Posted on March 18, 2009

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Rush discussed MIAC report on his show today 14:58:37
Fed to buy up to $300B long-term Treasury bonds 14:45:46
The Tax Revolts are Starting 14:13:40
Empire of a thousand bases 13:25:08
AIG Was an Inside Job! 11:00:50
'Ron Paul Predicted Everything' on Morning Joe 10:41:25
My Republican Rep won't support HR1207! 09:58:22
Army Investigating Why Troops Were Sent After AL Murder Spree 09:42:49
Ron Paul on Bloomberg 14:58:38
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Rush Limbaugh Comments on MIAC Report - Ron Paul, Bumper Stickers, Militias, Libertarian Party, Obama's Mad Marching Army... 23:50:06
No Representation Without Taxation!?? 23:27:23
Inspiring FREE Liberty Podcasts 23:14:23
Kucinich requests investigation into ‘executive assassination ring’ 23:12:35
Disclosed documents are classified, censored or otherwise opaque to the public record. 23:07:57
Liberty Blog Covering Obama in OC - 3/18/09 22:57:33
Aimee Allen with Jason Bermas, listen now! 22:06:38
This should upset everyone 22:06:14
Call for General Strike - features a Tuma Cartoon! 21:21:25
Activism +Faith=Freedom!! 21:00:33
Why was this Alex Jones video removed from YouTube? 20:26:35
Video: Rush Limbaugh on MAIC Profiling 20:21:37
"When the government fears the people. there is justice" 20:03:30
Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss 19:59:09
Limbaugh mentions MIAC targetting Ron Paul 19:58:49
New government brochure explains climate science 19:57:22
Glenn Beck: The New Bob Barr of the Revolution! 19:57:19
Stop MONSANTO backed legislation! 19:46:24
If Barack is the President of the United States; Then who is the president of... 19:34:10
STATE SOVEREIGNTY People's Awareness Coalition Internet Broadcast 18 Mar 09 8:00pm Central 19:25:45
Can Chris Dodd be thrown out of Congress for lying to the public? 19:13:52
We are all being played like pawns... 18:57:09
The End of Bretton Woods II 18:53:22
Alex Jones Predicted 9/11 18:50:23
They want a Tea Party? Lets give it to them... 18:49:12
National Debt Hits Record $11 Trillion & Counting 18:37:46
Dept. of Defense quickly reverses stance on once-fired brass 18:28:02
Mark Sanford for President? 18:11:51
Is Judge Napolitano related to Homeland Security Czar Napolitano??? 18:06:23
Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom 17:58:38
Video: The Final Push for World Government 17:57:47
Ron Paul - Bruno = Jesse Benton 17:57:18
FSP makes progress on medical marijuana 17:54:37
China 03/18/09 : Allure of U.S. Treasuries set to fade 17:41:30
Kazakhstan's President call for NEW WORLD CURRENCY. 17:35:15
OK, is this what Peter Schiff was telling us? Did China quit buying our bonds? 17:21:10
obama planning to accelerate patent expiration on biologic drugs 17:02:53
U.S. signs U.N. gay rights document 16:52:13
Extra Special 401k saving moves. 16:43:28
Project Think Liberty needs your help! 16:31:50
Questioning The Constitution - Part 1 16:27:33
Black Wednesday 16:16:34
Bailout protests in 60 seconds 16:13:18
For all the deflationistas out there 16:11:22
Tea-Party Protests Are Run By Neo-Cons - We Need To Take Them Over Too 16:08:03
Message to the Future 15:57:36
I guess the Free State Project isn't exactly having much effect..... 15:51:30
best way to end the fed 15:37:51
OK, what's up with Shepard Smith today? 15:24:08
Liberty_Belle: Who just deleted SCButterflys Post?!! 15:21:23
Okay That's It I've Had It,Can We Please Get Some Priorities Straight Now??? 15:16:04
Fannie to pay bonuses despite losses--like AIG! 15:14:08
Pete Neilsen introduces RS18846C2 in ID - End The Fed 15:06:54
Obama's Gun Ban List 14:52:05
John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve 14:37:53
New Wave of Baby Boomers Coming; 40% Out of Wedlock 14:25:17
Response to Sentinel: A Fractured Brainstorm 14:25:07
Mexico Puts Tariffs on U.S. Goods in Truck Dispute 14:24:21
obama deception 14:07:46
Brass Scrapping Plan Reversed!! 14:06:00
Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve? 13:59:28
AIG's Liddy: "The Fed knew all about the bonus payments and signed off on it." 13:50:20
Spare Us Your Fake Fury, DC Hypocrites 13:48:43
VOTING: The Complex Made Non-Complex 13:26:06
Glen Beck's Investigation into FEMA Camps 13:26:06
The new layer of lies 13:09:35
Our Food and Small Farmers are endangered!!!! 13:05:29
Analysis: White House, Dems backpedaling on AIG 13:04:28
Great Precious Metals Dealer 13:00:47
Comex gold trading is a paper game: Jim Rogers 12:45:12
Lose Your Property for Growing Food? 12:30:04
Obama Opens Secret Laboratories to Germany 12:26:52
HR 875/S 425: Farm to Fork Food Fascism Comes to America 12:26:28
where will we get our brass? 12:21:16
The Can & Bottle Money Bomb 12:14:52
The reader in chief, reads the wrong teleprompter and thanks himself 12:05:14
SSNs for my children? 11:50:34
Web Censorship in Australia: Banned Hyperlink Fine $11,000 per Day! 11:37:26
Self Defense Firearm 11:29:20
China inoculates itself against dollar collapse 11:25:43
Legislation introduced to eliminate mining 11:24:36
Obama Received a $101,332.00 Bonus from AIG & Obama's Stimulus Bill Protects the AIG Bonuses 11:15:42
This Is A Book That Needs To Go To Sheriffs 11:06:26
Crunch Time?... (what I have been waiting for) 11:03:43
Justice Scalia: The Constitution "is not living, but dead." 10:43:19
American Principles of Foreign Policy 10:42:57
Dow down 3/18/09 In first hour 7,261.25 down -134.45 -1.82% 10:40:28
March Madness of Politics 08:58:22
GB on AIG and fake outrage 08:44:20
And they said they had no plans to nationalize the banks. This seems kinda fishy 08:28:56
F/S: Edible and Biodiesel oil ... ranging from sunflower oil,biodiesel oil,palm oil.. 08:27:01
A Special Star Wars Treat for the DailyPaul! 08:01:36
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 03-17-09 "I See No Purpose For the Federal Reserve..." 07:55:41
Leaked: New World Order Currency Note 07:54:16
AM CON Mag: Are Ron Paul Supporters Terrorists? 07:52:24
What's with the surge in old posts 07:03:36
I gave my mom, 84, the bad news yesterday 06:58:13
Ron Paul on Bloomberg 3/17/09 05:10:55
Money Grows on Trees! 04:56:00
Historic Value of Work Comparison 1915-2009 04:51:53
A Real Revolution 04:04:02
Legal action should be against those people that voted for AIG bailout! Ron Paul 03:13:45
Reminder: Freedom Watch Today at 2 PM est 02:58:28
Glenn Beck Gets a Taste 02:55:29
Video: Student Shot by Cops for Smoking Marijuana 02:40:34
Dubai Floats Islamic Gold Backed Security 01:40:59
Peter Schiff Vlog Report 17 March 2009 00:23:00
Thank You! 00:21:43
Is AIG a Ponzi Scheme like Madoff's Company? - Video 00:16:02
Video: Jim Rogers Asian Interview March17, 2009 00:08:52
Penny drive in Florida gone awry 00:07:36
Video: Jim Rogers Asian Interview March17, 2009 00:05:59