone Is Required To Be A Bamatronic Robot! 09:07:07
Beginner's guide to the NWO 08:56:28
Core of Corruption 08:41:28
911 truth being covered on CBS ? 07:36:09
Alex Jones for President 06:50:06
AOL Poll CPAC Straw-Poll 05:34:34
Stimulus Infrastructure Spending by State 04:03:59
Gustave De Molinari: 1st economist to propose free competition in the production of security 03:36:12
Guardian Angels Chicago Arrest 03:07:18
Janus downgraded to "junk"--Roth IRA 03:03:19
Why isn't the history of the anti-federalists taught in school? 02:30:54
A whole new kind of struggle is emerging: debt-deflation - Interview with John Bellamy Foster 02:09:57
Trans texas corridor 01:59:14
A Prayer 01:49:47
keith uberstink ...needs to be brought DOWN 01:34:25
A Government Not Fit To Govern 01:31:49
Houston Tea Party Video 01:09:46
Action Needed This Week - Constitutional Tender Act 01:07:34
Rush Limbaugh Makes a Racist Joke CPAC (?) 00:48:14
UPDATED: PleaseReadTheLaw .com - I cannot implore with any greater urgency that you please read this book. 00:33:11
Paul Harvey, Dead at age 90 00:14:20
Nationwide Tea Party coverage 00:12:32
Coburn on the stimulus-he should have endorsed Ron Paul 00:12:00