Posted on March 15, 2009

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Post time Article on Bilderbergers and Conspiracy Theorists 19:19:28
Peter Schiff Recommends A Return to Common Sense 22:11:43
Gold for bread in Zimbabwe 13:08:29
Beware of slow, gradual and incremental change! It's one of the most shrewd tactics by the greedy seeking power! 12:11:27
I am running for my town election. 11:55:04
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A New Economy Quick Proposition to UN Affiliates ... something like that. 23:52:30
VIDEO: Profits of Doom! 23:52:02
The Tobacco Party of 2009! 23:32:57
Entire Ron Paul Interview To Be Rebroadcast Tomorrow 23:18:01
Does Supporting the COnstitution Make Me a Terrorist? 23:08:48
Glen Beck's 9/12 Project is Controlled Opposition -> The Counterfeit Movement and What’s Behind it. 23:08:28
good news...Chief justice accepts 'eligibility' petition 23:07:35
Economics: A Lesson About the Simulus Bill 23:03:59
AIG names recipients of its bailout money 21:26:27
What happened to HR 1955, HR 1959? 20:55:01
Disenfrancised on HR1207 20:38:52
Horses Killed by Fluoride in Water 20:33:36
"Wake up. Smell the coffee. Help others." Eyewitness to ??? 20:25:10
One of many incredible and timely quotes from Atlas Shrugged..... 20:11:44
Meet the Trans- Texas Corridor's Cousin: The Trans-European Networks 19:55:16
Check Out How Congress is Voting on Bills Past And Present 19:32:01
Bilderberg covered on too! 19:31:45
Ban it video to the tune of Michael Jacksons "Beat it" 19:27:16
Web site raising $$$ for O.J. Simpson appeal 18:53:59
Z-Day Live from New York - Starts in 10mins 7pm EST 18:48:54
Why is AIG so important? 18:43:15
Shuttle Discovery Launch 18:09:57
Germany one of the first countries to admit Chemtrails Ops 18:02:23
Why the Fed really wants to keep who got the money secret ! 17:52:34
What's happening with the Real ID Act? 17:40:41
Good Video To Explain New World Order 17:27:29
♥ ♥ ♥ Please keep up the fight AGAINST HR 875 – which threatens our FREEDOM to CHOOSE how and what we eat – thanks ♥ ♥ ♥ 17:13:52
Ten Happiest, Saddest House Districts 16:50:41
Introducing Attorney Tony West....Any comments? 16:44:16
Sovereignty in 2009 16:38:45
Front page AOL: Bilderberger Conspiracy 15:22:49
Wonder Why Our Congress Doesn't Listen To Us??? We Should All Get Angry at This!! 14:51:29
"Helicopter" Ben on 60 minutes tonight. 14:28:33
Agent 4409 has inspected your trash 14:26:49
If you're not registered (r) in SC, the GOP doesn't want you 14:06:41
Ruwart defeats Ron Paul 14:00:28
‘Fusion center’ data draws fire over assertions 13:55:03
Student needs help...real consequences of 911 13:09:57
(UPDATE) Chuck Baldwin stated in morning sermon.........- Now Has Made Statement In Article 12:30:03
Anyone expecting the inevitable downturn in the market come Monday? 12:27:24
Gold Outperformed the S&P by 12% per Year since 1999! 12:20:25
National Review "Conservative" columnist now an "Anarchist" 09:52:34
Stop screwing up the economy, you guys! 09:48:46
The Escalating Risk of a Dollar Collapse 08:22:22
"Mass Hysteria" or "Witchcraft" (facts or fearmongering?) 08:21:43
Ron Paul: Culprits Of Financial Collapse Should Be Arrested 08:14:05
NO AUTISM In Never-Vaccinated Children 08:05:23
"Demand for gold coins soaring around the world" 07:15:52
DIGG This, no questions asked ;-) 06:59:23
Freedom in the 50 states 06:20:30
WSJ article on Atlas Shrugged, a novel Ron Paul wants us to read... 06:19:19
Colorado Man Builds Castle, Battles Government... 06:14:33
Link to a free market blog 05:27:26
Old Star Trek reveals how to destroy New World Order 04:58:33
New center revives North America agenda 04:48:04
Any more info on this? 04:27:25
Ron Paul: "If You Subsidize It You Get More Of It" 03:51:43
An American "Barn Raising"! 03:37:44
WeAreChange talks to America 03:19:32
All Democrat H.R.1388 GIVE Act: Sounds more like the TAKE Act; Kucinich a co-sponsor 03:14:00
America: Achieve the Cleanest and Fastest Moving Economy in the World! 03:03:52
Chief justice publicly accepts WND's eligibility petition 02:47:44
Check your local library 02:23:08
Big Pharma CEO Fakes Cancer while Pill-Pushing Doctor Fakes Clinical Trial Results for Bextra, Effexor and Celebrex 01:45:52
The Civilians Military 01:44:37
Ted Nugent: Big fan of the 10th 01:42:04
A Special Report for U.S. Citizens ... Withholding ala Manhattan (the W-4 Connection) 01:34:20
Things That Google Knows About You 00:49:04