Posted on April 20, 2009

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National Level FEMA Drill Planned for This Summer 23:07:14
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/20/09: Responses to Piracy 13:24:38
Could this be "the key"? 13:22:50
Internet purchases soon to include SALES TAX 12:49:56
Fox Launches Clone Website in Attempt to Cannibalize the Patriot Movement 12:08:47
Understanding Subversion 11:03:31
"Planner" of 9/11 Attacks Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month 06:34:38
Dr Paul on Secession 20:27:46
A Century of Bipartisan Tyranny 15:13:58
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CNN: "Paul says secession 'worth a discussion'" 23:57:32
A younger Barack Obama on the War on Drugs and marijuana 23:50:56
Is There Any Reason This Won't Happen? 23:42:15
Anyone Else Get a Call From Newt? 23:41:51
Rep. Jane Harman Worked To Stop Investigations Of 2 Israeli Spies 23:36:15
Control of US by IMF/World Bankers Imminent 23:11:14
Peer Guardian and Security 22:41:31
Cheney losing it? Wants more documents released. 22:32:21
What is the IMF? LOL!!! 22:29:59
Looking over your shoulder.... 22:00:00
Ron Paul to be on CNN American Morning tomorrow 4/21 6:30 am EST 21:57:17
WOW-- Vaccines/Autism on Larry King 20:46:05
Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC 20:20:05
America's Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire (Are We Michael?) 20:07:27
My Congressman is supporting H.R. 1207 20:07:04
HR 1207 - NOW IN COMMITTEE 20:05:55
Ron Paul Revolution Needs a Third Political Party 19:57:01
Freedom Watch – We have until Tues. night to ask and vote up our favorite questions to ask the Judge 19:47:31
The “End the Fed” Protests are the (Secret) Road to World Government 19:41:43
Rhino,,,,remember this 19:35:53
Online Poll - Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Randy Brogdon (Oklahoma) 18:33:33
Census- what's required? 17:22:50
St.Louis Booing the Canadian National Anthem 17:05:16
President Jackson's Farewell Message to the American People. 17:02:30
Rush Limbaugh's Stellar Accuracy Record 16:53:37
Jane Harman caught conspiring with AIPAC/Israel 16:14:18
Some idiot is still criticizing Dr. Paul 16:03:07
Big Bank Bogus Profits, Massive Public and Investor Deception 15:53:02
Your Rights -- What are they, really? 15:33:09
April 27th: Audit the Fed! Melt the Switchboard Day 15:19:30
FBI spied on TEA Party Americans 15:14:02
Steve Quayle Orange Alert 15:02:31
"Oath Keepers" Rally for Constitution in Lexington, MA 15:01:31
Bipartisan Corruption Scandal Exposed 14:59:25
Why won't Dr Paul... 14:33:09
The Republic Strikes Back 14:27:32
This is pure evil, corporation explaining their goal is to NOT find a qualified US employee. 14:25:22
Walkout at Iran leader's speech "Israel is totally racist" 13:54:21
Bank Stress Test Leaked.... 13:36:13
User Or Not, Decriminalization Being Discussed Everywhere 13:21:07
DOW drops over 200 pts today..... 13:03:15
EPIC Obtains Documents Revealing Federal Role in State Fusion Center Secrecy 12:56:55
Jim Rogers Isn't Buying a U.S. Stock Recovery:Q&A 12:52:20
The only legal means to challenge Obama's Eligibility 12:51:30
Time for Florida to TAKE ACTION! 12:32:12
Racism Conference Applauds Ahmadinejad on Exposing Racist Israel 12:14:48
FBI-produced spyware program 12:02:37 can help Michael Nystrom 11:46:57
Anyone else having a problem leaving comments? 11:31:02
It's 4/20 11:27:58
GM Likely to build in China 11:27:57
Here is the Celente Video from Russia Today 10:51:03
Political Repression In The United States 10:37:34
The DO-NOTHING Party 09:56:23
HR 45-Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sales Act (Does this have a chance of passing?) 09:49:44
Ohio college student confesses to making the Tea Party "Book Burning" video 09:34:40
Minister Steven Anderson web log 09:24:23
Pat Buchanan - Neoconned Again - Great Article 09:19:54
Zionists continue to spout the lie. It is "Holocaust Remembrance Day," by the way. 09:05:15
Ferengi 08:33:29
RedFlex Employee shot in Phx, AZ 08:15:09
Thomas Paine Congratulates America!--- NOW ON TO WASHINGTON DC!!! HURRAH!!! 07:33:59
Historic Continental Congress 2009 Midwest Update -- April 20 07:28:43
Pot legalization favored by some to stem violence, Including Ron Paul 07:27:40
Best "Ban Guns" video ever 07:00:23
Any tax attorneys out there? 06:58:35
RT:Crisis as a Way to Build a World-Wide Totalitarian State 06:29:12
"Racist Garofalo to the Rescue" 04:43:10
Happy 420 Day! Let's talk about drugs! 04:19:36
Janeane Garofalo...Yikes...What a... 03:51:29
End the Fed.. and then what would you replace it with? 03:14:42
The Declaration for Dummies 02:25:15
Major reason to arm and train yourself, and for US to legalize drugs 02:11:25
SA@Takimag - The Illiberal Media 01:54:37
Dr. Ron Paul on Secession 4/19/09 01:12:04
'hoo" knew (Specter invented the MAGIC BULLET!) 01:01:16
What's up MikeLawson? 00:53:29
Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup contains MERCURY 00:45:09
The Fed ready to go with negative interest rates? 00:39:21
Glenn Beck: a conservative border-fascist 00:38:41
Conservatives are hopeless 00:32:52