Posted on April 13, 2009

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Ron Paul on Somali Pirates 16:05:33
The rEVOLution is ‘hijacking’ Tea Party movement & the 912 Project 11:16:26
Devvy Kidd - Lots of Tea Parties - and Then? 16:11:34
North Dakota Passes HR 59 for State Sovereignty 07:43:16
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Peter Schiff Vlog Report 13 Apr 2009 23:05:43
Economic Crisis: No End In Sight 22:57:55
No Sheriff Left Behind 22:43:03
Weird Weekends - Survivalists - feat. Steve Quayle & more... 22:06:08
The Good Doctor in his Prime- Impressive Debate 21:59:12
All the Banks Pass their Stress Tests, yeah sure LOL 21:51:39
The least bad president... 21:17:06
Stimulus?????????? Not!!! 21:13:46
Wear A Tea-bag to Work Day 21:08:46
Liberia, Americas stepchild, searches for own identity 21:08:04
Will this wake up the Bankers & Feds? Share your thoughts? 21:01:34
Homeless people in poland are dying after being tested with bird flu vaccine . 20:48:37
How can sacramento evict someone who is already homeless ? 20:34:11
What should I plant in my garden? 20:12:42
Latest News on the move to a Global Currency 20:01:00
Goldman Sachs doesn't want their 'can of worms' opened up and exposed???? 19:58:56
THIS is why I keep on keepin' on- YOU CANNOT HELP BUT CHEER!!!! 19:42:51
Celente Calls for "Revolution" as the Only Solution 19:24:54
"Mommy, al Qaeda did it" 19:20:03
Truthers and Ron Paul “activists” have apparently hijacked the management of the Tea Party in Pensacola, Florida. 19:00:47
My Congressman is Coming! 18:52:55
Response from Claire McCaskill (D-MO) on HR 1207 18:29:52
Judge Andrew Napolitano's "MIAC" Report on the Highest Branches of United States Government 18:23:07
Glen Beck - Comedy tour begins in Denver June 1st 18:21:31
Happy Birthday Mr Jefferson 18:18:50
Cop tasers 15 yr old to death Friday, is already reinstated 18:14:19
Obama To Give 'Major Speech' On The Economy 4/14/09 (To Preempt Tea Parties?) 18:00:02
Glenn Beck and Ron Paul - Fool Me Once ...? 17:53:36
Insider explains part of the reason why the mortgage crisis happened 17:53:26
"Hot Child in the City".... Wow! My kind of Mayor, My kind of Girl 17:03:17
3 for 1 sale for the NWO: New war on guns, NAU fast-tracking, military on streets 16:27:16
Dow close 4/13/09 8,057.81 down -25.57 -0.32% 16:16:19
Naomi Wolf on Alex Jones in a few minutes (4:10 PM EST) 16:09:17
Patriotic Hookers Want to be Taxed 15:56:15
Atlanta Tea Party on April 15th with Sean Hannity---As Many Ron Paul Signs There as Possible! 15:08:32
Barry Cooper Confronts Austin police Chief 15:03:34
Cuba: Open to Unlimited Travel and Money Transfers 14:33:58
"We've become a nation of wimps, sissies and supplicants." 14:11:44
The Fujian Virus - promiting flue vaccines (HOW THEY WORK THE FLU SCAM) December 15, 2003 14:11:29
Blue Dawg Democrats 14:03:39
Next False Flag: Bird Flu Epidemic 14:02:23
I just got invited to the TEA Party 13:30:22
New MIAC report released 13:27:49
Honeybees in Danger 13:10:45
Militarizing the police: "TANK" (APC) on the streets in Portland, Maine 13:10:37
Good article about Dr. Orly Taitz 13:04:39
Actual Macro Economic Data Already Worse Than Worse Case Scenario for Bank Stress Tests 12:55:54
You are being lied to about Pirates 12:54:49
"Rescue Me Baby" - Rescue Me! 12:39:34
Seasteading: Homesteading the High Seas for Liberty 11:38:40
Webster Tarpley: The men behind Barack Obama 11:33:20
Ex IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson is a national hero and patriot... 11:09:54
Live PATRIOT video and radio and chat! 11:08:08
Russia Today: Don't Touch America - Obama looking at permanent US military presence in Somalia 10:58:45
As firearms sales surge, Democrats drop assault weapons ban 10:55:41
Time: Why Supplanting the Dollar Would Be Good for America 10:28:16
Goldman Sachs screwed us 10:20:50
DHS-funded Video Warns of “Seven Signs of Terrorism” 10:00:56
Glenn Beck Comedy Tour - Seriously 09:12:13
Epidemic of Kidney Stones in Children 09:09:13
The religion of America is...America. David Ray Griffin on why most Americans can't fathom the truth of 9/11 09:03:50
A Simple Case for Gold 08:45:06
Red Alert: Secret DHS Doc Predicts Violence in Response to New Gun Restrictions 07:54:26
Govt Coverup: "N***** Lover" at Execution of Biracial Couple, Marine Sgt. & Wife 07:48:10
Winning the semantics game (at least fighting back!) 06:26:48
Report on "Bird Flu" Outbreak 05:23:43
Ron Paul Vs. Ronald Reagan 04:10:47
Ron Paul is far more advanced in the Concept of Liberty than even the Founding Fathers 03:34:02
Zimbabwe dollar worthless & 'not back soon' 03:19:49
Alan Keyes: 4/11/09 Pittsburgh Tea Party Speech Hits a Home Run! 03:01:36
Anyone care to help?.... 01:48:53
The truth about our "government" - - Get Educated. 01:28:47
Just updated Comments needed. 01:14:29
ZETIGEIST 00:56:31
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Section 317 Immunization Funding 00:47:38
It's not Idaho, but you still can grow potatoes 00:37:42