Posted on March 7, 2009

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Republic Magazine - The Big Pharma Plague 22:56:23
Chavez Calls on Obama to Follow Venezuela’s Socialist Path 09:47:56
What is the Point of Going to College? 06:34:54
Rage Against the Machine makes so much more sense now 03:31:27
Think Localization, Not Nationalization 10:47:56
Kevin Tuma: CHAINS We Can Believe In 17:35:08
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Polls Show Big Majority Trust Obama - Fox News & Bill Kristol Say America Doesn’t Trust Obama 23:40:58
Governor Sanford Teaching the CPAC'ers 23:30:36
Video: The 2nd American Revolution 23:30:09
Fox News 23:19:06
Obama is (not) like Bush because… 23:12:28
I was in ny today and found a poem in my head . 23:02:53
Pictures from the Green Bay Tea Party 22:52:06
How $30,000 Can be More Than $300,000: The Money Trap! 22:36:17
FBI criminal record 22:29:04
Obama: I am not a socialist 22:19:49
Judge Admits The Shocking Truth 21:54:35
Rhino: Why self-defense is not violence, from a Quaker’s perspective. 21:26:19
Re-Legalize Liberty 21:04:09
Ben Bernanke honored with highway interchange LOL 20:53:46
Fox News admits to FEMA Concentration Camps. 20:46:12
I just realized that im a country boy at heart 20:41:34
When to resist? Excerpt from "Gulag Archipelago" 20:27:56
Brzezinski Speech @ Chatam House Nov 2008, post election 20:26:14
Action Alert E-Verify 20:15:47
George W. Obama? 20:13:56
Non-Violent Lawful Rebellion,for those of us who believe war is not the answer! 20:07:17
Santelli got paid with bailout money 19:20:55
Road Block Legal Troubles 18:54:15
Is Bush going to the Hague ? the heat is on. 18:37:27
***...Wall Street's 700 Trillion Derivatives...*** 18:34:50
Please Don't Riot... it's what just what 'they' want (David Icke's homepage) 18:22:12
Who is wealthy? 18:12:09
Rush Does Not Want Any Part Of Ron Paul In A Debate 18:11:52
Who’s afraid of Rush Limbaugh? Not Ron Paul 18:02:35
Government Shuts Down Doctor's Business because he's competing against the insurance companies. 17:40:42
NH Liberty Forum 17:35:07
More CO2 good for the environment, says prominent scientist 16:19:04
Peter Schiff "with Obama we are getting Bush on Steroids" 15:30:39
Something not being reported here in the USA 15:22:23
Constitutional Limits of Executive Power 6 Hours CSPAN 15:21:22
Want to know where the AIG bailout money went? It went to US and Europe banks! Michael sticky please? 15:09:15
Relevent lyrics: The Fletcher Memorial Home 15:02:30
Never Talk To Cops! 14:56:43
Governor requests emergency aid for Texas drought 14:54:47
Peter Schiff on BNN Canada 14:51:07
Why is the FED keeping AIG's secrets? 14:04:52
In Defense of FRANK LUNTZ 13:49:27
UK government takes over another major bank 13:31:45
North Dakota creates it's own money 13:27:00
Over Obama's Head 13:24:02
Toxic Sky... Chemtrail movie trailer . Update 13:16:39
How's this for unconstitutional? A constitutional amendment for universal education 13:14:55
Fowl Language 12:57:44
Granny shooting machine gun 12:48:47
Read About Your New Constituion-This is Really Close to Becoming a Reality and No One is Talking About it-Why? 12:38:22
CNN Picks up on the State sovereignty bills 12:31:34
When I saw Bush Sr crying 11:57:32
Freedom Bank of Georgia Seized, 17th U.S. Failure This Year 11:03:45
If we don't tell them, they won't do it 10:18:58
Peter Schiff: We Want Obama to Fail 09:56:20
4 arrested in NV probe of anti-government group 09:40:56
Johny walker whiskey calling for tax revolt.(its getting interesting) 09:05:59
cops police brutality outrageous must see : cop tells it as it is 06:14:21
COLOGNEPAULIST: Thank You, DP'ers! 05:54:32
Peter Schiff with Obama we are getting Bush on Steroids 05:19:55
RNC: Shortage of tech workers to build platforms, apps 04:32:36
"Never waste a good crisis." Hillary Clinton 3/06/09 04:14:55
Remembering the Revolution :: The Fight Continues 03:50:29
List of all new taxes and licenses you have to get... 03:16:30
The Oracle with Max Keiser: The AIG Black Hole 02:33:22
George Wallace's statement at the University of Alabama 1963 02:32:39
You're Not Alone - Killing the "Borg" Myth 02:17:42
Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows 01:09:34
2012: Help Wanted, need Pitchforks and Guillotines 01:07:18
Building a Ron Paul statue before he dies. 00:47:11
Any one know what happened to Aimee Allen? 00:27:53
Countrywide Execs Get New Home At PennyMac 00:11:11