Posted on March 14, 2009

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ABC 20/20 Bailouts and Bull with John Stossel: The Economy 09:11:56
Whew!! Just got home from the lecture by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts!! And got to see HISTORY IN THE MAKING!! 00:18:03
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Mexican President Phillipe Calderon is openly blaming U.S. Citizens for the drug cartel violence in that country 23:50:28
Totally off topic happy 2 min video 23:41:23
California Imploding Faster Than Expected. $16,000,000,000.00 BILLION In the Hole...Again...and Counting... 23:26:45
I wonder if Hitler had this type of technology, would the outcome been reversed? 23:23:49
HR1207 and my not so eloquent letter, but just my feelings! 23:08:34
Administration Open to Taxing Health Benefits 22:47:02
Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project 22:36:05
Watch them spin the Roberts birth certificate issue 22:32:18
Late night FUN over at the Newseek Obama Article posting Eligibility comments!! They delete them super quickly :) 22:22:14
New Vaccine website I helped create to promote personal freedom 22:20:00
Party Thread! We WILL Prevail! 22:19:23
Republican Liberty Caucus National and State Convention 22:09:37
News To Me 21:39:27
Cannabis Culture Issue #74 with Jodie and Marc Emery 21:37:11
Did Supreme Court CLERK torpedo eligibility cases? 20:58:18
Civilian National Security Force 20:43:54
4 arrested in Nev. probe of anti-government group 20:30:06
C4L members march in Elmhurst, Illinois St. Patricks Day Parade... 20,000 in attendance! 20:23:55
Alex Jones - Chuck Norris 20:02:58
Anyone else getting mass spyware on their computer after visiting dailypaul lately? After visiting this site, my computer has 19:52:32
Fusion Centers: Giving Cops Too Much Information? 19:31:21
Grassroots, We have made a list of things we need you to do! Everyone can help! 19:29:35
Anyone here ever write software programs from start to finish? 19:26:25
1st Amendment rights defended....By the Feds?!? 19:20:50
AIG is passing out bonuses again with bailout money ! 19:02:23
Ballot prop being passed around would take marriage out of the hands of the state (in California) 18:38:28
Justice Roberts Agreed to read all of my documents 18:29:51
Has The Federal Reserve Been Audited? Some Say Yes, Some Say No. Which Is It? 17:40:16
LA Imports in the tank in february this is scary man. 17:29:09
Are Ron Paul Forums Infested with Paid Disinformation Agents? According to This...Yes 17:25:49
Another article on the fusion center in Missouri 17:12:05
BO appoints bioterrorism expert to FDA, warns food supply is hazardous... 16:53:46
montana drug rehab 16:53:09
Bin Laden Greatest Hits: Boxed Set and New Mega Group, Mexican Drug Cartel 16:43:24
CFR on NPR! 16:29:46
Thanks Perry911 for find this: Here is Brown and Merkel this morning expressing confidence in the New World before the G20 16:24:40
Media attacks on earmarks picking up steam. 16:09:55
Bush Administration Maintained 'Executive Assassination Ring,' Reported Directly to Dick Cheney 16:07:54
Why on earth is Ron OK with drug criminalization at the state level? 16:00:00
What will providing falsified information get you? A REAL PASSPORT! 15:47:02
Why the meltdown should have surprised no one - Peter Schiff 15:08:44
China Worried at U.S. Investments (they are getting skeered) 15:06:04
Gore Vidal is on C-Span 2 this afternoon 3/14/08 - He is on FIRE about the constitution! 14:48:36
Heavy Metal Monk 14:38:57
Why Geithner can't find any cabinet members... 14:28:29
Guns don't kill pharmaceuticals do ! 14:22:21
Obama's Gun Ban List 14:14:43
The Government Heavily Manipulates Social Media 14:02:30
Ron Paul, angry white guy? Racist? Homophobic? That is what 13:07:20
Joseph Farah looking for strong FREEDOM movement.....should we tell him? 12:41:37
Jason Lewis on EIB 12:28:14
You Are Surrounded! 12:12:47
U.S. reverses policy, drops 'enemy combatant' term 12:12:28
Loopholes in current FDA system will be closed... 11:32:39
My meeting with Tom McClintock 11:25:15
Tent Cities Homelessness Growing 10:42:32
Attention: FOOD RATIONING...Start Hoarding Food 10:28:16
Another Court Helps Obama Hide Truth - Is He A Natural-Born Citizen? 10:17:12
A website worth donating to..... Please read. 09:52:20
cannabis is not a drug it's an herb! 09:51:04
Grandson sells out Grandpa...this could be you 09:16:34
Human Events Sends a Message from RON PAUL 08:40:20
Prometheus Unbound: 08:34:00
A little G20 imagery for you. 08:30:55
WOW! What is happening in Madagascar? 08:21:11
Well, look at who the FBI has rounded up in NYC! (ie: Gold Ponzi scheme!) 07:22:04
Was Marvin Gaye a Libertarian? 06:59:08
ALIPAC- Dying Newspapers Dying Nation: Repent or Perish 06:14:28
Ron Paul speaks about earmarks in Washington Post editorial 06:12:20
The Sellout of Our Unemployed ... by Pat Buchanan 06:01:35
On Open Letter to the FED, NWO, Liberals, DNC, GOP, Communists, Socialists, et al 04:18:52
War by Deception (Iraq, 911, PNAC, Anthrax, what the media won't report. 03:22:40
Elusive hunt for "God Particle" Higgs boson continues to be 02:42:09
The Smokeless Gun: 911 and the Off-Shore Derivative Market 02:35:24
CA court to Keyes: No need to vet Obama 02:24:47
Marxism Won't Work, Without YOUR Money! 02:16:58
The Obama Failure 01:58:25
Ron Paul vs. Stephen Baldwin (COMEDY) 01:43:17
Ron Paul March 13, 2009 debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King 00:38:21