Posted on April 12, 2009

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Rand Paul Speaks on Foreign Policy 23:52:36
Yes, the NRA is a FRAUD ! 22:18:07
Calls for Revolution: Bangkok on the Brink of Anarchy 21:39:13
A Need for Remembrance of Why We Are Here! RON PAUL the Re-Founding Father 23:52:37
**UPDATE: Baby News and New Pic from Dale in Oklahoma.** 20:05:55
Bill Moyers Journal - How Wall Street Destroyed the System 18:58:29
"Pessimism Porn" ABC Hit Piece on Schiff and Celente 01:55:24
Kevin Tuma: Taxpets 23:52:36
Daily Paul Grassroots Appeal for Help 23:51:36
Obama Moves To Expand Warrantless Wiretapping 23:51:35
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Gadsden Flag just came in the mail. 23:28:32
Atlas Shrugged film back in production...again? 23:15:54
Tea Party Insanity Burn The Books VIDEO 21:52:20
Eat My Shorts! 21:02:44
Place the blame where it belongs 21:01:20
If you had $500 to prepare for economic collapse, what would you get? 20:57:42
Silver Users Association 20:55:24
"Take two aspirin. They'll automatically call me in the morning." 20:29:08
Marijuana Laws Are Moving Pot Into the Mainstream 19:53:20
CNN poll, Glimmer of hope? 19:44:49
Rescue at sea 19:13:22
GOOD NEWS FOR THE CAUSE -Another Person took their blinders OFF - The Revolution got them 18:35:50
ever wonder which countries get the most fluoride poisoning ? 17:00:25
Seals free Captain...Obama takes full credit 16:47:40
deleted 16:25:05
MSNBC Obama Presidency poll 16:11:14
Rioting erupts in Thai capitol after government declares state of emergency, tanks in streets (again.) 15:41:14
Tibetan farmers refuse to sow spring crops in protest against Beijing 15:24:02
"Tea Party Protests Create Online Sales Boom" Fox News 15:02:16
Unrelated (Kinda, Sorta) but I print flyers @ home and need cheaper ink! 14:42:01
Setting Table for a Tea Party 13:43:38
Emergency Video Potentially Going Viral On YouTube 12:56:05
Stimulus goes for vaccines. 12:27:15
Indiana Senate Passes SR42 Claiming Sovereignty under the 10th Amendment 11:28:34
Never judge a book by it's cover 11:16:17
FYI - Easter Baldwin 11:04:55
"HE IS RISEN" 11:04:43
A sad day for the 15,000 shelter mutts... 10:58:46
This day(4-12) 148 years ago 10:40:18
Even Angela Merkel says "enough is enough" 10:14:21
HAPPY EASTER from Restore the republic radio and retakecongress 10:08:03
Slate Magazine "yet another mainstream publication" addresses 911 truth 09:27:13
The council on Foreign relations , a primer for american propaganda 09:19:11
terror on the high seas 09:02:43
Charts of Tax vs Minimum Wage ? 05:06:51
Denver post: The war on a plant 05:00:51
Anti - Goldman Sachs site being threatened 04:28:24
Death Records of 911 victims: Do they exist? 04:00:23
Tea Parties Being Hijacked! 03:59:51
Pittsburgh 'Tea Party' Photos 03:47:25
Anyone on Myspace? 02:11:38
Listen to the lyrics 01:40:46
Alan Colmes Has Alex Jones On His Show 4/10 01:36:11
I wouldn't be caught dead doing survivalist stuff. 01:33:50
Alan Colmes Has Alex Jones On His Show 4/10/2009 01:16:21
Black market nukes 01:16:21
Geithner is the proof 01:14:58
Here is the answer to why the IRS continues to say that income taxes are voluntary... 00:21:55
The New Definition of Money 00:08:12
Nevada State Sovereignty Resolution Needs Help!! 00:06:56