Posted on April 10, 2009

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Jack Conway now running for US Senate in Kentucky 21:56:27
Daily Paul Backup Meeting Location 17:30:28
Tea party - WOW! 12:24:40
Attention: TWIC - A Backdoor to the Real ID 09:42:47
HR 450 Act forces Congress' return to limited government 08:47:31
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Geithner, Paulson named in $200 billion lawsuit 23:08:26
Fresno Tea Party 22:16:39
Apx. How many people in USA support Dr. Paul 22:15:44
More geoengineering stuff... 21:58:18
In the off chance any of you are poker players ? 21:23:23
*Gun buy-back program launched in Los Angeles * 20:59:39
Pirates threaten lives, Obama does nothing 20:58:43
dept. of homeland security (steve bierfeldt) should go to jail.c4l staffer 20:50:27
Two Trillion Bucks now on Youtube! 20:43:30
Secede 20:01:22
Oath Keepers founder interviewed 19:59:24
What happened to The Daily Paul? 19:54:15
A View Into the Future (10 steps past Beck, Alex Jones, Chemtrails, 911-Truth, Birther Blues, and FEMA Camps) 19:50:54
Anne Heche Stars in Chemtrail Story Toxic Skies...or Does She? 19:34:10
Operation ASU (front page at 19:07:55
Ron Paul Silver LIBERTY Dollar Autographed RARE FBI seized coin 19:06:49
URGENT A Patriot In Need Of Help. 18:30:06
Struggling US towns print their own currency 17:16:51
Who Owns The World 16:58:52
Sipreme Court Justices to Hear White Firefighters’ Bias Claims 15:48:51
SGT Lagasse and SGT Brooks Destroy the Official 9/11 Story 15:21:22
has anyone else watched this yet? 14:55:28
Teaparty Help 14:42:41
Sham protesters gather tomorrow- Watch out for provocateurs! 14:40:58
The dark side of Dubai 14:35:44
Are they coopting our movement tomorrow? 13:41:46
“Expulsion Threatened Over Prayer for Sick Teacher” 13:38:49
Let's say the Constitution is a speed limit... 13:38:41
Obama bows without hesitation to the King of Saudi Arabia , his Master. 13:36:55
Promises for Marriage 13:06:44
What do you make of this-Banks asked to keep quiet on stress tests 12:36:38
Iran privatizing 80% of State owned industries 12:35:36
Combined Individual Will for Key Values 12:28:18
New Research Contradicts Pentagon 9-11 Story 12:10:37
National Guard patrolling in Mena AR 11:28:41
"The Internet is Hurting Journalism," so say Members of the National News Media 11:27:17
Why is Glenn Beck not being honest? Try $50,000,000 11:17:14
VOTE here to let the GOP know how to rebuild the party 10:59:12
Pledge of allegiance explained 10:42:20
April 15th Tea Parties Near You: Nationwide Map; Time/Place; Find Your Party! 10:38:40
Pink box of death is back! Anyone else still having problems?? 10:34:00
BWAHAHAHAHA Has anyone seen this? 10:20:38
Lets Burn it All Down - (watch it see the it) 10:11:17
Suicide Bomb in Iraq Kills Five U.S. Soldiers - 04/10/09 09:54:07
GUNS GUNS GUNS-Funny Video!!! 09:46:44
Job Opportunity - Gold and Silver Investing - Pacific Ocean Office View 09:37:03
Nullification Reconsidered 09:11:15
Larry Summers Got Pinked! You're Gonna Love This Clip 08:43:54
Brave CFL member shows us how it's done: 08:40:48
How Americans Lost Their Right To Own Gold And Became Criminals in the Process 08:16:05
If Yesterday's Post Regarding the Idea to Pollute the Atmosphere to Combat "Global Warming" Wasn't Enough, 07:25:53
Bob Basso's Tea Party: NOT MY TEA PARTY!!! 06:58:55
Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on ‘Stress Test’ Results 06:57:15 is a great site as well 06:32:27
I know one reason why Wells Fargo is showing record profits 05:57:42
Alarming Video, if true 04:32:58
New Vid - Ron Paul - Imagine You Saw The Economic Crisis Coming 03:08:17
< This Pisses Me OFF Federal Reserve Engages in FRAUD > 01:41:06
Wells Fargo Record Profits 01:16:45
Obama Wants You to Be a Slave 01:04:40
Are You a Three Percenter? 00:45:30
Press Conference Video: Texas Govenor Supports Texas Sovernigty Bill 00:17:39