Posted on March 9, 2009

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Peter Schiff on Kudlow Report 23:30:31
Top Ten Reasons I Would Invite People To The Daily Paul 15:10:44
Ron Paul Calls Out Neocons by Name 13:04:41
March on DC on May 30, 2009 12:24:14
DL Hughley/CNN Interview with Ron Paul 3/7/09 13:04:43
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Help RJ Harris 2010 get on the Alex Jones Show! 23:44:30
Every TV show is pushing nonsense now 23:32:17
This is Absolute Madness 22:51:30
Florida Republican Party Platform Initiative 22:38:56
Help requested from Canadian for free speech 22:31:56
421 guests on right now. Are you scared away by the content on DP ? 22:31:33
Over 15,000 descend on Fullerton to protest higher taxes 22:28:21
I got this from theobamaforum if you don't know most of this site is satire but a few over there I think are serious a must read 22:25:04
Former Members Turned Lobbyists 22:21:25
Constitutional Tender: ONE MINUTE of your time needed right now! 22:19:35
Who's Getting and Who's Giving 21:59:57
MAIC and the waco electronic holocaust museum? 21:54:27
Five Steps To Tyranny 21:45:30
The Obama Tax is starting. 21:25:06
Can we have a moneybomb for new commercials to air on national tv 21:23:52
HR 1321 - forces you to buy health insurance 21:11:49
Gerald Celente - expect hunger riots 21:08:30
“PORTAL Alliance” What do Ya'll make of this? Re: The banks who've been taking our money!! ! 20:58:44
WARNING-All parents of preschool age children please look! 20:56:35
abolish regional government 20:47:12
Protest The Hero - Blindfolds Aside 20:38:42
Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production 20:31:48
More power for FEMA 20:21:04
Evans-Pritchard: Dow 4,000 by Summer 20:19:08
60 Minutes-FDIC 20:18:28
Prayer Request(Mexico) 19:40:02
Forced health care-here comes the beginning of the universal health care 19:32:29
The best video to quickly know Ron Paul ? 19:28:19
A song that reminds me of this revolution 19:07:02
Armed liberty activists swarm NH state house 19:05:22
The Next Big Scam will go by the name of "The Global New Deal" 18:43:43
Deflation or Inflation? 18:42:27
The NWO's next big move! - Get ready for the G20 push in April! 18:38:57
The Alex Jones Show - Very Important To Hear This 18:28:27
Too funny... 18:26:51
HR 875 to criminalize organic farming and the backyard gardener? 18:15:46
Obama’s British ‘Gift Gaffe’ Not Reported By U.S. Media 18:11:57
"Out of chaos, a New World Order" 18:05:49
Ron Paul Is The True Leader Of The Conservative Republican Party 18:02:34
The Necessity for Action !! By the Tenth Amendment Center 18:01:33
Reward Bad Behaviors Department 17:22:58
Poll: Who was the Greatest Founding Father? 17:20:40
Neocons in the White House? Looks That Way: Fear Motivation - Déjà vu! 17:13:32
H.R. 600 - I thought it was a joke 16:58:52
We will allow you to... 16:50:48
Pentagon says Chinese vessels harassed U.S. ship 16:44:55
How cool is this? Low Power FM:-) 15:57:07
Benochio honored on new currency 15:48:28
Is this what they are doing with the bailout money? 15:47:07
Official English - Costs of Multilingualism 15:41:56
ABC News "AIG Warned of 'Crisis' if Government Didn't Help 15:40:23
Mexican cartels infiltrate Houston 15:23:39
Shutting Detroit Down 14:32:59
The New Intolerable Acts of the Obama Regime 14:24:53
Here's to "Barefoot"... may he rest in peace 14:23:54
Ten Reasons I Would NOT Invite A Friend To DailyPaul 14:14:15
Criminals For Gun Control-Home Invasion 13:57:21
ATT people in NC! Real ID Alert! 13:54:52
Mark to Market - They're Looking for a Rules Change to Stop the Bleeding 13:52:28
This is my first year of gardening Tips welcome! 13:50:09
Shocking revelations about Columbine 13:42:18
The Crisis of Credit Visualized for Dummies! 1 and 2 of 2 13:42:02
Sovereignty Movement Runs into Partisan Roadblocks 13:02:41
Vote ~ MSNBC Poll: Give President Obama a grade 12:44:18
Heirloom Seeds.....Thought I woud buy today...NOT! 12:39:45
The End of the World . . . As We Knew It 12:35:36
Guess what y'all? We're winning! 11:57:45
Which Room Would You Put The Elephant In? 11:55:46
whats the best videos that show the money bombs success ? 11:51:45
Supreme Court Limits Federal Voting Rights Act 11:33:19
Will appreciate any help I can get 10:58:51
Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research 10:56:37
Great article by PJB. Actually makes a strong case for legalization 10:53:59
Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Press TV Report 10:40:21
Subsidies and the Destruction of Small Farms 10:35:09
Dow 3/9/09 looking like an EKG 10:17:17
From the bottom to the top 10:09:05
Executive Director of the Atlas Society helps C4L volunteers and... 09:01:55
Well, it is a fearmongering smorgasbord today... 08:22:31
Sen. Joe Lieberman singing a new tune on Obama 06:53:49
The Quickest, Surest and possibly the Only way to end the FED! 06:38:45
Los Angeles Times: Ban on medical pot cases quickly lifted 05:54:01
Why Christians should oppose use of marijuana 05:49:01
Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility 02:46:04
Battling Obama by ‘Going Galt’ 02:09:24
Guillotines and FEMA Coffins in America 01:59:35
Gold price surpasses platinum price 01:55:14
Alex Jones Interviews Bill Cooper in 1999 00:51:42
the - worth a read 00:37:13