Posted on March 21, 2009

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Who can enforce the Constitution? 22:47:19
Ron Paul & Chuck Baldwin Threaten Legal Action Against MIAC 16:31:34
Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts 13:48:51
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Michelle Obama put an organic Garden in at the White House so.... 23:38:42
Don't mix up the RJ Harris's* 22:56:15
Geithner's new plan,what do you think? will the people love it? 22:46:16
Wealth Redistribution BIG Success! 22:44:16
Barney Frank backing away from fed?bloomberg what does that mean?why now? 22:42:04
Condoms 'endanger public health' 22:41:12
Ready Kids! 22:34:41
Black-Scholes: a potentially dangerous assumption? 22:25:58
Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette on MIAC report 22:24:47
By Request: The Ethnobotany Thread 22:11:22
Fascism: Fingerprints for Homeowners 21:50:43
Time to make a stand! Cherokee County Republican Precinct ReOrganization 21:30:18
Catherine Austin Fitts - the micro-details of how the parasitical system works 21:22:31
Let's Canvass for Obama! (Satirical Idea) 21:12:02
Bailing Out Failed Ideas 21:04:16
Anti-war protests hit Washington 20:53:58
DONT SPY ON ME!! Fusion Centers Exposed!! *MIAC* 20:50:32
SXSW 2009 - Everyday Conspiracies with Alex Jones 20:37:50
Bank Resistance 20:32:02
How much larger must the RP movement be to bring about change - 5, 10, or 20 times larger? 20:25:18
How About This, What Do You Think? 20:18:21
OT moment of pure silliness, if you could use one 19:49:47
Scientific Tyranny Coming 19:45:35
Martial Law...!! 19:14:28
Judge Robertson speaking in Obama birth issue 18:59:16
Foreign Currency News 18:52:35
An intelligent critique of Atlas Shrugged 18:43:19
Is There An "Obama Cult"? 18:38:27
Why we are not in the streets. 18:09:33
Sesame Street Explains the Madoff Scandal 18:07:29
****Amnesty**** what almost happened . 17:56:19
Another voice heard in the WAR ON DRUGS! 17:39:24
Very interesting article. 17:28:50
I am so happy !! 16:59:51
OK.... NOW things are starting to become a little clearer... 16:43:24
Advice for Buying Gold? 16:33:49
Very Strong Message 16:26:23
War on Wall Street Workers - Trader Revolt? 16:20:15
Need Verification - AIG controls Congressional Pensions 16:02:50
Silverstein wants bailout for WTC ? 15:50:46
Forageables 15:35:14
Suggestion for 15:24:00
Is Organic Farming Killer Rep. Rosa DeLauro Becoming the Most Hated Woman in America? (I Hope So) 15:23:18
Rats would "scurry" in pairs, more than walk, wouldn't they? 14:39:18
VIDEO: Amnesty for Gang members and more! 14:31:34
UPDATED ON NOW! Saturday March 21st we will have LIVE coverage of Bob Schulz and the continental congress conference 14:21:49
Poll: What are the best books for promoting Liberty, Truth, and Justice? 14:15:39
Thousands Rally Against Stimulus Plan At ‘Orlando Tea Party’ 14:13:11
Canada launches BE PREPARED 72hrs. 14:12:23
NAIS ...more on animal indentification 14:09:02
Military demands details on soldiers' private guns 14:04:01
Who is a moderator today? 14:01:18
Bernanke Quote from 2002 13:33:36
Joe Rogan Talks Ron Paul, Peter Schiff 2/15/09 12:59:03
Speaking of the "Volunteerism" agenda (Please read) 12:49:01
Protest Naked!!! 12:44:36
The "government" declared us their enemies a long time ago; General orders NO.100 12:26:20
America's Next Catastrophe is Brewing In Mexico 12:21:51
Well we made it... 12:16:35
Hissy Alert!! FEMA Update with Valano72 & Chad 12:04:01
The silent foot soldiers of the NWO (unlimited immigration) . 11:54:14
WHAT?? Army Reserves Alert on End the Fed Rallies!! 11:22:21
Bill Maher Slams Glenn Beck & Call Roger Ailes Irresponible for Broadcasting the TRUTH! 11:17:25
You thought $165 M was bad for AIG bonuses, try the real number $218 M 11:11:46
H.R. 808: Department of Peace Act - Kucinich = Globalist New Ager 10:46:22
An Open Letter to Chuck Norris 10:40:57
Time for a new type of "food bank?" 09:58:05
Obamatons Out On The Streets Today: The Machine In Action 09:36:19
To All the obama fan club members who refuse to accept the facts.READ THIS !!! 09:33:16
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei in response to Obama and better ties with America- "should you change, our behavior will change too." 09:17:22
Nailing the Declaration of Independence to the Court House door 09:08:57
S 436 and HR 1076: "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating Exploitation of Today's Youth Act"...Exploiting our Liberties? 09:07:38
How China Could Use Currency as a Weapon 08:50:58
U.S.-China Naval Skirmish Signals Strained Relations 08:49:31
Hungary's PM resigns: Another one bites the dust! 08:36:17
Glenn Beck Helps You Determine if You're a Potential Terrorist or Milita Member 06:51:53
Personal Sovereignty Decree - print and sign, liberate yourself 06:45:10
The SECURE VOTE Initiative - Updated 06:36:49
Anger with TeaPartyDay Leadership 06:26:01
1998 mention of the need for a "common currency" 05:25:01
Obama zombies will be knocking on peoples front doors today! 05:07:12
Are we grossly underestimating the enemy before us? 04:57:55
HR 1207: Too Little, too Late 04:16:21
Ron Paul "Let's Quit Destroying Our Dollar!" 03:44:21
Video: GVSU Students protest officer involved shooting 03:21:13
Regulators (US Gov.) takes over 2 credit unions 03:16:49
The Feds Killed Popcorn 02:39:18
"U.S. backs global alternative to dollar" 01:34:26
i have come here to chew bubblegum and 01:33:12
Friday night fun - The Report from Iron Mountain 01:32:44
Canadian Financial News - "Is this the end of America?" 01:27:38
Treasury to roll out toxic asset plan (Another one) 01:27:13
The Reagans Speak Out On Drugs 01:17:39
Video: Denver's No. 2 priority (spying on humans) 00:33:47
Gadsden Flag Going Viral on Facebook. 00:22:51
Video: Health Department says gas-infused (flaming) water safe to drink 00:15:13
How the hell does a 12 yr old have depression? 00:10:43