Posted on April 11, 2009

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I need medical help 22:40:44
"Clerical Error" Reduces HR 1207 Cosponsor List by Three 22:40:42
NEVER FORGET the MSM's Treatment of RP 13:43:33
Video: Texas Gov. Perry Affirms 10th Amendment Bill 11:12:54
Anyone have a good printable flier to hand out at the tea parties? 01:34:38
My sister went to prison this week, got sentenced to 6 years 00:48:19
BJ Lawson talks about local currencies on Fox business 11:12:59
I called Representative Sarbanes about HR 1207--and this is the letter I got 22:40:43
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Copy of my letter re: impeachment on 23:59:26
Kevin Tuma Cartoons - April '09 23:54:28
Brian's Rain Harvesting Barrel 101 23:18:45
Sharing a youtube song if I can? 23:11:26
Could this pirate situation be a ruse to get the LAW OF THE SEA TREATY passed? 22:32:25
Black helicopter alert! Conservative media suggest Obama supporting one-world government 22:24:15
the most important thing in our lives regarding taxes 22:02:31
Rick Warren on Faux? 21:57:01
Have you wondered where the shrub went ? 21:49:30
You are a Slave to Government 21:49:03
Dep of Homeland Security distributing flu virus around 21:41:33
The election was stolen from ron paul 21:00:10
It's not about Obama, stupid! 20:46:29
Protesters in Thialand suceed! 20:43:21
Let's sail away from all the strife. 19:56:44
100,000 brits protest Sri Lankan genocide. 19:51:35
US false flagging Iraq now? 19:13:43
For those of you who love Ron Paul, Hope Anthem And Music. Click here and BUMP! 19:04:23
Marc Maron: "F*CK YOU ALEX JONES!" (On Air America) 18:58:37
GREAT Canadian FREEP article 18:35:32
Bob Schulz - Now I get it... Please look into it! 17:57:41
court rules the fed is private 17:41:34
How bad are things going to get REALLY??? 17:33:22
The Power of Nightmares-BBC Documentary 17:29:18
Facts About Goldman Sachs Blogger Needs Help ASAP 16:28:05
Pastor Butch Paugh tells it 16:12:24
French Cops get a surprise from the fans... 15:34:19
Background on Popular Mechanics as a government shill. 15:17:06
They're choking off ammo supply? 15:13:17
Scott Forbes on Radio Today at 5 P.M. Central (Saturday) 14:34:17
Buy Silver! 14:16:09
Kansas City Star Columnist Mary Sanchez unhappy MIAC withdrawn, -> Links "One World Order nuts" to McVeigh 14:03:43
America's Military Empire 13:36:36
Internet aggregators (like us) aren't the problem, it's the business model 13:12:26
--Just For Fun-- Anyone have any favorite recipes? (from simple to complex .. have at it!) 12:44:56
TEA Party - Need help w/sign 12:42:39
Flirting with Danger: Secrecy of the Federal Reserve 12:33:13
Re; Va. fusion center report 12:16:56
Want to END THE FED??? Find the closest ETF group HERE.!!.(.and network for support) 12:02:41
Dr. Paul may be President sooner than you think 11:55:19
CIA, 911 & Wall St. by Michael Ruppert 11:40:41
International Governments W/ Ron Paul : New World Order VS The Constitution 11:25:10
1954 Dodd Report to Reece Committee on Foundations 11:15:07
Police hack into home PCs in Europe 10:46:17
Why the Tea Parties? The story gives you the reasons why. 10:44:53
The tea parties are our one big chance to wake people up: DON'T BLOW IT! 10:35:36
This picture pretty much sums it up for me - safe for work and hilarious 09:43:51
Mexico City shuts off main water pipeline 09:25:42
Problem? Farmers Saving Their Own Seeds 09:09:23
Who owns the Fed? need some help 08:34:12
Protesters storm stage of Zorc Wizard 08:21:58
April 15th Tea Party Slogans 08:07:47
Troll, tool, or truth? One question test for sorting sources. 07:27:26
"TAXES" ARE SO 1900'S! 07:15:43
Wow...Have you guys seen this?? Demonstrators in Thailand shut down the Asian Summit meeting! 05:37:24
Virginia Fusion Center Releases Homegrown Terrorism Document 05:23:59
DailyPaul meetup? 04:38:20
MSNBC Hack David Shuster 04:12:05
Alan Watt "The UN (the One)'s Day has Come" *Must Read For All* 03:36:08
My Story (part of it anyways) by cultivator (edited 4-19-09) 03:03:41
20/20 Guns in America 01:55:24
Oath keepers.... 01:18:04
2 More Banks Go Down 00:12:10
Roundabout Bailout: Fed To Pump Foreign Currency Into U.S. Banks 00:01:08