Posted on March 28, 2009

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London Protesters Threaten Bankers, Evoke Executions 17:35:08
THANK YOU MARYLAND! HB311 passed! On to the Senate to protect our freedoms of association and assembly... 16:11:28
Ron Paul on the Fed: "A secretive, private, government ordained corporation that has the power to counterfeit money." 14:25:05
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east central florida and illinois 23:12:08
Pa. tax protester to be released _ on April 15 22:37:14
Sat Night Alert - Luke Rudkowski arrested in NYC Hilton for "fake press pass" 22:35:56
Obama Newspeak: ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’= WOT 22:20:30
Edward Norton can't say how to reduce greenhouse emmision 21:56:42
Most Chewing gum promotes cancer!!!! 21:36:51
Ridding Dr. Paul of His Demons 21:26:30
Obama makes more Treasury picks 21:17:00
States rebel against Washington 21:13:16
The Dissolution of Our Republic? 21:06:46
I Love the Federal Reserve System 20:57:01
Did Goldman Goose Oil? 20:44:37
Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact 20:39:05
Send this to your republican friends. 20:33:51
Anarchist will always fear "Wage Slavery" in a Free-Market 19:55:21
THESTREET.COM: The Case for Privatizing the Fed. (article from 1998!) 19:51:02
Excellent South Park episode on the Recession 19:34:08
Obama faces the public... NOT. 19:22:21
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Support Call for Global Currency 19:15:17
Chemtrails inside the new Metallica Video! 18:55:58
Free-Markets (F-M) vs Involuntary-Markets (I-M) -- Lesson #1 18:52:41
C4L site pathetic? 18:04:12
It's getting serious about Bush's crimes 17:57:25
The Difference: Barack Obama & Ron Paul 17:57:05
Wondering if this is true, or if any references regarding it. 17:45:56
Fiat currency is superior to a gold standard. 17:34:54
AIPAC espionage case becomes US trouble 17:30:55
Another Georgia bank collapses: cost $290 million; more than any other this year 17:29:59
We the People Stimulus Package (Video) 17:26:23
Time to fall in love 17:19:38
Federal Resreve to Run Commerical in Movie Theaters warning us of "Foreclosure Scam" 16:49:32
Hanity the hypocrit 16:38:14
----Media Truth ---- 16:10:32
Volunteering... 15:13:14
What do you guys think about this! 15:05:01
Owners of WTC drop "Freedom Tower" name and replace it with "One World Trade Center" 15:03:12
Life on the edge of the bubble , new film exposes the fed . 13:09:36
Peter Schiff the fault lines emerge 12:55:52
Neo-Cons Want Patriot Act Extended 12:51:11
Financial Solutions...WHAT we can do about the economy 12:49:04
Lady Godiva?? No, not quite... 12:35:12
JBS Prez John McManus on the Alex Jones Show 12:21:30
Ron Paul: "I now call the Fed the fourth branch of government." 11:53:18
"We're At The Point...Of Revolution...An Orderly Revolution" 11:46:42
Credit As A Public Utility: The solution to the... 11:38:36
The Obama Deception DVD EXTRAS 11:34:43
American Max Keiser, in France exposes financial terrorism. 11:34:33
Heads Up VIRGINIA ~Fusion Center meltdown! 11:32:53
Cape Coral, FL Tea Party Canceled by local government - "too many people" 11:28:55
Call The Whaaambulance! 11:21:33
"10's of thousands protest" the G-20 in London - thanx, Brits! 11:10:56
Ron Paul off his game??? 11:02:12
Glenn Beck, President Obama and the teleprompter.... 10:45:19
Just one State 09:39:27
Rockwell had a link to this "southpark on the bailout" 08:51:24
Revolutionary War Flags: Idea hang these all over your area 08:21:57
A little off topic but ... 08:09:26
Psalm 2008 - 2012‏ 07:54:10
Why I took my Ron Paul yard sign down 07:25:50
Help! I need to make a poster 07:17:16
Kind of embarrassing.... 07:06:30
Hey WWF – I’m Gonna Body Slam Your Bloody Earth Hour!!! 06:58:15
Facebook, Teaparty April 15 2009 06:10:42
"Where in the Constitution is this?" 04:12:01
Why are They not Worried? 03:40:45
I wonder 02:59:35
More Videos Regarding the Mass Graves Being Dugg in Phoenix, AZ 02:07:00
Has anybody seen this YouTube video on a German 15 year old being kidnapped by leftists and psychatrists? 01:07:08
if today was your last day 00:56:47
BREAKING: Unclassified Pro-Constitution Report Leaked to RTR 00:54:59
You are not alone! please watch... 00:49:31
Florida Loyalty Oath returns, the sequel; here for the record for all to see 00:42:06
A corporation is a democracy is a corporation 00:30:31
Bachman introduces bill to ban dollar replacement 00:24:31
DC Mafia 00:17:36
THE MEATRIX--Take a break! Hilarious Food cartoons and brief videos 00:03:50