Posted on March 22, 2009

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Orlando Tea Party Draws 4,000+ 20:09:06
Why the End of America is Closer than You Think 20:05:56
Peter Schiff: The Crisis Just Begun 17:29:11
Florida Times Union writer sets record straight for Ron Paul 12:23:21
The Century of The Self (BBC video series) 10:06:23
Army Dispatched in Response to End the Fed Protests 03:05:54
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Science of the Moores 23:57:10
Working Families Party Fueling Class Warfare 23:46:12
Another dead kid 23:39:09
Hello fellow Patriots 23:32:44
the Waterfall: The freefall deficit under Obama 23:05:45
Seeds for your garden 22:49:51
I saw the movie "Knowing" today... 22:43:07
WaMu Sues FDIC 22:17:32
Geithner: A Little Slow On The Uptake 22:02:52
A few more survival tools: frog gigs and air rifle 21:42:32
Collapse of the dollar - presented to Montana state legislative committee 21:32:20
Computor trouble? 21:27:30
How to lose friends and alienate countries 21:25:02
What's another $1T?:Treasury's (new) toxic asset plan could cost $1 trillion 21:24:00
Is it time that each person’s DNA is stored on a government database, to assist future investigations? 21:11:32
2 Former 911 commission members/senators join 911 truth ? 21:01:21
Another Teen Dead From Taser 20:53:09
Kroft to Obama: Are you punch drunk? 20:35:43
Parking Meter Rate Hike Sparks A Rebellion/ 2 Hours= $7 Dollars 20:05:07
Guess who is out of Ammo? Helicopter Ben 19:47:10
Let's hear it for 'The Greatest Generation'...They sacrificed so much 19:36:35
3/21/09: Barack Obama Weekly Address Translated 19:26:50
Funny as Hell! You've been Punk'd... 19:09:53
Gigantic "PONZI SCHEME" 19:05:01
Did anyone hear about another UFO in AZ ? 18:56:23
Knock Knock 18:55:10
Jay Rockefeller after the internet 18:18:55
First black president to reinstate slavery 18:14:39
Mr. Sense Has Died, Few Attended His Funeral 17:35:40
Henry Kissinger and the NSC 16:56:49
Who here is a 'libertarian feminist'? 16:47:04
Militia report evokes flurry of criticism with no signs of letting up 16:32:40
The Next Shoe To Drop And The Reasons Behind It! 16:24:37
Ron Paul: Believer in small government predicts 15-year depression 16:17:23
Amazing video of the Presidential Debates: Same talking points over and over... 16:05:30
Obama, HOPE Over FEAR? The Failure Of Status Quo Starring Ron Paul 16:03:29
This couldn't happen in America ! 16:02:16
Isolationist a dirty word? 15:46:55
*Understanding the Constitution: Constitutional "Rights" 15:17:45
The Rabbit Hole: 2nd level 15:00:44
OUTRAGE! Bailout Money Going to Politicians Campaigns! 15:00:10
A Letter to the IRS 14:26:51
U.S. Dollar as the World’s Only Reserve Currency is illegal 14:03:38
Have you heard about the new psychiatric disorder? I need a blue pill stat! 14:02:09
Mexicans are digging in!: Build moats to repel gangsters 13:59:08
Is the system breaking down? Wamu suing the FDIC 13:40:52
Establishing A Solid Foundation 13:31:09
Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor Says: "Think of the US as a Bigger Zimbabwe!" 12:55:35 changed wording to the Bill of Rights. Go sign this petition to protest. 12:51:40
Too Much Breathing!: UK Population Must Decrease by 50% to 30M, says "Green Advisor" 12:30:20
Science of Belief 12:19:46
Remembering Patrick Henry: His 3/23/1775 Address To Congress 12:16:10
Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal 12:09:17
The Grand Jury and the Petit Jury CAN enforce the Constitution! 11:23:33
Dangerous weather headed to the heartland 11:11:28
Maybe goodbye for a little while 10:48:55
Debra Medina for Governor (Texas) 10:30:04
Maher: Glenn Beck Increasing Chance of 'Horrible Action' on Obama 10:00:14
Baldwin Live Sunday Morning 09:51:42
"China's Dirty Little Secret In The Global Economic Crisis" 09:45:09
Feed the homeless and you go to jail 09:38:47
The Housing Collapse of 2009 Will Be Worse Than 2008 09:34:50
Google Ron Paul 09:26:10
Three officers killed with assault rifle. They have their event. 09:01:42
Aimee Allen was beaten with a crowbar. Broken jaw before Rally for the Republic - Listen to the interview 08:18:14
Hit List 2010 05:12:40
Streaming "The Obama Deception" at www.ObamaDeception.TV - Spread the Word! 04:46:28
NWO timeline 03:35:52
Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists Canada Free Press 03:09:11
Beck, Cant count on your Government anymore?!?!?!?!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01:19:21
Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal 01:06:41
Did America fail because of faith in god, or the lack thereof? 01:02:08
Ex CIA Agent Boris Korczak on The Morton Downey Jr. Show 00:10:12
June 1st 2009 - Amero : American Union is started - NWO ad 00:03:22