Posted on March 4, 2009

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Rachel Goes to CPAC, Part II 23:19:32
*** VITAL INFO *** A List of Resolutions for "YOUR" 2009 Republican Party Precinct Re-org! THANX TO VICKI SIMONS AIKEN, SC 23:07:44
Ron Paul's Statement Introducing HR 1207 18:54:14
Ron Paul on the House Floor 3/4/09 18:25:33
NH Legislature votes against oath of office 15:14:41
Rachel Mills (the 'Ron Paul Junkie') on Bailouts & Working in DC 12:28:30
H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act. ACTION: Call 202-224-3121 05:19:20
Greatest Depression Imminent! Prepare immediately. There will be no recovery. 03:45:29
Video: Rand Paul on Judge Napolitano's Fox Webcast 3/4/09 15:14:42
Ron Paul on MSNBC 03/03/09: "I don't even think about Rush Limbaugh" 15:14:43
WSJ: Bunning Out, Rand Paul on Deck? 15:14:42
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Vaccination Myths and Truths 23:48:25
Brown’s call to US: Seize the moment to tackle world crisis 23:45:11
DIY pepper spray 23:39:57
Have any of you heard about the new Amnesty bill that's being proposed in Congress? 23:26:29
Minnesota Daily, The capital of controversy 22:59:07
Who You Calling Socialist? 22:56:23
Remember your roots from time to time 22:55:56
Montana Has It Right On Second Amendment 22:39:14
Gerald Celente (Trends Forcaster) Audio 22:33:17
Op ed in Boston Globe refers to Ron Paul as "eccentric." 22:31:54
Watch this!! Glenn Beck Debates a Communist 3/4/09 21:55:06
Isn't dat veird? 21:53:37
Anyone get a call from this # (202) 730-9944 21:38:54
Why doesn't Rush Limbaugh have a show on Fox? 21:34:07
If your caller ID says 'Washington D.C.' pick up! 21:26:41
Idea Time 21:19:08
Correspondence from S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford's office 21:09:48
Ron Paul "Budget Deficit Cuts A Fairytale By Administration" Bloomberg 3/4/2009 21:08:54
Peter Schiff says, "I am not serious about running for Senate" today on Judge Napolitano's webcast March 4 20:54:33
Fed survey sees recovery in late '09 at earliest 20:33:56
Ron Paul wonders if Obama is brainwashed 20:27:20
great gun video: Militia killing the "BORG" myth with numbers 20:25:20
Speaking Prices for Ron Paul at University! 20:22:52
Youtube: Jim Rogers interview Australian TV 3.01.09 19:54:47
Anyone remember listening to this back in the 80's? 19:54:13
Good news from my PA state rep 19:53:04
***HELP - details on Obama's mortgage "bailout"?????? 19:48:17
Ron Paul video going viral in Zimbabwe! 19:45:30
Secretary of Defense Roberts Gates and Canadian Min. of Defense Peter Mackey 19:37:37
Laissez Faire Health Care 19:20:38
Ron Paul Video Going Viral...With Spanish Text(Metallica Music) 18:58:43
Yaliberty and Tucker Carlson 18:30:31
Can't pay your house? let your neighbors taxes pay it for you. 18:28:40
US/UK bond "unbreakable" Um, REVOLUTION ring a bell? 18:26:47
Disturbing: U.S. Congress Gives British Prime Minister Double Standing Ovation Today 18:22:31
Battle Cry of the Republic 18:18:15
Abolish the FED - Silver 1oz Coins sold by APMEX 18:14:08
Everything is Free Now 18:10:40
Congress budgets $650,000 to declassify Nazi war docs 17:33:38
US private sector shed 697,000 jobs in February 17:22:06
1 in 31 U.S. adults in prison system 17:12:58
U.S. soldier gagged on prez's eligibility 16:53:50
CONTAGION - Housing Slump Has Just Begun, Will Gut Wealth 16:52:59
Sign Petition for North Carolina to join Sovereignty movement 16:50:02
Somebody PLEASE make a video with all the recent police beatings/killings 16:49:47
My caller Id says Washington DC 16:33:04
"Angelina Jolie To Join Council On Foreign Relations"... I'm changing sides. 16:16:18
Elevator surveillance video shows three Fort Lauderdale officers aggressively rushing and beating innocent 22 year old male 16:10:27
Peter Schiff stated today on the Judges web show that he is not seriously considering running for Senate. Rand Paul chimes in! 15:57:27
Some daily humor, "We got your money" 15:53:30
Iraqi Resistance Responds 15:51:32
Who really runs the world? 15:47:53
Dr. Orly Taitz to be Interviewed today 3/4 15:47:16
Brown Tells US Congress to seize the moment 15:41:55
Glenn Beck FEMA camps on his program today Wednesday-4pm central on Fox. Is it possible that Murdock is coming around? Naaah 15:37:05
Vegas mogul slams corporate spending backlash (Slams Obama) 15:32:06
CNN Lou Dobbs: Obama setting up the New World Order 15:29:38
International Court Will Serve Warrant 15:24:06
Britain's Brown warns US against protectionism - (speaking before Congress) 15:20:46
What Do You Think...NWO Players or Leaders? 14:57:17
Hillary Clinton warns Israel over settlements and house demolitions 14:52:51
NY slaps doctors for providing medical care inexpensively 14:45:38
Put a muzzle on Geithner and Bernanke! 14:22:12
Judicial Watch Announces a Press Conference Featuring "Joe the Plumber” 14:12:29
Welcome to Amerika: Canadian asks U.S. border agent to say 'please.' Agent responds with pepper spray to face 14:09:53
Global Television For Our Global Leader 14:08:22
Is Alex Jones helpful or harmful? Your Opinions Please.... 14:04:45
Thinking Pink 14:02:41
Ireland is for sale on Ebay.....honest (LMAO!!!) 14:01:23
Russian analyst: U.S. will collapse next year (Front page of 13:52:24
How Socialistic!! 13:52:13
GLENN BECK: "Split The Country Down The Middle" 13:48:41
In case you're wondering how genes work 13:44:12
Supreme Court rejects limits on drug lawsuits 13:26:51
EU threatens USA: "Retaliation" for buy American effort 13:04:40
Bush’s secret dictatorship. 13:04:16
Montana Has It Right On Second Amendment By Chuck Baldwin 12:42:52
funny-14-year-old fake Chicago cop drove patrol car 12:42:51
Obama I didn't want a TEAPARTY 12:41:30
The Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited by Murray Rothbard 12:36:21
Public Goods Theory Demolished 12:36:06
The Man Who Warned Congress 12:35:51
Obama is Wrong About Entrepreneurship - 12:15:06
TCF to feds: You can keep your $361 million 12:11:28
Barack Obama’s presidency is APPOINTED BY GOD. Remember who is in Control! 12:06:35
Another Helping of Economic Stew 11:57:08
Question: need answer ASAP How Many States? 11:56:54
H.R. 63: Infant Protection and Baby Switching Prevention Act of 2009 11:56:06
The Lieber Code. HJR192. Senate Doc 43 11:43:26
I've started asking sales reps, csms, etc. on the phone if they are getting their families ready for hard times. 11:33:14
Ted Kennedy to be "Knighted" 11:09:46
Russian Scholar Says U.S. Will Collapse Next Year 10:40:06
Crazy Lady Thinks "America" Equals "Freedom" 10:09:29
LOL: A defecation thread. Bloomberg title actually has the word "defacation". Where is Bevis and Butthead when you need them 09:49:42
Sheriff Mack visits East Texas!! FREE !! 09:24:35
NH is having a rally before the legislature today! 09:10:42
Pro-Health Health Care - A new model? 08:59:42
FDA, Another Terrorist Organization? 08:34:08
I started my survey today... 06:20:02
Please critique this proposal. 04:05:11
Bring Them Back Home! - BLUE SCHOLARS 02:52:50
Oil producers running out of storage space 02:35:57
wanna make a real change read this!! 02:09:53
Change Is Not Enough... 02:02:43
Bank Nationalization to Finance wars...Someone please show me how I am wrong on this idea...PLEASE... 01:49:35
Where the hell is the first trillion??!!!!!!!!! 01:26:43
Very Interesting Presentation/Seminar on the Great Depression 01:01:39
The Pain of Two Corrections 00:57:57
Pressure Breaker 00:55:13
Read the guys description 00:35:59
Coming March 15th: The Obama Deception - A Film by Alex Jones 00:24:49