Posted on March 24, 2009

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Congresswoman Bachmann Questions Geithner & Bernanke About A Global Currency 23:58:59
HR 1207 / S604 Fax Bomb! Flier Version 2 22:37:54
Ron Paul on Fox Business 3/24/09 16:55:43
Lew Rockwell Interviews Peter Schiff 16:38:26
Front Page of Legalize drugs to stop violence 13:54:28
Youtube: Ron Paul questions Bernanke and Geithner 3/24 23:58:58
Ron Paul on Mancow 11:10:43
What we're up against 08:55:55
RJ Harris - Saving the Republic 08:57:55
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Radio / TV 08:55:56
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Obama's Budget Will Impoverish America 23:57:29
National Service Act will have us "the 14th largest company, as far as employees, in the world." 23:51:33
Question 23:44:00
Friends in the control room? 23:41:44
only 14 senators voted against National Service Bill? 23:37:28
Obama administration seeks powers to shut firms like AIG 23:31:35
Gun Permits 23:29:57
Our right to resist Unlawful Arrest 23:27:22
Why is Gold Not Soaring???? 23:25:22
What exactly are chemtrails? 23:25:21
Obama draws line in sand.. this is it folks... 23:22:49
It is so simple to see..... 23:19:14
Preparing for CIVIL UNREST in America 23:08:15
Four of every 100 Floridians can carry a concealed weapon — but who are they? 23:02:56
introductory website? 22:51:59
Israeli Soldiers ‘used child human shield’ – UN report 22:49:29
1st Ammend.. NEWSPAPERS gonna go like Public TV 22:47:45
John Bolton Admits Push for "Global Governance" 22:22:01
deleted 22:13:48
Patriot rocker revives call to 'take America back' 22:00:01
Have a laugh 21:43:52
BREAKING NEWS!!! Obama Introduces Americans 21:37:40
Libs Stink 21:36:03
Wonder why the sheeple think like they do? LaRouche on NWO,Keynes,SDR bank gold.FDR 21:32:54
Obama asked about China's lack of confidence in the US economy and a one world currency - 03 24 09 (quicktime video) 21:25:54
Sticking it to the Prime Mentalist 21:22:00
The Sanford Revolution? 21:03:58
Major Discovery!!! 20:54:09
I quit the Republican Party last night. 20:53:17
Attention Gold Bugs 20:52:52
Is your Senator a Filthy Globalist? 20:52:42
*New Obama website - Open for Questions! 20:49:41
The End of the Global War on Terror 20:38:08
Awesome Glenn Beck segment... 20:25:54
Don Manzullo Grills Bernanke and Geitner Today 20:01:34
Next up: SUDAN 19:57:37
Oath Keeper's Interview on G. Gordon Liddy Show 19:47:01
The Rich Prepare for the Apocalypse 19:42:26
"Obama the Socialist and the Cause of Poverty" 19:26:48
Remembrance of Recessions Past 19:24:15
For your reading pleasure: 19:12:34
Ron Paul Article in Fusion Magazine 19:00:56
Sir Barry vs Brother Taj 19:00:51
Nigel Farage hands Gordon Brown his hat-Truth to power 18:57:17
Ron Paul's Brother End The Fed? 18:54:35
No Sheriff Left Behind 18:33:25
Dan Hannen Blasts Gordon Brown - Great 3 Minute Smackdown 18:17:00
Just SUBMIT 18:16:02
AIG was is in reality a Ponzi scheme, IMO. 17:37:26
Wanted: Taxpayers With Gripes for IRS 17:21:43
Israeli's are closer to Ron Paul's views & the Saudi Peace Plan than Americans 17:21:22 Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Asking Notre Dame Not to Honor Pro-Abortion Obama 17:20:26
Please help spread the word!! Important for survival and independence 16:25:03
State official apologizes for militia report 16:17:13
Obama Supporters Discuss RFID Chips, FEMA Camps, The New World Order 2/4 16:04:19
Ed Martin on Alex Jones discussing Missouri's labeling Paul supporters as terrorist and ACLU suit against the state. ( QT video) 15:30:36
Ron Paul was on Fox Business today 3/24. 15:17:22
National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle 15:09:31
Bunning: Mitch hindering fundraising 15:09:26
Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin demand removal of MIAC document 14:53:57
Solar Flares in 2011 & 2012 - My guess for FEMA prep and Martial Law 14:40:50
Hello Fellow Slaves 14:23:03
This MUST be STOPPED! 14:21:48
Ron Paul Revolution on 14:00:09
KENT HOVIND Needs Ur Help!! 13:49:08
China Takes Aim at Dollar 13:45:16
Get Set for a 15-Year Depression 13:44:57
Passing bills that are not read is in essence - Taxation without Representation! 13:39:49
Paul's letter to Gov. Nixon 13:37:57
Is anyone else having trouble seeing the videos posted? 13:19:15
MIAC Report = Blatant Treason? 13:04:02
Michelle Bachman (MN), cosponserer of HR 1207, slams Bernanke and Geithner on Constitutionality of actions. 12:56:55
Angels & Demons: Catholic Church Offended by new Galileo Movie 12:45:54
03 24 09 - Ron Paul - House Financial Services Cmte. hearing - Quicktime Video 12:45:31
Is This For Real? U.S. Declaration of Insolvency 12:42:18
I'm a DOMESTIC TERRORIST bumper stickers 12:30:41
You and I Can't Buy the Guns Mexican Cartels Own 12:24:55
RP losing to Mitt in this poll. You know what to Do! 11:44:17
The Evil Fed - Dr Paul Quoted Twice on a Liberal Site 11:44:07
China calls for new global currency 11:41:22
Ron Paul's current legislation 11:20:40
Legality and Morality in Foreign Policy 11:01:59
How is Law enforcement benefiting the people? 10:58:32
In Gov. We Trust 10:55:07
UK draws up Orwellian "Bill orf Rights" 10:44:55
How to Harvest, Process and Store your own Vegetable Seeds 10:36:55
China & Russia call for a new world currency 10:36:34
ALERT!! Administration and Fed look for more power to sieze firms!! 10:08:28
The Constitutional Crisis Is Already Here By Lynn Stuter 09:38:15
CNN: Jack Cafferty: Time for another tea party? 09:32:57
Grassroots tax revolt in Alabama! 09:28:51
Ready for the Return of the Jedi? 09:28:50
Next Housing Wave 09:26:35
Beck reprises Robespierre's role 09:21:53
Congress vs Bernanke and Geithner today: lights, camera, action! 09:08:41
"Sucking on the hind tit of a dead cow" 08:49:05
TWITTER and Ron Paul 08:45:20
A cautionary tale for those who consent to being monitored (FUNNY!) 08:45:03
MO: Paul, Barr, Baldwin not terrorists, but you and I still are 08:35:05
Mr. Libertarian: The Generosity of Murray Rothbard by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. 08:02:30
r3volting in bite size pieces 07:56:57
Kansas Sovereignty Bill 06:35:05
Please Digg: Oppose Net Neutrality? 05:08:37
The U.N. Charter (Treaty) is The Law of the Land, NOT The U.S. Constitution 03:59:42
Jim Rogers 3-23-09 03:43:48
How Currupt Our Children Are! 03:37:23
Is There Anyone Else in Congress With Ron Paul's Outstanding Record? 02:57:44
Bailout's Dangerous and Unintended Consequences 02:19:43
silver has more value than gold. 02:09:17
Wacky Grassley, not tobaccy 01:29:16
Idaho’s Resolution Affirming Sovereignty won easy approval in the state House. 01:26:45
Flight 3407. Some witnesses reported flames coming from plane before it crashed 00:22:05
15 year-old died after being tasered on Sunday 00:17:31