Posted on March 11, 2009

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Tea Party Grassroots Central: 22:54:23
Congratulations! We're all terrorists now! 20:19:39
Rand Paul's Senate Bid Mentioned in LA Times Blog 19:16:39
"From Boom Times to Tent City" Homeless Tent Cities Grow Steadily 18:48:01
I hate to reference one of my own cartoons... 17:17:17
Army Troops Patrolling Streets In Alabama 11:48:36
How to take the Revolution to the next level: 11:36:22
RJ Harris | Cleveland County Convention 11:36:23
Opinions on the new cigarette tax? 01:27:00
Libertarian Seasteading Institute on CNN 14:32:48
Anger - Do you have any! 17:17:18
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Police seize more than $1 million from Phish fans 23:58:27
The Impending Collapse of Yuppie Restaurants. 23:48:14
American Preppers Network 23:46:54
To Michael Nystrom, Kevin Tuma and RP Artists: Beware 23:11:00
Chat room *URGENT* 22:57:52
UPDATED !!! - THE OBAMA DECEPTION - Watch Stream,Torrent, Download - Alex Jones Movie 22:42:42
What happened with 22:39:10
MO State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists 22:34:29
Mexico Drug Lord on Forbes Rich List With $1 bln 22:14:42
What inflation ? 22:14:29
Obama's choice for top security posts withdraws candidature - Blames Israeli Lobbying Groups 22:07:05
Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs 22:01:51
Progress in Mexico Drug War is Drenched in Blood 21:36:24
Ron Paul On Obama "Change" 21:36:12
Gov. Sanford compares the U.S. to Zimbabwe inflation 21:31:26
New World Order documentary at the SXSW Film Festival in TX 21:23:36
Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex 21:14:13
Freddie mac needs another 30 billion 20:54:58
The link you need to start a REVOLUTION! 20:47:13
*Rex 84 Another name for the U.S Based FEMA Concentration Camp* 20:41:05
Jim Cramer - Stock Market Manipulation - How he did it... 19:47:59
Gold coin shortage likely to become chronic 19:30:30
Scenes From 'The Obama Deception' DVD (Over 8 minutes!) 18:43:02
Letter to friends - Advice 18:34:35
Defining liquidty & Mark to Market 18:22:04
U.S. dollar replaced by ... digital gold? 18:10:25
Conceptual Blueprint for Change-Sustainability-Security 18:04:23
Greenspan: The Fed Didn't Cause The Housing Bubble 17:46:10
College Professor told the class that privacy not protected by the Constitution! HUH!!! 17:44:54
A Ron Paul Flashback 17:29:16
Is This Totalitarian Enough For You? 17:18:16
My email I sent to each CFL state head: 17:16:52 <-- Start Here, Take Steps Toward Liberty 17:13:59
The Fed Has Destroyed Your Retirement 17:03:11
RJ Harris Money Bomb 16:58:40
Kazakh president blames dollar for economic crisis - calls for new world currency 16:43:38
IRS: We can print all the money we need; we don't need to tax you! But we will anyway 16:42:26
Dow close 3/11/09 6,930.40 up +3.91 +0.06% 16:10:35
Our grandson taken from us by Alaska Office of Children's Services 15:38:33
You're not going to believe this but a Chilean newspaper mentioned... THE BILDERBERG GROUP 15:29:10
1776 And Today: It Is Time To Refresh The Tree Of Liberty 15:21:57
The argument for GOLD 15:21:21
You all really need to hear this LIVE now 3pm EST . How to protect your house and your property from the Bank and Governement! 15:16:16
John Tate and their "fundraisers" are seriously getting on my nerves 15:08:14
Outstanding Derivatives: 1.28 QUADRILLION-95% on MARGIN! 14:34:52
Gold is Ready to Go Very High Very Fast 14:19:27
A Precursor to Gas Rationing? Tiered Water Rates 14:13:41
Missouri Sovereignty Bill update 14:08:36
Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows 13:52:52
Alex Jones - FBI and The Obama Deception 13:50:22
SNEAK PEEK: The Obama Deception 13:46:15
Washington plans for big bank failure 13:44:35
Vaclav Klaus on Climate Change 13:36:41
"we surround them" - Our battle just got a lot harder! 13:30:28
Has anyone read Plato's Republic Book 8? describes Obama! 13:22:20
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. We are NOT broke!! 13:17:59
Establishing State Posse Comitatus laws 13:12:28
1,600 families seek food handouts in Indiana city 13:10:40
Opinions wanted: Where do YOU think is most free? 13:01:33
Criminalizing Organic Farms 12:58:41
New York State slated to tax strip club visits and web porn downloads 12:41:32
Avoiding the Collective Karma 12:35:39
Citi Misled Us!! No Profit!!! 12:24:20
my financial planner friend's response to keynesian vs austrian 12:23:48
Liberty or Mayhem III - Sink Citi 12:08:00
Minnesota legislative action, special Ad hoc meeting 3-13 at 9am room 316 in state capitol, grand jury bill, judicial reform 12:02:33
Why You Should Pray for Inflation 11:43:22
Supplements of DIM Stop Many Cancers in Their Tracks 11:35:51
Rogers 'The U.S. is Printing money as fast as they can' (03.09.09) 11:21:44
The Anti-Thesis of Monsanto: Raw Organic Superfoods Communities & Adaptogenic Herbs 10:55:04
Beck equates Stem-Cell research with Eugenics 10:34:59
Canadian Military Units To Undertake “Domestic Security” 09:32:49
"active forum topics" needs an update. 09:18:43
Stop asking the corrupt government to end government corruption.. 09:11:17
Up Next: School kids with pitchforks and torches? - Obama on Education 08:56:10
Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case! Finally A Supreme Court Justice Talks! 08:29:56
Greenspan says he didn't do it - incredible 08:17:02
Home Defense in the Depression: The Lew Rockwell Show 08:04:43
VIDEO: Ron Paul says Republicans Should Read the Constitution 08:02:12
Peter Schiff: What Would You Do As Senator? 08:01:03
Noted Theologian & Expert 9/11 Researcher Coming To New England 06:05:24
Congress lacks constitutional authority for most of what it does 03:25:13 Check it out! 03:17:57
The Feds after the children of the Alamo Ministeries? 02:49:20
Americans Should Embrace Their Radical History 02:32:48
The actual code that protects the FED from audit 02:28:37
Crazy awesome fan-made C4L video! -=Check it out=- 02:14:59
Props to 5 tolerable National Mainstream Media figures 02:02:55
Freedom Works Article Makes Front Page 01:49:26
HELP PLEASE: What are forms of civil disobedience today? It's for a college speech. 01:40:37
The Revolution Goes Mobile!! 01:39:53
Now they're planning...the Crime of the Century. 01:39:52
Ron Paul on AJ show, March 10, 2009 01:38:29
Alex Jones on right now 01:28:01
Which is more important, to become a delegate to the GOP in your state or become a delegate to the Continental Congress 2009? 01:19:34
Here we go again. Another Manchurian 'Programmed Crazy' Set Up To Crack The 2nd Amendment! 01:03:56
RNC meltdown: calls for Steele to resign 00:57:00
ANOTHER Mass shooting they are blaming on guns, not the gunman 00:44:40
What do you think? 00:40:50
Citizen Journalism 00:34:18
The Final Push for World Government 00:25:27
Ron Paul, old coot who warned of economic turmoil, thinks he was right -LA Times 00:24:02
The very latest news on the President Obama elligibility issue. 00:20:28
Footage of Israeli Military Shooting Gaza Farmers 00:14:07