Posted on April 2, 2009

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Lou Dobbs On The G20 And The New World Order 4/2/09 21:44:46
G20 Supports IMF's Plan to Sell 403 Tons of Gold 15:17:29
Are you attending a Tea Party or other anti-tax protest this April 15th? Become the media, report for the Huffington Post! 10:56:40
What will spark the Revolution? 03:18:03
Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" Webcast 4-1, 2pm ET 03:18:04
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Just a funny JOKE.. Move along to another thread. 23:48:39
This is How Lost We Are! 23:46:55
Aspartame anyone ? 23:42:14
Fox News video: We are now under a "Global Economic Governance". 23:41:41
"We The People" star summoned to White House? 23:39:57
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 23:34:54
House approves 3.5 trillion Obama budget initiatives 23:16:02
AOL poll: Are you a fan of Glenn Beck? 23:05:45
My reasons for not trusting Colbert 22:57:34
The Myth of the Rule of Law Or How the Money Works: The Destruction of Hamilton Secuities Group. 22:57:29
What's with the medias sudden need for michelle obama exposure ? 22:54:33
3/4/09-New World Order begins. G20 22:43:54
A New World Order - a Plan to Reform the United Nations (is this real?) 22:36:25
G20 Update: Russia Proposes A Basket of Regional Currencies... 22:35:23
Tom McClintock 4/1/09 Speech Opposing Budget - Compares Bush and Obama 21:38:25
"Core of Corruption" now available on Google video for free to watch 21:36:26
You Think AIG Bonuses bad, look at Merrill Lynch Bonuses 21:31:20
Great New Video - Ron Paul on the Budget and G20 ... 4/2/09 21:28:56
Ron Paul discusses the budget: 4/2/09 21:25:35
Audit the Fed! with Ron Paul from Campaign 4 Liberty! 21:24:58
American Detained & Threatened at Airport for Carrying Cash digg! 21:24:49
Does anyone else think the ads on Alex Jones are hilarious? 21:24:44
Debt, Debt everywhere... 21:10:30
Banks bailed out, but what about the normal guy who is left holding 21:06:56
MSNBC Obama Poll - You know what to do! 20:59:30
Glenn Beck Poll: End the Fed / Return to Gold Standard 20:28:53
**** With Godspeed. It's Time To Rambo-Up !!!! **** 20:26:11
Afghanistan- the U.S. is losing and so... 20:03:46
1934 Chicago Cartoon - History Repeats 19:48:43
Ron Paul Opposes Insane Budget on House Floor 4/1/09 19:30:13
The semi final of the NPR poll will end tomarrow 04-03 at 9.00 eastern 19:28:29
The New World Order, terror for profit 19:27:56
Ron Paul on the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty 19:17:37
Uncloaking Fed Secrecy 19:11:01
TUMA Comic- Needs a reddit 18:57:44
We've Kicked the Hell out of Glenn Beck -- Now let's Bury Him -- He can never be trusted 18:51:57
"Bruno" trailer shows brief cut of scene with Ron Paul... 18:51:50
What the Media would not show you about the protests at G20 18:51:28
Colloidal Silver - Can we make it ourselves? 18:33:41
Do you ever look at the other side of the coin ? 18:29:54
Other candidates for Louisiana governor 18:20:59
Talk to Glenn Beck-Live 6:08 pm est 18:10:01
Does Anyone Know What Has Happened to the 10th Amendment movement? 18:02:53
Why can't Ron Paul win CPAC 2010??!?!?!?!? 17:36:36
Meeting with State Department employee tomorrow 17:25:55
Senator Jim DeMint "Serve America" OpEd - Excellent piece 17:25:18
G20 - Gordon Brown's New World Order is emerging-It's official... 17:23:23
Indictments have been served 16:41:13
Time is Now 16:31:47
Tea Parties - NO POLITICIANS ALLOWED 16:30:49
Call for UK to stop arming Isreal- will the US follow lead? UPDATE 16:27:08
Obama Bows to Saudi King 16:25:52
Any ideas about the suspicious envelopes 16:22:38
Hedge Funds and the Global Economic Meltdown 16:04:52
China to Rothschilds: NO DEAL 16:01:14
Sender of Tea Bags Investigated 15:48:01
The Government is getting into the tobacco industry 15:45:52
Why is THIS not permamently posted here? 15:42:09
Question regarding G20 outcomes 15:39:08
Full Version: 23 minute recording of TSA agents Interrogating Steve Bierfeldt 15:29:09
What do any of you know 15:19:17
Pay Attention 15:13:45
Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH! [VID] 14:48:42
"New World Order is Emerging" G20 Video 14:31:58
Beck: I was wrong -- We're headed toward fascism, not socialism 14:25:26
My Letter to my Representatives 14:01:27
We the people is the answer! 14:00:45
Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Statistics 13:57:29
The Real Secret to "The Secret" and "What the Bleep" (updated) 13:53:32
(FUN) Letter from the boss 13:44:34
BE NOT DECEIVED! - The G20 Is A Staged Event! 13:37:31
Gerald Celente FOX News 4/1/09 13:33:41
Protest the IMF & World Bank 13:23:44
DO NOT fill out those Republican surveys people!!!! 13:23:04
SDR will become a real reserve currency, ultimately replacing the dollar. 13:19:09
IMF bolstered - topic of discussion during G20 talks 13:16:04
Lets try for a system of Freedom 13:15:16
Tennessee Town Joins With Military for DHS Road Block 13:12:01
Letter to Bank of America/How To Handle Your Creditors in Recession 13:05:49
A Special Olympics Message to President Obama 13:01:38
Atlas Shrugged on the Big Screen 12:41:40
Only Stupid Republicans Pay Their Taxes 12:35:28
BREAKING NEWS! Michelle Obama charms queen away from protocol 12:28:06
Senator Ted Stevens: Ran out by the FED??? 12:27:19
HR 45 - Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009. 12:16:47
Proposed Geithner Plan - A Gift to Cronies on YOUR Dime 12:09:36
Calling all Twitterers! 12:04:24
First Core of Corruption Film Released! 12:03:24
How To Start The Revolution 11:54:24
The War on Everything! 11:52:43
Paul Ryan Destroys Chris Matthews 11:52:11
Anyone listen to Gordon Brown's speech on the G-20 meeting? 11:49:29
Insightful article on Mexico and the "Drug Problem" 11:42:17
Gingrich warns of Republican mutiny in 2012 if party doesn't return to principle! (Ron Paul independent run anyone?) 11:41:22
Gingrich warns of third party in 2012 11:38:27
Announcing... 11:34:36
Left and Right Against the Military-Industrial Complex 11:25:15
Bilderberg Chair wants international banking regulation 11:22:34
Darkness Renewed: Terror as A Tool of Empire 11:14:21
NH Rep. Shea-Porter freaks out over teabag 11:09:00
Neoconservatism: The Return 11:08:28
My Twitter page has the top updated Daily Paul posted articles hourly--follow me 10:57:50
Teachers Union Protesters Denounce Sanford 10:57:27
Drudge: Atlas Shrugged filming could begin soon! 10:54:23
I got this as an e-mail. It is a good lesson on how socialism does not work. 10:01:06
There Will Be (Hyper)Inflation - Mises Daily 09:57:17
On WorldNetDaily: ‘Stimulus’ tab: $12.8 trillion and climbing. 09:54:21
URGENT ALERT: Congressional Budget Has Secret Socialized Medicine Provision 09:50:31
Fill out this survey on the Republican Party. Let them know what you think! 09:36:53
Influential Ron Paul Quotes 09:19:20
How and How Not to Desocialize 09:00:09
CNN: Analysis: Crisis may lead to new world order 08:27:58
Fusion Centers targetted Ron Paul supporters. 07:54:33
Fill out Republican Survey and communicate Ron Paul's Message 07:54:30
Central Banking Wins if America & Congress Are Divided 06:48:17
"Smoking" Banned In Your Own Home-California Adopts Hitler's Policy 06:13:38
If you seriously think about to leave your country take a look 05:40:08
HR 1207 now has 55 CoSponser 05:36:19
Mandatory Flu Shots In New Jersey 05:31:13
Where are the teaparties? A list of all states with contact addresses 04:09:53
The Daily Rag Headlines (new alternative news) 04:00:13
Alice Examines the Election Code 04:00:11
You're not going to believe what I heard on the streets out of nowhere... the "D" word 03:08:09
WAHOR (weary anal hippys on ritalin) 02:54:16
Please DIGG this! 02:41:33
A response to "Calls for Action" 02:35:52
Tea Parties in Nashville Tn? 02:29:46
The Die is Cast - Are You Prepared? 02:22:34
Late Night Listening, CoastToCoast 02:03:07
So I got pulled over... again... you will not believe this. 01:38:56
Using our votes as currency 01:33:27
What are some important bills in the House and Senate? 01:03:49
Prince Philip, politically incorrect again 00:41:28
What Happened to No Taxation Without Representation? 00:05:47