Posted on March 8, 2009

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Ron Paul 'too human' on front page of 22:23:00
What happened in Nashville yesterday? 19:30:18
Update-Montana Sovereignty Bill HJ 26: Montanans Sign Petition Now! 11:51:19
RJ Harris at the Cleveland County Convention calling Socialism what it really is...SLAVERY! 01:15:38
Ron Paul Back In '88 Telling The TRUTH 16:14:12
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Thank You All 23:56:18
Famed Pastor Predicts Imminent 'Earth-Shattering Calamity About to Happen' 22:51:15
Illinois Church Shooting 22:39:11
Wikipedia Scrubs any Mention Of Obama Eligibility... 22:25:11
Spread this video: The Biggest Game in Town 22:16:17
Predictions for the market during the ides of March? 22:06:41
Realities of the Barack adminstration 21:58:48
911 Showing How Explosives Were Probably Planted By Shrubs Buds ... 21:37:48
Obama & cronies in the Congress think twice before trying to get GUN CONTROL 20:22:12
Myslovitz - Good Day My Angel 19:56:59
SPECIAL REPORT: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Under Martial Law! Video and Links 19:52:47
"The state has no business controlling religion" 19:26:32
Have any of you seen this website ? 19:12:10
END THE FED (This Song Rocks!) 18:53:41
Proof Barack Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery. 18:40:02
Revolt at the Statehouse! 18:37:54
Contrived ammo shortage? 18:11:24
The Crisis of Credit Visualized for Dummies! 18:04:25
We Should Let All The Auto Companies Fail 17:59:22
If asleep and in a catatonic slumber, disregard this... 17:51:42
The Texas 14th District Info 17:23:09
Why practicing medicine in America sucks: STATE SLAPS DR. DO-GOOD 17:15:17
How the US forgot how to make Trident missiles LOL 17:07:18
Pressures on Farmers and Ranchers are putting them out of business --Contributing to a nationwide Food Shortage. 16:41:42
read this crap bout why the fed printing money helps us? yikes is right! 16:19:08
A couple of questions 16:05:30
Who got AIG's bailout billions? 15:39:10
WOW! We got to introduce this kid to Ron Paul! 15:33:42
When science gets tossed under the bus, truth gets squished 15:20:39
10 Similarities Between Neo-cons and Nazis 15:15:34
Ron Paul Supporter Mayoral Candidate 15:01:36
Is Obama a great orator or just a reader-speaker! You be the judge! 14:46:29
The Nightmare Unfolds 14:44:16
Tesla quote on revolutionary scientific ideas 14:27:09
Do you think executive orders are law? 14:24:33
Steve Crowder gives a hilarious look at the gun-control policies of the Obama administration 14:05:54
Lost your job,home,savings? Don't worry... 13:51:23
LIVE RIGHT NOW! Bob Schulz Talking about The Continental Congress 13:50:21
Dr. Paul sounds like Milton Friedman 13:46:25
"Miracles Do Not Cluster" -- Daniel Webster 13:44:17
What is welfare? 13:36:04
Ron Paul: Wars planned to save US empire 13:10:07
The Declaration of Dependence... 12:30:02
"Grocery shopping" in the back yard 11:30:21
FOR RENT - Tent Space - Call *Bargain Ben* sample added 11:12:02
No prospect for takeover of GOP 10:34:43
No prospect for takeover of GOP 10:20:21
Peter Schiff in his own interview 10:05:12
Best Plan for Keeping Food on Your Table 10:03:51
Memo to all Law Enforcement Agencies yesterday 10:03:03
The difference between a citizen and a Congressman (funny) 09:14:52
Fed Reserve Employee under Geithner! Reveals Hyperinflation Guaranteed! SOON! 09:14:25
Can we at least resolve on this ONE thing? - a statue for Ron Paul 07:42:57
"Secessionists Unite!" 07:14:50
It's not that I don't want to pay federal income tax,I can't afford to pay it 03:24:41
Kentucky Sovereignty Bill Introduced In General Assembly 03:17:01
When all hell breaks loose: stuff you need to survive when disaster strikes 03:06:29
NYT-What should ordinary people who are struggling do? OBAMA: "Don't stuff money in your matress" 02:05:24
Local Australian vaccination push challenged 00:50:46
US government’s Cybersecurity chief warns America of NSA 00:23:45