Posted on March 23, 2009

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Man Arrested for Feeding the Homeless! 23:09:39
America Is in Need of a Moral Bailout 23:09:36
Ron Paul: Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus 20:27:21
Tonight at my Domestic Terrorist Anonymous Meeting... 21:21:09
FDA Moving Towards Nutritional Supplement Regulation 13:48:58
HR 1207 Fax Bomb! Flier Second Draft 13:48:59
FT: Ron Paul Predicts 15 Year Depression 00:40:40
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Saving the Republic part 2 23:51:48
Saving the Republic part 1 23:48:34
Worse than the civil service bill-No more protests, or marches!!! 23:47:56
CNN: Army of Obama supporters go door-to-door (video) 23:45:03
One More Time: Sanford, Pork & Barrel 23:39:20
What I'd love to see in the Campaign for Liberty 23:37:29
Where is the anger and outrage????????????? 23:33:18
First Russia, now China call for global currency.... 23:09:31
As the world gets more and more strange, don't forget: 22:49:59
I want to make some stickers to celebrate and thereby minimize our Domestic Terrorist status 22:41:34
Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus by Dr. Paul 22:31:58
Get your DVD of Sheriff Mack's Texas Sessions 22:30:36
Vital role of police force in local life-saving story 22:22:48
Tucked Into Obama’s Civil Service Bill H R 1388: No Protesting Allowed! 22:07:15
Another way to violate the second amendment. 22:07:05
Two U.S. Senators From 9/11 Commission Question 9/11 Report 21:55:21
What the Second Amendment is Really For 21:52:56
FYI--China wants to dump dollars, create new currency 21:46:41
Shocker: 'Global warming' simply no longer happening 21:41:07
Breaking News "The Revolution Started" 21:26:52
The Sanford Revolution? 21:03:44
Found out the purpose of Campaign for Liberty 20:51:18
Vote Paul in TIME 20:27:02
Beijing To Pitch New Global Currency; DUMP DOLLAR 20:06:59
Time 100 continues 19:56:14
News from the First Revolution: The New York Prison Ships 19:51:44
Missouri MIAC Action - Good day in Jefferson City! 19:42:21
Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck show 3-23-09 19:40:06
China calls for new reserve currency, dump dollar 19:23:57
Civil Impeachment Grand Jury 19:22:35
Libral Progressive Site Quotes Ron Paul TWICE oops w/link 19:20:25
You're probably a terrorist if... 19:16:05
In Gov. We Trust 19:03:53
Left-shill Thom Hartmann says that the economic ideas of Mises + Hayek + Rand are to blame for the financial crisis 18:47:11
The collapse of manufacturing 18:20:09
New York town may declare Martial Law 18:19:08
Revolt at the Statehouse! Part 2 18:13:55
Max Keiser on the Great Banking Rip-Off (audio) 18:03:20
Maher: Glenn Beck Increasing Chance of 'Horrible Action' on Obama 17:31:18
Ron Paul and 3rd Party Candidates Respond to MIAC (TEXT) 17:30:22
Did Aussie PM tell those who want Sharia law to get out? 17:22:16
3/23-Ron Paul On Glenn Beck @5:37!! 17:21:09
Dow close 3/23/09 7,775.86 up +497.48 +6.84% 17:12:03
FOX News slams Fusion Centers and MIAC report 3/23 16:44:21
Hennecke:Trillion$ Bailouts = Destruction Of Western Currencies 16:40:41
D.C. acting up again... 16:36:58
China also pushing SDR as the global currency 16:21:26
Terrorist to appear on the Tonight show 16:08:11
Dow is up 450 @3:45 EST - Why? 15:47:35
Listen to Dr. Orly Taitz Discuss Obama BC on G G Liddy Show: 3/23/2009 15:45:39
Jay Rockefeller: Internet Should Never Have Existed 15:24:06
Jay Rockefeller- Internet should have never existed 15:23:23
RED FLAG! Gold NOT the answer! Here are my reasons why. 14:59:25
Is anyone Tracking Ron Pauls hits/views on You Tube? 14:56:01
Obama administration: "We need banks to lend like crazy" 14:28:20
Money, Madoff, Mossad, AIG & 9/11 14:20:59
Ben Bernanke's Greatest Challenge on 60mins! 14:15:22
"I am not a terrorist" wearables and gear! 14:04:23
I am confused??? JFK, NIXON, FED, Etc..... 13:18:55
$2,000 car to hit India's streets in July, US to follow! 13:14:28
Gold Confiscation - Lets be serious about this... 13:06:07
Ron Paul 3rd Place in Time 100 12:53:11
Peter Schiff is wrong again?? 12:49:50
Listen to Fox talking trash against Canada's Forces 12:46:25
He's catching on 12:42:11
Use credit to secure future or get out of debt? 12:36:44
Jindal on volcanically heated seat 12:28:06
Space Storm Alert - Should We Prepare? 12:22:50
Where is Naomi Wolf? 12:19:12
its illegal to feed homeless, man arrested 12:15:59
Oppose HR 875 and S 425 11:58:57
Fabian Socialists 11:57:35
Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs 11:38:44
Ron Paul, "They are lying through their teeth." AUDIO 11:12:26
Administration seeks to free frozen credit markets 11:12:14
Obama = wife beater? 10:59:21
Great link! Real history! 10:48:06
"Obama Continues To Set Records For Incompetence:" The Philadelphia Bulletin 10:29:50
Beck & Hannity Message boards Censor My Posts about MIAC Report 10:21:32
Patrick Henry Day 10:17:08
Ron Paul and his domestic terror network 09:59:41
Soldiers and Private Weapons 09:48:59
From Uncle Sam to US tax-chattel: Toxic air, food, water, and now debt 09:39:49
Conservatives Size Up Sanford for 2012 09:39:38
Christians for Liberty and the Constitution... 09:12:32
New RoboCop Car 09:10:48
Dow 3800 and SILVER better than GOLD? - Bob Chapman 08:47:45
9-11 wreckage used to cover assasination? 08:46:00
Rockefeller: "...better if we had never invented the internet" 08:21:11
ceo's and their bonuses 08:09:40
Bush waves flag of his favorite nation - it ain't red, white and blue 08:05:36
China Will Keep Buying Treasurys :: Happy Times Are Here Again! 07:34:45
Marc Faber Total Collapse in the second half of the year 04:01:02
MIAC Update 03.23.09 02:33:28
Jerome Daly: The Man Who Humbled the Federal Reserve 02:25:49
You REALLY want to End the Fed 02:11:30
1 Trillion more to be printed in new Toxic Asset plan 01:38:21
It's not AIG. It's the GOV... 01:37:27
Free People Information Analysis Center (FPIAC) Strategic Report 01:26:45
More women going from jobless to topless 01:16:53
The Mother of all Bells by Peter Schiff 3/20/2009 00:54:13
Mexico is unhappy (an email i rcvd today) 00:48:33