Posted on April 15, 2009

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I smell fire 23:49:31
TX Gov Perry says Texas can leave the union! 23:16:47
Ron Paul Supporter Pushing HR 1207 on Glenn Beck Says "Stop Watching the MSM" 22:03:36
Alex Jones is simulcasting with the Thom Hartmann radio show 21:41:26
Lansing, Michigan Tea Party Photos 20:54:59
Sacramento Tea Party/Tax Protest Photos 19:40:35
Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" Webcast 4/15/09 11:20:28
Dr. Paul on TV News: Letters of Marque and Reprisal 16:53:46
Ron Paul on getting tricked by 'Bruno' 11:25:29
Dr. Paul says, "Some people joining now are trying to dilute our Message" 16:24:15
Montel and Dr Ron Paul 4/14/09 11:20:29
Ron Paul on Legalizing Marijuana - CNN 11:25:27
Death & Taxes: Where Your Money's Going 10:11:53
Yahoo's Front Page: Ron Paul's Piracy Plan 09:40:53
Committees of Safety Money Bomb - TAX DAY April 15th 11:25:29
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DailyKos chimes in on DHS Right Wing Extremist report 23:50:25
PL Newsletter 23:32:37
Sean Hannity Web Site Links to Midas Resources & GCN-Live 23:24:33
This is an old article, but has some merit...what was Bush afraid of.... 23:21:10
Boycott Anderson Coopers Advertisers? 22:31:50
Ron Paul Signs Torn Down?..... Video?.... check this out! 22:29:35
31 Things the IRS does NOT want us to know & not one cent of collected oncome tax goes to run our government. 22:09:40
personal goals employee 21:55:16
journal of medical anthropology 21:41:48
Tancredo immigration event gets out of hand 21:18:53
The people at my local tea party were like sponges. 21:08:16
Fight the "Cyber-Security Act of 2009" 21:03:28
Beck at tea party link? 20:27:56
MSNBC and Keith Olberman are trying to discredit our Tea Parties and Anti Big Gov Movement... 20:19:07
How many others are aware of this? 20:15:58
If Campaign For Liberty keeps growing... 20:13:50
End of Any 9-11 Doubt for Me 19:45:22
Thousands rally with 'tea parties' on tax day 19:21:47
Marriage Certificates 19:17:09
Tea Bag Terror: Protests Causing Scares, Evacuations... 19:11:17
Is Media Matters run by the government? 19:09:19
Big Agri is slowly creeping its way 19:03:00
Who started the Tea Parties? 18:59:19
-->THIS IS IT!! We can get Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul's show "Freedom Watch" on Fox News' TV Channel 18:57:22
The good, the bad, the ugly from TEA Party Boise 18:51:00
Video from Oklahoma City Tea Party 18:33:26
Perry says Texas can leave the union if it wants to!!!!!!!!!! 18:26:00
Just bailed out of C4L 18:23:14
Let it all collapse. 18:16:15
Will China buy huge amounts of Gold? 18:08:50
OPed on MSNBC: 6pm right now, full frontal assault on tea parties 18:04:11
"Gun Owners of America": Changing Demographics 17:41:38
Freedom Watch 4/15 – Tea Party Edition 17:40:25
Pictures from the Tea Parties across the Nation 17:22:10
Beck at Tea Party 17:06:30
Cavuto on FOX coverage 17:00:41
RJ Harris 2010 on Alex Jones! 16:57:40
Atlanta Tea Party w/ Hannity: 7-10PM 16:56:16
Cavuto gets into it with Radio Talk Show Host concerning Tea Parties! 16:43:02
Brother, Can you spare a dime? 16:17:58
Obama Issues Warning To Police RE: Right Wing 16:08:02
Conrad Claus insulting Mr Paul 15:56:46
Tea Party in Kingsport... the parking lots are full 15:50:49
Letters of Marque and Reprisal 15:47:42
CFR wants "digital gold standard"? 15:25:42
Ron Paul on Politico Radio: Discusses piracy, teaparties, and his appearance in the upcoming film "Bruno" 15:15:41
Over 1,000 attend. Great Article that mentions the "Ron Paul Gang" 14:46:56
Census Bureau was just at my house! 14:46:29
Tea Party in Pennsylvania 14:31:28
Strategy Room and Live Tea Party Coverage 14:22:41
U.S. Supreme Court To Review Unconstitutional Strip Search Of 13-Year-Old Student For Ibuprofen 14:15:16
Live Coverage of Tax Day Tea Party 14:09:59
Debtors' prison 14:07:24
Ron Paul talks about new DHS Report 14:03:38
I Pledge allegiance to this flag. 13:58:38
How the Financial Crisis was set up & how to fix it 13:46:40
CBS: DHS & PLC Accuse Veterans Of Tim McVeigh Like Behaviour & Potential Terrorism 13:41:20
Plan to dump million tea bags in D.C. foiled by lack of permit 13:37:30
Bye Bye Arlen!! (Toomey makes it official on Tax Day) 13:31:25
Consumer prices fall 13:25:32
Dr. Paul The Case Against the Income Tax 13:22:50
Blowback Amnesia 13:14:20
National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 13:03:57
Santelli Proud of Tea Parties 12:59:18
Rush Limbaugh talking about Letters of Marque and Reprisal 12:48:13
rise of the transcumer 12:40:40
I say Rise Up, Veterans! 12:20:39
An Open Letter From Martin D. Weiss Regarding Our Settlement Agreement with the SEC 12:06:40
aol joins news distorition brigade 12:00:49
Not a peep on MSN's homepage 11:54:15
HR20-New Mother's Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE! 11:53:07
Former Washington Mutual Cardholders Getting Snagged By Shifting Due Dates At Chase 11:21:10
MSNBC: Medical marijuana requests climb sky high - poll & video 11:10:07
Live TV, Live Radio, and LIve Chat 11:05:12
C4L Statement on Ron Paul and "Tax Day Tea Parties" 10:54:58
Columbia South Carolina Tea Party Goers.... 10:52:16
Scarborough: Obama Is 'More Focused On Targeting Veterans' Than Fighting Al Qaeda 10:47:52
We didn't start the Flame War!!!! (funny) 10:31:47
Tomatoes and Tea 10:14:59
94 Years of Serfdom by Paul Craig Roberts 09:51:11
After Tea Parties, Create a Third Party - The Tea Party 09:50:40
Germany Bans Monsanto's GMO Corn 09:42:51
Progressives are NOT progressive. 09:31:29
It seems like only yesterday when Ron Paul was nearly guillotined on live television 09:28:40
The Fed is Considering More Disclosure on Emergency Lending Programs 08:57:09
Teabagwashing 08:35:33
Why IMF announces but fails to sell gold? 08:14:18
Ted Butler: A Nice Set up for SILVER 07:03:36
Schwab: Is the Fed Turning the Dollar Into Monopoly Money? 06:44:11
Lots of Tea Parties- And Then? 05:24:18
Navy Seals were secretly in Katrina, Fox News told not to report 04:10:16
UPGRADE your Bio-Computer with Food & Medicine of the Future: MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON, surprise it's the 1st food in the food chain 03:35:47
How To Hold Banksters Accountable 03:23:44
Comedian Alex Jones 02:58:39
Ron Paul - Who Owns The Federal Reserve System? 1988 02:56:59
Life On The Edge of A Bubble Trailer 02:37:54
Ron Paul was right!! 02:27:50
To the great minds here: about the Census 01:31:51
People, for tomorrow: Enjoy!, go for it but... Please STAY SAFE!!! 01:17:35 issues call to action 01:05:52
Need info on where to go in L.A., CA tomorrow to join protest ... 00:50:26
Tax Delinquencies up 280% = Iceberg Tip!! 00:48:55
Randy Brodgon Money bomb 00:29:50
Recession fuels Right-Wing Extremists 00:05:31