Posted on April 23, 2009

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Video: Ron Paul Speech at Wake Forest 4/20/09 23:08:10
MississippiGRITS Injured! Chip in at *25%* Bump for my wife. Update 09:39:11
Rand Paul at End the Fed Minnesota 14:40:51
Peter Schiff at End the Fed NYC this Saturday 13:46:14
Interview with Ron Paul - 4/22 10:19:24
Barney Frank Discusses Ron Paul's HR1207 10:17:37
**Call To Action** -- Bring the National Guard Home! 09:39:10
Jim Carrey: The Judgment on Vaccines Is In??? 01:24:11
California County Too Broke to Enforce Laws - Gives Up. 00:16:59
Vote to get RJ Harris on Freedom Watch! 12:35:47
Dr. Paul on C-SPAN 3 Speaking to Sec. Clinton 00:17:59
END THE FED - Philly Awesome Line-up of Speakers: Michael Badnarik, Walter Reddy, Sam Rohrer, Larken Rose... 20:03:00
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Canada/Mexico: Special swine flu alert 23:47:16
*** Vote for RP on Glenn Beck *** 23:41:41
Levin right "Ron Paul will never be elected as President " 23:29:22
No Change: Obama Opposes Torture Commission 22:49:02
Before You vaccinate your kids learn about them 22:48:35
Guess who is getting lumped in with Glenn Beck.......? 22:41:28
Mexico pandemic warning 22:40:15
Check out my blog on Christians and torture 22:39:12
police statehood growing 22:36:39
Pelosi Denies Knowlege Of Harsh CIA Interrogations 22:00:36
California ponders changes in constitution 21:59:01
SciAm: Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization? 20:51:28
Taliban moving into Pakistan 20:42:55
Hillary Clinton Sounds Ready to Join the Ron Paul Revolution 20:21:01
UNbeLIEvable.....Jane Harman: Angry, partisan, civil liberties extremist 19:47:48
AOL Obama Poll Discrepancies: Vote! 19:32:27
Scientists Publish 3 Papers Raising Evidence Contradicting the Official Story of 9/11 19:25:04
USA Today Gun Rights Poll ............96% and climbing 19:14:25
110, 000 Iraqi deaths since 2005 19:12:04
TARP is a Criminal Enterprise! 19:04:07
Investment Advice 18:48:29
A Date with Dr. Doom 18:36:48
Texas Driver license gets makeover 18:29:58
Pelosi tipped off to wiretap after intelligence mutiny 18:29:50
Howdy. Now is the time for Native American teaching. 18:09:58
"Unique" Swine flu virus; cases rise to 7 in California and Texas 17:51:19
"I am almost positive I was added to the terrorist watch list under the Bush Administration, I was hoping to be removed under th 17:05:44
Top Fluoride Expert's Total reversal and apology for pushing poison 17:00:37
Can you guys think of another chant for the End the Fed rallies? 16:51:47
A Meditation on Our Monetary System: State of Permanent Siege 16:50:52
Publish and be damned, Mr Cheney 16:29:41
Take the morality test. very easy let's see how you rate. 16:04:30
Peter Schiff: Wasted Bailout Billions 15:51:37
ME state police: "There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop in law enforcement." 15:50:52
Treasury preparing Chrysler bankruptcy 15:48:53
Top financial adviser falls asleep while Obama talks... 15:46:12
Lewis testified that Paulson used threatening language 15:34:35
why isn't jeff flake on this list??? 15:26:53
Sterilize / Neuter / Spay / Vaccinate Pets? 15:25:23
LIVE NOW! END THE FED - G Edward Griffin on Restore the Republic Radio - 4/23/09 - 2:03PM CST 15:03:59
Congressman Paul Hosts Military Academy Day 14:28:14
Hillary Clinton digs Ron Paul 14:23:52
what does everyone think of the book the 5000 year leap? 14:23:04
An 80-year-old grandmother who took control of her finances wonders why bankers can't do the same. 14:16:45
On Torture~ A Series of Essays 14:09:47
PLEASE.... Take the time to listen to this....... 14:08:57
Renovations in WTC during the year prior to 911 now proven. 13:39:18
Opinion poll on Continental Congress 2009 13:35:11
Tea Party Revolution: What Now? 13:22:34
Shep Smith: We do not f**king torture 13:06:35
Merck's had a list of doctors to "neutralize" for criticizing vioxx 13:05:24
The FED Pushing Banks around??? Imagine that. 12:23:49
HR 1800: National Security Letter Reform Act of 2009 12:11:07
Treasury to sell 101 billion in bonds next week 11:53:19
*Patriotic Americans Target of FBI TEA Party Survelliance* 11:21:30
Rice said "Go ahead waterboard 'em!" 11:01:09
My question to you....... 10:41:54
Summer Shut Down For GM 10:32:16
Political leaders for truth site is growing fast 10:29:45
Smith & Fox Got Exactly What They Wanted 10:06:34
So, what forms of "torture" is allowed by the Geneva convention?? 10:05:32
Actuarial Militia Reform 09:56:36
AP Propaganda -- Americans High on Obama 09:52:10
Homeland Security chief seeks to repeal Real ID Act 09:26:25
Poll on President Obama's 100 days 09:26:20
How do you break the bad habits the schools spent 12 years developing in you? 09:25:38
Carl Klang- real patriot music 09:07:49
CNBC Market Tips: Buy Gold as It Nears $800 08:56:26
Aimee Allen's "God Talks" mp3--Can't wait for her CD to come out June 9th 08:30:12
I tried listening to Alex Jones again but couldn't get past the first 5 minutes 08:25:55
Russian Tax Collector Found Hanging over the Highway 08:23:48
Bank of America CEO testified U.S. urged silence on Merrill deal 08:15:00
Surrounded by dopey-dopes 07:57:32
False Flag? Police seek bank robber who protested bailouts 07:47:47
Hillary Clinton digs Ron Paul 07:42:35
WSJ-The Case for a Federalism Amendment 07:39:46
email bomb blowback! 06:33:53
Don't you wish your great grandparents had responded to this one! 02:53:25
It’s time for Greenville, SC to have a representative who is in the television age! 02:26:16
Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits? 02:04:01
Advice on paying debt or buying silver 01:57:29
Anybody have any info on Wright Patman? 01:06:38
Freddie Mac acting CFO found dead in apparent suicide 00:55:45
The Federal Reserve robbed all the real banks and stole all the real money years and years ago 00:39:34
Marriage-license, birth-certificate and SS# - - Throw off the chains 00:05:17
Anyone else confused about this torture prosecution stuff? 00:04:06
911-Speculation vs 911-Truth 00:02:29