Posted on March 26, 2009

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Is the Economy hurting you? Tell me. UPDATED! 23:30:33
It may take massive fulltime protesters stationed at the Capitol to stop this madness! 21:50:07
April 15th Nationwide Tax Day Coalition Protests 18:03:24
Hemp Is Not Pot: It's the Economic Stimulus and Green Jobs Solution We Need 10:31:32
DailyPaul Convention — Calling a Strategy Session — WHAT DO WE DO? 10:31:36
Dr. Paul on FOX Business 3-25-09 18:03:25
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OUTRAGE! CNN disgustingly mistreats Ron Paul 23:43:31
Youtube-Ron Paul Treated Horribly on Campbell Brown 23:41:03
Shepard Ambellas on Alex Jones Tv 1/2:New Mass Grave Site in Arizona !! 23:33:31
How do or sound? 23:28:43
Free Market Solution To U.S. Debt 22:51:17
HR1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 - Congressman Dr. Ron Paul **VIDEO** 22:46:47
What am I missing (the sky is falling) ? 22:29:34
How to Be A Good American Today 22:21:25
Dan Hannan Supports RON PAUL 22:04:09
Michael Rozeff: 'The Bubble That Must Burst' (governments) 22:02:50
What is this bubble? It is the bubble of constitutional and representative democracies that lack the consent of ALL... 21:59:56
Blast from the past... 21:53:35
Food Safety Modernization Act Feedback. 21:52:45
"Will U.S. financial woes lead to new world order?" - Haaretz Israel News 21:09:01
Is it just me, or is the CFR popping up a lot more these days? 21:05:11
"Bite the dog that bit you" 21:04:48
National Security Advisor takes orders from Henry Kissinger 20:58:00
OHIO - Truth Attack's Save America Seminar 20:54:12
Can't they put the hamburger back on instead of that carcuss? 20:53:26
Sen. Gregg gaffes- reveals U.S. intent/interest in joining European Union? 20:50:21
Digg: Freedom Watch with Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano 20:34:29
UN panel (also) touts new global currency reserve system 20:25:16
Barney Frank 20:25:15
Bachmann (MN-6) RESOLUTION to BAN WORLD Currency in U.S. 20:07:45
A Sinking Ship Drowns All the Rats 20:05:46
5000 Closer to R3VOLUTION 20:05:07
Nonfiling Taxes is no crime, confirms judge 19:58:07
Don't Tell Me They're not Puppet Leaders - Watch this!!! 19:39:49
Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life 19:34:43
"Legalizing pot would hit drug cartels"- Russia Today 19:17:54
Lew Rockwell on Michele Bachmann: 'The Good Michele' 18:56:18
Louisiana company looking for individuals that believe in themselves and want to build something special! 18:53:32
Obama now says NO to marijuana 18:48:27
Senate has Passed the Serve America Act 18:35:28
How To Screw With Google Earth 18:12:02
Director of FBI Urges Renewal of Patriot Act 18:08:49
Is Obama a Fascist Liar or is the DEA a Rogue Agency? 17:58:50
HR 759 is even MORE dangerous to small farmers than HR 875 17:48:34
BoA slaps Taxpayer in the face 17:48:24
Gitmo-The Guard Who Found Islam 17:44:58
Why ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Matters 17:42:20
Glenn Beck talking about "mandatory service" G.I.V.E. act 17:38:24
What is the bill in the house or senate that 17:31:37
That didn't take long. Beck has Popular Mechanics investigating conspiracies 17:30:31
I think Glenn Beck was just talking about FEMA camps 17:29:56
Enhanced Security: Whatever happened to the SSSS and the Terrorist Watch List? 17:13:33
National Guard Status is Changed 16:57:08
Missouri MIAC Documents Scandal Leads to Advisory on SPLC & ADL 16:54:38
PaulsList Community site - Use it for organizing information, events, the Liberty movement 16:44:51
"Thank you, Satan" played backwards sounds like, "Yes, we can!"! 16:41:37
And the winner for most unsexy man in the world is ...........? 16:23:30
Missouri Representatives Speak Up For All Of Us 16:00:07
G-20 and Global Currency 15:12:43
DIGG: Daniel Hannan's speech to Gordon Brown should make front page. 14:44:02
BTM Video Update on HR 1207 Audit the Fed Bill 14:37:55
This is cool! Bachmann bill would ban global currency 14:32:32
Obama now wants sweeping new powers to look at your computers. 14:27:27
Bachmann bill would ban global currency 14:13:24
Mitt Romney (Can't we all just get along) 14:12:28
Obama's virtual town hall takes legalize-pot detour--mentions Ron Paul Suppoters 14:01:00
Obama On Legalizing Marijuana To Improve Economy: No! 13:57:47
Geithner Seeks Sweeping New Treasury Powers 13:48:45
Here comes Socialism! 13:43:57
It's Okay to be Pro-Life on Daily Paul! 13:42:53
Why aren't we taking our own advice ? 13:26:06
corruption videos 13:17:12
Good article to send to conservatives: "If You Hate Gun Control, You Can Thank the Drug War for Causing it" 13:13:05
Is Mark Levin Another Big Gov. R Masking Himself as a Constitutionalist? 13:04:44
Marijuana: Tax It, Regulate It, But Legalize It 13:03:35
Can the Federal Reserve be sold? 12:59:29
What rights does the bill of rights grant you as an individual? Can you name them? 12:52:37
Fusion Centers MELTDOWN!! The BIG Picture! 12:51:59
Rethink Afghanistan 12:46:15
Who IS - the most powerful person on the planet? 12:45:09
Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog Calls Ron Paul a Hypocrit 12:21:35
I "Called Out" Glenn Beck 12:18:03
USJF is In a Battle that Could Change the History of Our Republic!! 12:07:17
New Twist on Global War on Terror 12:06:36
Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed 11:45:59
Anyone want a really effective graphic for your car/truck? 11:23:29
Constitution Party Issues Missouri Travel Advisory (Despite Apologies) 10:59:35
Does anyone here know what 10:58:10
The other side of the Beck Debate 10:56:16
Brazil, Uruguay... did any ex-Pat liberty communities get started? 10:55:07
Congressman Manzullo: Not One Of You Can Give Me A Yes Or No Answer! 10:29:44
Tax Day Coalition 10:23:01
Besides gold and silver, are any of you still in the stockmarket? 10:06:45
Obama turns to Web to bypass news media 10:06:00
Dick Armey just said on Washington Journal either overhaul or abolish the Fed 10:02:16
Why does this New York monument to global terror have a big drip of mercury ? 09:46:09
The American People Want Ron Paul...Why Can't We Have Him? 09:26:35
California governor Schwarzenegger opens California Fairgrounds to homeless campers. 09:21:32
Presidential birth certificate legislation & Ron Paul rally 09:00:00
HealthNut4freedom & Michael: Pro Life Censorship on th DP Forum 08:38:51
Congresswoman Kaptur: The Obama Plan Creates Potential For Another Bubble! 08:36:38
State of Revolution: The national movement for state sovereignty 08:12:29
Parts of the Patriot Act soon to Expire 08:10:55
War and the Neoconservative Mind 08:10:32
Missouri Highway Patrol rescinds controversial militia report By Roseann Moring ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 08:00:07
Dollar regains ground after Geithner qualifies global currency remarks 07:56:55
States Consider Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients 07:35:51
Barney Frank Named ‘Porker of the Month’ by Government Watchdog 07:32:04
Senator Says Obama's Plan to Expand AmeriCorps Is Unwarranted Federal Intrusion 07:29:58
EU Leader Says Obama's Economic Policies Are ‘Road to Hell’ 07:28:28
SILVER: 11 Factors for Silver Investing by David Morgan 07:16:51
No politician (with the possible exception of libertarian Ron Paul) is willing to cut the budget enough to contain the deficit 06:45:41
A not-so-private PC 06:33:48
Cheap Fed Money Turned Wall Street Into Pavlov’s Dog: Interview 06:27:43
Courageous men (Farage/Hannan) vs. devalued (Brown) 05:28:22
Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens 03:52:58
A Vaccine Debate Once Focused on Sex Shifts as Boys Join the Target Market 03:16:51
Tighter Controls on Food Tracing Needed? 03:08:33
Do we have a gameplan? 02:47:59
Here is a Gift To Those Suffering From Cancer - A Video by G.Edward Griffin 02:15:42
British Parliament Member Daniel Hannon Endorses Ron Paul 01:54:52
The elite ALWAYS attempt to bring about a violent revolution 01:53:19
A moment of humor - South Park - Treasury decision making 01:17:45
Congress Votes to Expand Wilderness Area (largest expansion in 25 years) 01:16:07
Freedom Watch from 3-25-09 00:52:13
The Federal Reserve, enlightening an individual 00:46:25
Glen Beck: I Am Asking You to Trust Yourself;video 3/23/2009 00:33:54
Sound Money and economics blog jobs 00:20:12
Interesting slideshow on 00:17:15