Posted on April 16, 2009

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Last Call for HR 1207 16:48:36
Video: Rand Paul at Bowling Green KY Tea Party 21:12:40
Listen to this girl's speech 15:16:14
Dylan Ratigan explains why H.R.1207 MUST be passed! 14:16:30
It's not too late for Ron Paul to run for Governor of Texas. 03:18:14
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Public = Crap 23:24:57
Bill 'exempts' Alaska from federal gun regulation 23:15:34
Tea Parties 'Despicable' 23:01:00
Economic Survivalists Take Root 22:56:10
Was there a CFL presence at your tea party? 22:53:18
how many 1st time visitors did we get today from the tea parties? 22:45:47
Financial Panics = Political Change! Martin Armstrong 22:29:21
COPPER is rolling high 22:13:04
I just received this in my mail inbox...Obama has secret plan for social chaos! 21:56:21
Old school Ron Paul on Jury 21:53:38
A flood of protesters and total siege of Washington may be our only hope! 21:50:17
Ethos, Pathos, Logos 21:49:28
New Member 21:48:54
New American Tea Party Silver Coin 21:47:10
San Francisco Tax Day Protest/Rally Photos! 21:45:07
China stocks Copper! 21:15:55
Here's to the Crazy Ones! 21:00:46
The Dept. of Homeland Security "right wing extremists" document 20:43:43
Schakowsky: Tea parties 'despicable' 20:40:51
New Way to Get out of Debt in 60 months without filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy being hatched by credit card issuers 20:35:58
Bernanke: Minorities Need To 'Strengthen Their Financial Literacy' 20:11:25
Rush STILL trying to discredit Dr. Paul 19:59:59
Sundown at Coffin Rock ! 19:54:00
deleted 19:46:44
deleted 19:42:46
Advice Wanted for Class Speech on H.R. 1207 19:40:31
Anyone here read Francois Tremblay's book ''But Who Will Build The Roads?'' ? 19:34:23
New World Order 2009 IFC Documentary staring Alex Jones and the Movement. Free Streaming FLV Video 19:19:56
World Trade Center Owner Silverstein Wants Public to Finance His New Buildings 19:19:46
Columbus, oHIo Tea Party Pics and Videos - it was HUGE BABY ! 19:05:33
savage sues federal gov.for names on DHS list 18:23:02
What was your favorite slogan on a sign during the Tea Parties? 18:21:42
Ron Paul Speech Tea Party 2009 *(incomplete) 18:14:37
Petition Conventions -- Giving Teeth to Grassroots Politics 18:09:23
Interesting interview with GoldmanSachs666 site owner 18:07:31
Poker? 17:41:00
Lefties Balk at Secession Talk. 17:29:46
Chris Matthews shilling for National ID Card 17:27:39
Screwed Again: How the national media ignored Ron Paul and why it will be their undoing 17:17:41
Obama Action Figures Released 17:15:14
Missouri taking blood at DUI checkpoints 16:50:35
Border Patrol beats up Baptist minister 16:35:44
Video: Are Somali Pirates Blowback from US Foreign Policy? 16:32:12
Pat Buchanan on Hannity in 5 minutes 15:52:01
The Tea Party Reactions:Liberal Absurdity on Parade. 15:49:52
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) on Tea Parties:said the activities were "despicable" and shameful." 15:30:42
Journalist John Ziegler arrested for trying to be a journalist? 15:25:27
CNBC ordered to support Obama by Parent GE 15:20:27
Do you really think officers at Pentagon didn't question lack of air cover? 15:05:15
LA Times: Was Ron Paul, tea party re-inventor, right all along? 14:44:12
Little Green Footballs attacks Ron Paul 14:43:34
What happened in Carson City, NV yesterday 14:40:04
Ibn Khaldun - 14th Century Tea Party Sufi. 14:37:57
Geithner-Paulson named in $200 billion lawsuit 14:31:13
Meanwhile in Canada, no guns to protect youself allowed... 13:56:42
Tampa Tea Party 13:43:00
The Answer to Non-infiltrable "Tea Parties" Is What Someone Sometime Ago ... 13:38:01
New gun law aimed at asserting sovereignty 13:27:01
Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars! (The Onion) 13:24:08
G. Edward Griffin interview right now! 13:12:21
Las Perras de CNN.... or..... how disappointing! 13:09:14
Georgetown Ordered to Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply with White House Request 13:00:25
US / Mexico Relations.... this guy NAILS it! 12:47:45
Napolitano: Rightwing Extremism Report Contains ‘Assessment,’ Not ‘Accusations’ Gimme a Break 12:04:54
Politics and Economics in America by Clyde N. Wilson 11:53:28
Why Our Credit Crunch Mirrors the Weimar Hyperinflation from 1919-1923 11:36:15
Tea Parties ARE FANTASTIC!! 11:35:00
Let us count the heads List your state attendence. 11:33:58
Is The Book, "The Five Thousand Year Leap" Any Good? 10:57:30
Are you a denier? 10:43:16
Georgia voted to secede from the Union two weeks ago? 10:35:49
Ever wonder about "acorn"? 10:31:13
Traders: Watch out this weekend! 10:28:26
Glenn Beck rips both political parties in opening monologue 10:22:45
Nice summary of some Tea Party numbers from WND... 10:19:55
Former Asst Secretary of Treasury asserts 911 was an inside job 10:14:42
Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like Nascar drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors 10:09:30
Guy pushing the fair tax on coast to coast last nite says Ron Paul all for it 10:04:25
Call Judge Napolitano this morning! Tell your Tea Party story!! 08:57:46
Dropping like flies... 08:37:42
McCain Ron-Pauled! 08:31:08
$19,000 salary, $80 in withholdings and you get $11,000 in a tax refund? Seems fair doesn't it??? 08:30:14
White House bracing for "Bailout Backlash" 08:27:00
Easiest to navigate / best site for legislation and elected officials info 08:18:52
GOP hopes to build momentum behind "tea parties" 06:50:05
My brothers....Please remember the ORIGINAL tea party!! Watch! 06:49:05
Obama envoy to Israel: U.S. wants Palestinian state (Reuters) 06:48:08
It Looks Like We Will Have Some Funky Company 06:39:41
THE ORIGINAL TEA PARTY--->>Ron Paul:- Tea Party 07--WATCH THIS!!! 06:23:50
any videos of today's Your World w/ Neil Cavuto? 05:07:38
Chemotherapy Drug was Developed as Nazi Chemical Weapon 03:55:40
Yes They Can - Obama Speech Parody 03:42:01
Pres. Obama's tax filing 03:28:41
The "Tea Parties" are a Bastardization of 03:25:39
Cincinnati Tea Party, April 15 2009 03:14:26
Russia Today "Tea" protests flood America 02:56:20
Thousands turn out at Spokane Tea Party 02:39:49
Homeland Security Now Says Military Vets are Terrorist. 02:14:13
Enough of the Fair Tax Already 01:37:26
The New World Order Conspiracy Is A Fact… 01:31:55
Freedom Is Scary! 01:29:49
Penn Jilette Interview - With Alamo Tea Party Footage 01:27:56
Florida Patriot requests to be on the Terrorist Watch List. 00:46:07
Bowling Green, KY Tea Party Slideshow 00:44:14
Homemade Pies Illegal in PA, State Cracks Down on Church 00:41:33
Mechanics of short selling, naked short selling and synthetic short selling 00:38:31
Video: Tea Party Boise Idaho 00:38:06
Alabama secretary of state wanted to barge in on our party! 00:35:32
BEST TEA PARTY? And The Winner is...... 00:12:35
The Perry speech video on youtube 00:10:08