Posted on April 14, 2009

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Ron Paul response to Obama speech MSNBC 4-14-09 17:57:04
Tom Woods on CSPAN's Book TV 15:53:45
The MIAC report saga continues on the Federal level: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano warns of right-wing extremists 14:37:20
CNN Video: Ron Paul Response to Obama Speech 12:32:48
How to Control the Tea Party Crowds 12:01:57
Who Will Continue Ron Paul's Anti-War, Anti-Spending Message? 11:09:18
This video for the San Antonio Tea Party gives me chills !!!! 09:49:54
Ron Paul the Father of the Tea Parties | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 4-13-2009 08:03:42
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Maddow just had some Ron Paul guy talking about the neocons hijacking tea parties 23:58:18
Are we considered right wing extremists? Check this out from front page of Yahoo 23:57:46
College humor vid mentions Ron Paul 23:41:00
If you like pleasant surprises ... watch this ! 23:17:19
The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development 23:10:17
Neoconned - Again? 23:06:15
Do the right thing for "our movement" tomorrow! 23:00:59
Looking for information.. can someone give me a hint where to 23:00:29
Do the right thing for "our movement" tomorrow! 22:55:32
---HANDOUTS!--- 22:34:42
Naomi Wolf talking to Jason Bermas now!! 22:29:36
After seeing this, I feel really small! 22:21:43
Article regarding Inflation at - good to see we're not the only ones awake 22:16:13
HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009 22:09:09
Rick Perry to set himself up as President of Texas 21:48:44
FOX News Missouri Video ties Constitution Party to White Supremacy cites MIAC, ADL & SPLC spokesmen 21:25:48
Same-Sex Marriage. "We should not even be in this debate." Ron Paul 21:04:01
Computer doofus needs technical help for Tea Party handouts 20:59:22
A Message To The Revolution: The Easiest Way To Destroy A Movement Is To Become It 20:48:57
Legatus, Hmmmm........ 20:33:07
DOD Offers Free Summer Enrichments Classes...for K-8 Graders! 20:32:35
What do you think about tramadol pills fine results? 20:15:24
10th Amendment Resolution List? 19:26:58
DP Appeal thread broken? 18:58:13
Why should we or shouldn't we legalize marijuana and hemp? 18:44:21
"Going Galt!!" 18:38:31
Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn 18:31:11
Right Wing Extremists and Gov. Perry interview on Savage 4:30pm MDT 18:11:56
Peter Schiff Vlog 13 Apr 2009: The worst is NOT over 18:06:18
The Cost of Wars Since 2001 18:01:33
County Convention Thursday, I need advice to be elected! 18:00:39
Bush Six Indicted For War Crimes 17:58:38
Peter Schiff to be Keynote Speaker at NYC End the Fed Rally 17:57:01
Brit stands down UK cops hassling him in his own yard 17:44:28
How much money will the "white house" dog cost the taxpayer? 17:35:59
Taxman, song vid. 17:33:43
High resolution copies of our founding documents 17:29:17
10 years later, the real story behind Columbine 17:18:08
Pat Buchanan on the NWO in 2000 16:45:09
Question about Webhosting: The Big Y Sucks 16:41:04
You are being lied to about the pirates 16:22:10
DOW close 4/14/09 7,920.18 down -137.63 -1.71% 16:09:27
Tax Day Tea Parties hit Yahoo news 16:04:08
Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment 16:02:50
Recession fueling right-wing extremism, U.S. says 15:42:46
Dr. Paul - When you speak please... 15:25:58
Standard "phases" of waking up 15:20:53
Senior 9-11 Commission Counsel: Official story almost entirely a lie 14:56:26
A NEW model for the REVOLUTION! 14:43:37
Gold filled currency 14:21:37
TEA Party Anthem! 14:20:23
Bailed-out banks face probe over fee hikes 14:19:13
*Fax this to your Congress Rep's office* 14:05:09
A Nice Set Up 13:52:33
Guns and Ammo Availability Overview 13:38:12
The Atlanta Teaparty.... Need Help!!! 13:35:18
Video: More footage of Police Assault at London G20 Protests 13:32:14
Texas Gov. backs 10th Amendment legislation 13:09:43
Anybody in MD want to go to the Tea Party tomorrow? 13:02:37
Government, Big Pharma Push Bill to Drug America’s Mothers 12:34:52
Everyone's got "Tea Party Fever" this month, will anything constructive follow? 12:27:42
Matthews to Steven Moore: Is Tea Party is spontaneous or Black Helicopter folks 12:25:50
Rand Paul at Bowling Green KY Tea Party 12:21:13
Ron Paul to be on MSNBC today, 4/14 at 4:30 EST and CNN American Morning, tomorrow 4/15 at 7:30 am EST 12:19:40
The MERCILESS IRS....see an audit 12:19:18
Stop Spending Our Future! 12:12:40
Time: Ronald Reagan was a secret FBI Informant 11:55:32
Luke Rudkowski on Russia Today 4/13/09 11:51:52
Draft Peter Schiff Radio Ad 11:49:38
FOX News: Obama's Effort at Online Transparency Stymied by Internet Trolls 11:38:47
Calling on John Tate and the C4L 11:30:51
Lindsey Williams right again 11:30:38
AP: Mexican Congress debates legalizing marijuana 11:27:26
Well..... HALLELUJAH! Keith Olberman finally is getting discouraged 10:19:11
My brother, Kenny, was Ron Paul'ed! 09:55:48
Stuart Varney Smackdown of Op Ed Steve Leser Reps never balanced budget 09:49:21
Adam Kokesh! Promo video for the Santa Fe Tea Party to be held on tax day, April 15th, 2009. 09:36:08
Wednesday afternoon, April 15th, tax day, Dr. Rand Paul will attend and address the tax protest. 09:29:23
Glenn Beck Farts, Guest Passes Out! 08:49:06
Jay Rockefeller vs The Internet 08:46:41
HR20-New Mother's Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE! 08:43:13
If you are a Right Winger, HLS considers you a white supremacist 08:32:14
The Rush Towards Socialism – and How To Stop It 08:09:40
Anti-Fairtax flyer? 08:08:21
Need flyers explaining failures of the FairTax for Tea Party 08:06:58
We Will Not Go Down in Texas Tonight 07:56:37
Michael Nystrom... Moderators: Bot alert!!! 07:44:31
Around the world this AM: Canada's Chicken Coo, Black racist, asylum seeking Mexicans, and another Obama 07:44:06
60 Minutes : Feinstein Not Coming For Guns YET 07:43:09
Don't bother to call the cops, defend yourself 07:33:40
Looking for a Short story. 04:24:07
Anyone See This - Ron Paul ..Father of Tea Parties - Libertea MSNBC Video 04:00:04
Has anyone read this book on how to avoid IRS audits? 03:49:55
Bowling Green Tea Party w/Rand Paul 03:12:03
Britain to Use Google Against Terrorists by Top Loading MSM Views 02:17:52
Can anyone help me find a particular video? 01:58:09
Its Not My Debt 01:57:11
'Taxation is Extortion' by Marcel Votlucka 01:53:21
More than 2,000 protests planned for Tax Day – even in Denmark 01:51:06
Did anyone catch Naomi Wolf's interview on The Alex Jones Show today? 01:20:57
We can question where the Obamas' dog came from but NOT where OBAMA came from?? 00:50:24
Check your 1040 for this! 00:39:01
You Might Be a Terrorist if... 00:26:48