Posted on March 27, 2009

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The Thank You Thread. (The Daily Paul was down earlier) 16:28:33
Tom Woods on Fox Business 20:48:29
Jim Rogers Blasts FOX 3/26 16:28:30
Weekend Reading: Popular Culture and the Stock Market 11:06:54
Ron Paul on the Young Turks 3/26/09! 00:13:44
Teaser - FOR LIBERTY: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree Of Liberty 20:48:30
Ron Paul on CNN's Campbell Brown 3/26 16:28:32
HR 1207 Fax Bomb 16:28:32
NPR Poll - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney. You know what to do! 20:54:48
Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 Now Has 55 Co-Sponsors 03:50:38
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For the HHO crowd... looks like you get a TV show 23:14:22
Are We the People starting to grow a backbone? . . . Finally? 22:59:13
"We are NOT a Democracy, dammit, we are a constitutional Republic!" 22:55:04
Another one bites the dust... 22:36:00
Coming soon, to a theater near you. the Friendly FED 22:29:56
How can we respond to a global currency? 21:56:07
What videos and content is everybody putting on their facebook and myspace account? 21:55:57
G 20 is next week. JP Morgan sent this out to employees 21:18:24
"Keeping My Liberty"- a poem to those Who Hate Liberty 21:18:16
Obama's Latest No Banker Left Behind Scheme... 21:17:50
We Would Already Be Socialist If It Were Not For... 21:11:43
Hillary Clinton's older "possessed" video 20:59:18
Live From St Loius MO Ron Paul and Live NOW on Restore the Republic Radio Friday at 9PM Central. 20:50:02
INDIANA RESOLUTION of 2009! 20:48:13
Missouri retracts police memo which labeled activists as ‘militia’ 20:44:26
I just bought my first Silver... 20:42:33
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 20:22:19
YouTube Star Summoned to White House 20:11:33
military man earns 33k/year child support is 46k/year check out video!! 20:10:49
Glenn Beck Invites James “Yellow Journalism” Meigs To Debunk FEMA Camps 19:55:37
Brazil's President blames economic crisis on "white people with blue eyes." 19:54:08
The New Four Questions: Why is this tax season different . . . ? 19:37:38
World Trade Center drops name "Freedom Tower" for "One World Trade Center" 19:31:27
Dow Close 3/27/08 7,776.18 down -148.38 -1.87% 16:48:34
Gordon Brown's 60,000 SPIES 16:43:15
White House will not rule out War in Pakistan 16:41:36
Just for Fun - Woman mutters what we're all thinking 16:38:42
My polite email to my Senator concerning 1388 16:35:02
Republicans Desperate for a Win in New York Special Election 16:24:19
Get It Straight: Self-Defense Militias Are NOT BAD 16:18:25
HR1207 16:17:39
Kids4Cash Judge violated constitutional rights to ensure a flow of children committed to custody in the care of the private firm 16:13:52
New York eases 1970s drug laws 16:11:41
Who's Watching the Watchmen? UK picks up MIAC story! 15:50:08
“Militia” movement? Ron Paul will be in St. Louis tonight 15:40:11
9/11/09 Prediction 15:38:01
Senate passes National Service Bill! 15:34:47
The End Game Approaches (THIS IS A MUST READ) 15:18:03
Hey Tuma ... You have some competition ... You better get to ... 15:15:44
HR 748 - Federalize College and Campus Police? 15:11:26
How I made a citizen arrest of a Ron Paul supporter. 15:03:12
Ron Paul v Mitt Romney 15:02:39
Here we go folks: LA Officials Ask for Federal Ban on Assault Weapons 14:58:05
Switzerland banks ban travel for bank execs, fear US Gov. holdup of clients 14:42:40
Credit Card Crunch: Creating a New Generation of Subprime 14:37:45
The Quiet Coup 14:34:58
Ron Paul is Not a Crime 14:21:17
Campaign for Liberty - nut jobs? 14:18:31
Communist Goals (1963) - Incredible! 13:58:10
Tom Woods on Fox Business 3/27/09 13:53:03
The SINGLE BEST interview about our current financial crisis PERIOD! 13:48:29
Max Keiser - Decapitate the Bankers & return to the gold standard 13:39:54
'Twitter Tag' for St. Louis Regional Conference: #C4LSTL 13:33:02
Where does the rabbit hole end??? 13:17:26
A KILLER song! A must listen! 13:08:02
Romney vs Paul An article discussing our little on-going Poll 13:07:57
My Counter Report to MIAC, The Modern Tyranny Movement 13:06:30
DONATE before it's TOOLATE 12:54:42
Pretty Cool Story! 12:52:15
I see a Real Gestalt here! 12:36:45
Attn Floridians: Mandatory flu shots for preschoolers? 12:31:01
Can we contact congress with proof about Mass Graves? 12:26:12
HR 1207 up to *46* Co-Sponsors 12:10:26
Interesting Critique of Ron Paul's Style of Questioning 11:47:35
Welfare (image) 11:44:59
Impeaching your Congressman 11:31:46
ETF Pittsburgh Video Back; YouTube Videomakers Beware! 11:29:32
Banks to be closed in August or September?? 11:22:53
Weekend Hodgepodge 11:07:39
YouTube Star (Thomas Paine) Summoned To White House? 11:07:02
Missouri Governor targets individual over MIAC probing. 10:44:57
RON PAUL - Audit the Federal Reserve!!! - HR 1207 10:36:15
Be the 500th member of the Facebook group for RPF and the Daily Paul 10:04:41
U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy 10:02:03
A new convert 09:29:53
Dear AIG Quitter, Screw You! 09:28:10
US Money Supply and National Debt Charts 09:23:17
State of the Republican Party Survey‏ 07:58:56
Chavez calls Obama an "ignoramous" 07:44:27
Brazil President Blames 'White People' for Crisis 07:03:13
AMERICAN FREE PRESS: Secret Police Report Slams Supporters of Paul, Baldwin, Barr 06:53:55
What if 100 or 200 of us each bought the radio kits and put on 06:26:24
How do you explain things to the Obama crowd ? maybe like this. 04:46:29
China - Dollar not Stable Enough to be Global Currency. "Bag of Worms" 04:27:38
Top 5 bestselling US Political books on 03:58:27
Economic Crisis: My Two Rubles 03:08:32
Transparency and the Federal Reserve: A Briefing 02:44:57
New Deal Debate 01:02:27
28th Amendment to the Constitution 00:52:51
Have You Seen this??? 00:48:57
Hyperinflationary Preperation 00:48:11
No joke in April Fool's Day COMPUTER WORM 00:16:21
Ready Made Resources Benefit Auction for Daily Paul - ENDS TODAY 4pm! 00:13:45