Posted on April 17, 2009

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Canada Issues a Wake-Up Call: YOU May Be a Citizen! 06:28:29
I don’t know that I can do this anymore (UPDATE: because of you, I can) 14:26:39
100 miles from the border: Do you live in a Constitution-free zone? 11:57:48
This is how you stand up for your RIGHTS in Amerika 20:32:21
One million attend tea parties in 50 states 'Obama has awakened a sleeping giant' 06:28:28
Sad day - Pirate Bay founders found guilty 06:16:39
An Open Letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi 01:27:19
Border Patrol Beats Baptist Pastor 20:31:21
What you DIDN'T see on CNN : UPDATE 01:27:25
Tea Party Open Thread - Where did you go? What did you see? 01:27:20
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Add another Congressmen to the list of Sponsors for HR 1207 23:02:21
Mises Seminar - The Great Depression Then and Now! 22:43:53
Mr. Pat Early - Resign now 22:34:37
TRACK H.R. 1207 HERE 22:25:41
just wanted to share this info and get some feedback . please help 22:12:58
Video demolition of Glenn Beck 22:11:50
US Congressman Barrett booed at Greenville Tea Party tonight 17APR09 22:06:24
Perfect project for teen girls 22:03:19
Israel ready to bomb Iran 21:51:44
Are laptop liberals and gun-toting conservatives a threat? 21:34:06
Glenn Beck is a Neocon (Not a Libertarian) 21:25:46
E.P.A. Clears the Way for Regulation of Warming Gases 21:18:41
Canadian but do not know it! 20:58:28
Read this, you'll love it - Top 10 Predictions for the Future 20:52:59
"Right Now, Sir, I'm Pretty Sure You're a Terrorist." -Government Agent [Digg for Awareness] 20:46:57
Redistribution of wealth = New World Order 20:25:27
Nifty Link 20:22:24
Colorado Army National Guard alerted to largest mobilization since World War II 20:18:17
What will be th spark that starts the revolution 20:16:04
the people that run the police keep a short leash on em 20:15:43
American's Tea Party Protests Against Fraudulent Bank Bailouts and Stimulus Spending 20:05:40
Adam Kokesh for Congress in 2010?! 19:58:35
At every event in this nation, we need to educate our police officers 19:30:22
Hillary is pimping Bill to pay off campaign debt! 19:24:20
The best 30 minutes I've spent in a LONG time 19:17:30
DP Numbers Suck! 19:10:02
The Old Lady keeping the poor poor, the rich Max Keiser 18:52:03
New information about the death of Barry Jennings. 18:27:23
Garafalo makes some Excellent Points 18:14:33
Houston Tax Day Tea Party video 18:13:42
Homeowner NOT to be charged for use of lethal force in defense of home 17:58:31
Obama Creating One World Government says Pastor Craig X Rubin 17:58:10
John Ziegler Roughed Up By Cops - Update 17:46:41
Must listen to podcast on the taxes 17:42:55
News From Manhattan Libertarian Party. 17:37:40
HuffPost poll: Should we allow Texas to secede? 17:19:14
Goldman Sachs Going After Dissident Blogger 17:08:57
Former Deputy Sec of State Dick Armitage being a weasel about torture 16:40:49
Obama to regulate 'pollutant' CO2 16:37:58
Janeane Garafolo says YOU are all a bunch of racists... 16:21:50
Occilations are Profit Drivers (Democracy Drivers vs Free-Market Drivers) 16:07:33
John Galt Corporation workers charged with manslaughter at ground zero 16:07:19
Fearmongering? Ritual Mockery? Warning? This is creepy. 15:55:26
This is a letter I sent to the Austin American-Statesman....... 15:52:24
Criminal negligence. 15:51:43
Shed some light on the Fed 15:50:45
EPA declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant 15:25:51
NH Tea Party - Thank You NH Grassroots! 15:22:38
Conyers,Sanchez,Paul: Obama Torture Decision Wrong 14:56:40
A Great Explanation of How the Gold Price is Manipulated, and How Private Banks Aren't Actually Required to Pay Back Loaned Gold 14:45:11
How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot 14:41:41
My Chicago Tea Party speech - or thoughts of a concerned suburban mom, not some "right-wing extremist." 14:09:49
IRS Gives Illegal Aliens Billions In Refunds 13:50:03
1997 "Asian Crisis" Deliberate Attack? 13:31:17
Letter Threatens to Kill Americans if Illegals are Deported 13:24:40
This is very sad. WARNING: Crude language 13:24:03
My Letter to the Leslie Marshall Show 13:23:47
Shed some light on the Fed: Support HR 1207 Cool Cartoon 13:22:07
An Interesting e-mail I received from Jim Condit Jr. on Campaign for Liberty MUST READ ! 12:55:08
Montel to Congressman Ron Paul: "You're a Drug Dealer" (Video) 12:49:47
Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected 12:42:30
If your a Veteran, or even if your not... 12:38:24
Montana Firearms Freedom Act 12:30:48
Teabagging My Congressman (with video) 12:30:36
2nd autopsy shows G20 brutality victim did not have a heart attack 12:04:08
3-day Silver Sale at APMEX: $0.99 over spot: Buy some security 11:54:35
Tea Party Terrorists 11:50:56
C4L and Taxes A Cartoon 11:48:19
Freedom Force International 11:46:20
Here is the key. 11:37:21
Texas Secession! And Ron should be president of the republic 11:23:29
Ron Paul on the BRUNO scene 11:20:01
AIG founded in Shanghai, China in 1919 11:12:14
A Warning: Our Grass is being replaced by Astroturf 11:02:18
With Obama in Office Liberals Learn to Love War..... Justin Raimondo 10:51:12
Denuclearization 10:31:14
1 Million Attended Tea Parties in 50 states 10:11:56
I am so in love but I need your help 10:10:31
Stupid sayings? 10:02:39
Ron Paul Supporter Governor of Arizona? 09:47:37
Gold and silver 09:26:11
Chickens Update 09:06:34
Last Chance for Norfed Autographed Silver Liberty 08:57:14
Ron Paul speaks at tea party on 4/15? 08:44:26
A.I.G. Chief Owns Significant Stake in Goldman 08:26:21
Granny 7 aquitted 08:25:26
Daily Paul named in FrontPageMagazine attack on Ron Paul supporters 06:50:13
Man on Wire 05:55:35
The Top 10 Signs You Are Living in a Banana Republic and My Favorite $100 Billion 05:20:23
Cody Willard vs. Leslie Marshall over Tea Parties 4-15-09 03:51:49
The Real Tea Party Movement 03:50:18
"Obama: No charges for harsh CIA interrogation" 03:47:43
Patriot's Petition 02:36:27
Looking for a video 02:29:33
Screwed Again: How the national media ignored Ron Paul 01:59:09
My "Victory" Garden, anyone can do it! Video 01:58:37
Microchip in pills lets doctors know if you've taken them 01:44:15
1,500 farmers commit mass suicide 01:35:30
Gold vs. Fiat? 01:25:46
Rescinding the 'Conscience' Rule for Abortions: Obama Says No is Not Good Enough 01:16:11
ALEX JONES ON NOW ! 01:11:45
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louis farrakhan on barack obama: "i like him, but that doesn't mean i'll vote for him..." 01:00:28
My tea party experience 00:39:30
1 million attend tea parties in 50 states: 'Obama has awakened a sleeping giant' 00:35:24
I told you so! Media Tea Party Reaction 00:25:34
Constitutional Tender: Wow, check it out! 00:12:30
This is what I spent Friday night doing 20:31:21