Posted on March 31, 2009

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Nystrom: Anyone having site problems? 22:16:39
You've all seen Ron Paul's latest "What If" Speech, right? Have you seen his "What If" speech from 2005? 22:16:40
Peter Schiff Recently Interviewed Marc Faber 21:24:00
Audit the Fed - HR 1207 / Citgo Poster 15:23:33
If you could live anywhere.....where would you live? 09:46:28
How much more of our freedom will die before you will do more than just talk? 21:23:40
Ron Paul: End the War on Drugs 08:02:57
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National Protective Services - Homeland Security? 23:51:08
"Global Governance Program World Order in the 21st Century - A New Initiative of the CFR" 23:28:58
Glenn Beck DESTROYS Richard Blumenthal 22:43:52
Beck BOMB! 22:31:58
Mike Lawson, please post the link to page with bumper stickers, thanks 22:25:35
Obama Said to Conclude Bankruptcy Best Option for GM, Chrysler 22:23:30
It just never stops....This can't be good! 22:23:21
India Gold Imports Are Zero, Zip, Nada for February 22:16:48
Blueprint for bloodless revolution: Continental Congress 2009 22:01:11
Bohemian Gingrich to Replace Palin at GOP Dinner 21:58:09
Movie Adaptation of Atlas Shrugged 21:47:17
War Pigs-Cost Of A Global Empire 21:41:47
Obamarket Update #51 for Tuesday, March 31, 2009: The Quarter Ends and our Leaders are Playing Quarters 21:19:27
World Depression: Regional Wars and the Decline of the US Empire 21:01:04
H.R.-1444 and mandatory service 20:36:34
Pro Libertate: The Collaborator's Song 20:29:07
ALERT! Watch for NPR Macro Attack on Ron Paul Tonight! 20:19:14
Propaganda for a false flag by Pakistan to shore up support to escalate a war in Pakistan?? 20:16:28
Are Bailouts Hurting The U.S. Dollar? This CHART Tells All 20:13:13
More on MIAC 20:02:42
Are you friggin' kiddin' me? Mental health advice from the Government? 19:59:20
Here's To You, Mr. Jefferson 19:14:43
Time releases the results from their Top 100 and they ignored the user submissions. 18:58:19
A Definitive Refutation of Keynesianism in 7 minutes 18:52:47
Santelli explains the regulation of failure to Ms. Huffington VIDEO 18:47:07
OMG... Cavuto just crushed the Rep. from Florida over Exec. Bonus Bill!!!! 18:39:12
Geitner given new powers to set "Your" pay scale. 18:25:15
Obama Interrogated Me! 18:12:37
Ayn Rand Language 17:22:46
Rush Limbaugh Claims to be the Only Prominent Defender of Liberty Today 17:06:48
What's with Neil Cavuto? 16:59:24
Anyone here heard of musician Steve Vaus? 16:18:19
How should the global economic system be reformed? 16:02:19
Off topic: Computer worm to watch out for 15:56:57
Alex Jones tearing it up 15:19:39
Beyond Here Lies Nothing: Surging Further Into the Abyss 15:07:08
Ron Paul of Wisconsin Fights Government Waste! 15:00:12
Tax deniers? Or tax slaves? 14:58:16
The Secret Destiny of America 14:55:02
Here’s to you Mr. Jefferson 14:37:35
Walgreens giving free care to jobless and uninsured--Private Charity is Best 13:53:17
NV Congresswoman brags of Zionist loyalty 13:42:40
Florida Woman Charged with 2 Felonies for Allowing Cats to Starve. 13:38:42
ACLU: Let Spy Laws Fade Into the Sunset 13:25:55
Heads Need To Roll... US Government Guilty Of Manipulation 13:21:58
Legislation Would Curtail Warrantless Information Demands 13:18:19
Media Blames U.S. Gun Shows for Mexican Violence? The Mask Comes Off 13:17:34
What We Can Learn From Europeon Cities 13:16:24
Hemp: Is It Only Illegal Simply To Protect Pharmaceutical Corporations Profits? 13:15:19
The Social Contract: Defined and Destroyed in under 5 mins 12:57:12
Socialism promotion in front of WalMart in Long Beach, CA 12:50:52
U.S. Will Use Military Action if China Moves Toward Global Currency 12:49:51
Obama Treaty to Search Citizens PCs 12:47:51
chinese have a kill weapon ooooooooooh sh#$%^ 12:33:53
Capitalism Isn't Working? 12:25:49
Hollywood Going To F**King Far This Time 12:23:22
Christians Boycott Missouri 12:19:43
Is there a formal list of grievance against the federal government? If not now is the time to make one. 12:17:36
Russia backs return to Gold Standard 12:15:14
DailyKos Comments on MIAC Report 11:57:06
Report urges Obama to HALT import of Semi auto weapons 11:44:27
Attn Mike....spambots at it again users... link7881 11:26:40
If you could time travel... 11:22:39
Geithner's Evil Web! Interactive map 11:07:25
4 Ron Paul supporters were elected in our local House District! Lets hear it for your district!!!!! 11:00:04
Burt Blumert RIP 10:24:59
Tax Revolt - With A Purpose 10:18:30
War On Drugs by Jack Cafferty 10:04:51
War On Drugs by Jack Cafferty 10:04:14
Beyond AIG: A Bill to let Big Government Set Your Salary 09:48:37
Vicente Fox: ..."speed up the process of further integration.” : 09:15:33
Civil Disobedience - Playing "breakdown" 09:05:18
Buying Gold 08:48:35
SC Idiots call for Impeachment of Sanford over stimulus $$$ 08:36:18
Daily dose of prescription poison: Disease maintenance for profit 07:13:20
GM: Government Motors 06:54:53
The MIAC Report and an Article V Convention 06:27:11
No radicals among Ron Paul backers 06:21:12
We don't have anyone else 05:50:35
H.R. 1207 Now Has 49 Cosponsors 04:50:38
Manly P. Hall 03:52:27
The Consequences of the Iraq War - Jan Helfeld 03:29:42
Charm Of The Old Dictator (Video) 02:34:54
SA@Takimag - 911 Truths 02:33:35
Flint, MI considering shutting down parts of city: no fire, no police 02:01:07
VOTE FOR RON PAUL in NPR's "Straw Poll"!!! 01:13:18
Call your representatives to support the JAMES ZADROGA 9/11 HEALTH AND COMPENSATION ACT! 01:12:07
Alex Jones Says He's Gonna Sue Rense 00:31:36
Petition to rebuke Sebelius for HHS appointment decision this week. 00:18:38
Sorry to all the Glenn Beck Antagonists 00:08:43