Posted on March 2, 2009

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Ron Paul at the Texas Freedom & Liberty Banquet 22:02:46
Jim Rogers Terrific Interview 21:32:40
Paul Craig Roberts: A Banana Republic By 2012? Change for the Worse 15:23:23
Rand Paul Speech from the Boston Tea Party 2008 15:04:23
A Day at the Gun Show 10:37:56
Rachel Goes to CPAC, Part 1 10:04:32
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 3/2/09 21:32:44
Why your doctor is just a drug pusher 15:04:23
Ron Paul at CPAC: A voice in the wilderness no more 09:49:16
Constitution Revolution - Trailer and Release Date - Calling All Remaining Patriots! 13:04:53
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Gold Confiscation by U.S. Government? 23:25:22
Karl Rove Owned By Katrina Heuvel 22:55:23
The Creature From Jekyll Island: A 2nd Look at the Fed (Audio Interview) 22:49:28
Patriot Alert Now!: Support These Parents 22:30:10
Ron Paul's HR 1207 22:13:49
Chemtrails....Dry Ice link? 21:59:59
What does it take to be a nation? 21:53:41
The day the world crashed , did you see these numbers ? 21:38:02
my 3-hour, anti-Fed, pro-freedom video (Juno's temple) 21:27:43
Euro projection 20:49:10
Coincidence theorists, truthers, and Birthers oh my ! 20:40:19
It's official: the RNC has been hijacked by the democrats. 20:19:46
State Sovereignty: State lawmakers fighting federal stimulus...Yahoo Main Page Article 20:11:34
VIDEO: Glenn Beck calls to make Marijuana Legal?!! 20:03:25
Well, this is something 20:02:43
Rand, Ron, Schiff, Napolitano, Rogers, Ventura, and Alex Jones 19:42:50
Unbelievable! My second nice story today! 19:25:31
Strange Abductions, And Last Letter from Eustace Mullins? 19:21:10
Food Banks Now Helping Those Who Recently Earned 6 Figures 19:08:37
Now Is The Time!! Ron Must Run! 19:02:39
Please listen to me. 18:56:25
Congressman Paul’s Statement on His Son Rand Paul 18:52:11
Ron Paul: 'Pretty sad' that Limbaugh is GOP leader 18:27:57
Is CNN rejoicing or lamenting or surprised? "No third run for Paul" 18:19:12
Google Admits RP is search king of 2007 18:10:14
State Sovereignty in the news 18:09:29
HR 45 - this will destroy the 2nd amendment if it passes 18:06:50
Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty 17:48:16
Ninth Circuit rejects gov't appeal in wiretap case 17:35:32
MN Senator revote? Get Jesse back from Mexico! 17:26:46
Pennsylvania:10th Amendment Rally for the State of Independence - March 16th, 12:00PM 17:10:54
Text of Ron Paul's "What if..." Speech for emails and printing 16:47:50
South Dakota HCR 1013 - 10th Amendment sovereignty resolution! 16:39:31
The "U.S." Bank 16:31:09
Are there any computer games about liberty, or revolution? 16:26:33
A theory on the markets and why they are dropping 16:23:00
Ron Paul's First Hundred Days! 16:13:48
Need suggestions for a slogan 15:40:18
Banking Question 15:35:38
Secrets of the "Bank" of Rome. 15:29:59
House Kills Ethics Bill 15:29:37
Ron Paul's Speech at Campaign For Liberty Event in Austin, TX 2-28-2009 15:20:54
Obama and Brown Forging a NEW WORLD ORDER 15:18:20
On Political Piracy and the GOP.... 15:02:04
CIA Destroyed Nearly 100 Interrogation Tapes 15:01:15
Radio Chip Coming Soon to Your Driver's License 14:53:09
Did you know that the founder of DailyKos used to work for the CIA? 14:46:40
WeAreChange talks to America IGNORANCE ABOUND!!!! 14:27:36
Texas Republic News Interviews Ron Paul 14:23:49
*BREAKING* Susan Lindauer Blows the Whistle Again 14:22:16
The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 14:15:46
Obama Executive Order Encourages Union-only Labor 14:15:23
Laid-off professionals turn to "survival jobs" 14:10:55
AOL Poll on "O"'s Birth Certificate Issue: Could Use Some Votes 14:09:09
Why minarchists should be monarchists 14:02:50
Silver video on yahoo finance 13:53:50
I just thought of this GREAT IDEA! 13:38:50
CBSNews: Ron Paul "Probably" Won't Make Another White House Bid 13:09:50
Socializing Banks: A Debate 13:09:02
Any Guess as to When the market will go below 6000? 13:04:50
Advice, How does someone run for county Sheriff 12:59:26
Dow close 3/2/09 6,763.29 down -299.64 -4.24% 12:59:18
Gordon Brown wants a "Global New Deal" with Obama's help - Yikes! 12:28:41
Introducing 12:25:07
Where is that link for Lincoln? 11:42:39
Brown woos Obama on global deal 11:38:10
Non GM seeds in the South and some misunderstandings.... 11:29:11
RENEWED AMBER ALERT! Have you seen this little girl?? 11:23:08
Euro-Pacific 11:06:25
AOL HEADLINES 'The Birthers' Continue to Hound Obama' 10:53:19
Is it Time to "Bug Out"?? 10:37:06
The Classic, "I, Pencil" 10:24:24
AOL poll - Obama's eligibility 10:17:04
Ron Paul's HR 1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 09:28:22
Solutions 08:33:22
"The Divine Matrix" / Gregg Braden - any thoughts? 08:32:41
The Individual versus the Collective 08:29:59
Ron Paul - leading Houston's reps with most PORK spending?!?! 08:29:31
Japan's "Lost Decade" - maybe just misplaced? 08:04:24
Final words in Pirate Bay trial Today beware now comes ACTA - Secret negotiations 07:57:52
Depression of 1929....happen again? 05:25:11
Wage and Price Controls in the Ancient World 04:12:43
Santelli Rant May Have Been Completely Planned 03:34:59
Today Was a Sad Day In L. A. ... 03:16:21
What If? - by Ron Paul 03:15:03
Military Coup of 2012 03:03:07
Pregnant Daughter was strip searched to visit half brother in prison 02:46:41
Freedoms Phoenix news studio/workshop 02:33:49
Obamas New Helicopter... 02:26:01
Israel may face war crimes trials 02:13:26
The Lieber Code. HJR192. Senate Doc 43 01:22:41
How the MSM gets away with propaganda. 00:46:06
Ixquick: Private Search Engine (No IP Log!) 00:40:55
Jeff Cherry announces his bid for Congress against Ron Paul. 00:32:41