Posted on April 24, 2009

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U.S. executed Japanese soldiers for.....waterboarding torture. 21:58:41
When the government sets an example of lawlessness, it affects the entire population. 12:09:51
Dr. Ron Paul to appear on the Alex Jones Show today - Listen Here 12:08:41
Hannity Volunteers to Be Waterboarded for Charity 12:09:49
Swine/ Avian/ Human flu outbreak. Open Thread 10:44:53
What I love about the Daily Paul!! 07:07:40
Kevin Tuma: Even a *caveman* could figure it out! 12:08:49
Steve Dore: Audit the Fed! 12:08:46
SAT April 25, 09: END THE FED - Invite your lefty friends! 12:08:44
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Martial Law Declared in Norfolk VA 23:29:33
Patriots of the Country: At America's End? 23:18:46
Leftist Intel Tank "Southern Poverty Law Center" & "Right-wing Extremism" Memos 23:09:09
V For 9/11 Vendetta Past Present and Future 22:57:53
Tea Partier Gets Teabagged 22:49:20
Israeli asset almost became CIA director~Listen to this interview! 22:43:54
Rumsfeld owns lots of stock in Tamiflu! New virus is sensative to it. *updated!! 22:00:33
AMAZING fuel efficient car! 21:45:49
US Planned Fake Terror Attacks On Citizens 21:36:12
Small, Single-Engine Plane Strays Into Restricted Air Space; Two F-16 Fighters Intercept Within Matter of Seconds 21:25:48
Join BIO-Watch -> Post news articles and discuss the latest flu oubreak hitting Mexico, USA, and Canada 21:21:28
US Terrorist Watch List Grows to 1 MILLION 21:01:20
Census: I have been g p s ed ! 20:46:48
Is Britain the world's first politically correct totalitarian state? 20:15:18
Bank Failure Friday... 20:12:25
Beyond the Tea Parties...End the FED Video Editorial 19:36:34
A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust 19:35:16
Wake Forest 4/20 Ron Paul: ACTIVISM 101 19:27:34
Treasury Secretary Claims Fed Chairman Instructed Him to Make Threats to Banks 19:12:48
Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice 19:11:09
4/24/2009 Peter Schiff On Countdown: End the Fed 19:05:15
Help! Town election online poll. 18:46:45
"The Case Against The Fed" 18:41:16
OT: Where to buy colloidal silver? 18:39:14
How fast were the F-16's airborne when this happened? 18:17:58
Lynch medical marijuana sentencing postponed again 18:07:35
Remember The IMF Gold Sale? 17:10:05
FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy 17:02:39
Previous Swine Flu Outbreak Originated At Fort Dix 16:58:46
Why isn't Ron Paul sponsoring this bill? H.R. 104, the Bill to Kick-Start a Torture and Surveillance Commission 16:51:41
Fox Reports - Mexico City cancles event due to SWINE Flu....... 16:51:21
Nine Best Arguments Against Obama on Torture and Why I Support Him 16:41:15
My Flu vaccine report revisited 16:24:37
If you missed Ron Paul earlier replay around 4:15 16:09:02
Update for Kansas City Monopoly March! 15:48:54
Stress tests creates stress & uncertainty. 15:34:37
China has increased GOLD reserves by 73% since 2003 15:20:14
Is there a DC End the Fed Rally? 14:53:06
How About Abolishing the CIA Now? 14:45:51
Trashing the Constitution and Rule of Law is TERRIBLE for the Economy 14:39:46
What ever happened with the Thomas Paine guy getting "summonded" to the white house? 14:31:31
The Seven Signs of Terrorism 14:29:51
Global warming skeptic refused to speak alongside Gore 14:24:05
Kansas City Monopoly March Update and Schedule Change! 14:17:22
Operation: Support HR1207 out of committee 14:16:38
Freedom Watch: Ron Paul Judge Napolitano Shelly Roche 4/22/2009 14:13:23
A Little Humor for Today. 14:07:28
Donate For LIBERTY! 13:55:48
LIVE coverage End The FED rallies nation wide Saturday April 25th 13:26:24
Special Committee to Investigate the Political Profiling 13:06:40
Who wants domain 12:52:26
"The Reflecting Pool" Extended Trailer 12:46:50
H. R. 1207 would strikeout & add to section 714 of title 31 USC 12:21:57
Draft Adam Kokesh into Congress!!!! 12:16:11
Barney Frank: Marijuana, Internet Gambling O.K., but Not Financial Matters 11:46:33
Dr. Paul on AJ today (4/24/09) 11:41:26
Vote How You Think Obama Is Doing 11:40:06
ACTION ALERT !!! Call to Action on Harman Spy Case!! 11:38:14
The Irrational Empire 11:22:45
800 Suspected Flu Cases in Mexico: WHO Concerned 11:06:35
Boise County Central Committee vote of Non-Confidence in Governor 11:04:59
China has nearly doubled its gold reserves since 2003 10:32:55
Rep. Harman (D-CA) caught in LIE on interview about wiretap: MUST LISTEN!!! 10:30:09
Fed Reserve Releases Audit (Financial Statements) 10:28:22
Rep. Michele Bachmann: "Has Janet Napolitano Gone Mad?" 10:22:09
where are the optimists? 10:02:36
HR 1207 Smokin' Hot !! 88 Sponsors 33 new this week !! 09:43:57
Let's send a little love to Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) 09:28:44
Meltdown's silver lining: no drug enforcement 09:17:54
Audit the Federal Reserve for answers--Politico 08:47:24
Some Positive News--We Have a Chance!!! 08:42:12
OBAMA Performance Poll...he's getting "F"s :) 08:10:19
Excellent Piece on The Fed from Dr. Housing Bubble 07:57:25
"Eye of the Phoenix", documentary, long 07:48:07
Homeland Security Secretary Taking Heat Already Over Inane Report--ABC News 07:03:42
Bear Stearns, AIG Dumped $74 Billion in Subprime, CDOs on Fed 06:59:54
Economy May Force Obama to Abandon Plan to Overhaul Immigration 06:54:10
Report of Chrysler Bankruptcy Filing Dismissed by US 06:40:47
The Stockholm syndrome - The daily show 05:24:12
Police State--Obama Pushing Forward! 04:35:57
Which silver ounce coin is the best Investment? 03:41:41
SA@Takimag - Tea Parties vs. The Warfare State 01:29:18
U.S. Office of Management and Budget Contacting Peter Schiff!!!! 00:42:55
Was passing out flyers & the Obamabots wanted to rip me one!! 00:32:19
Please sign this petition to free Gao Zhisheng, persecuted Chinese Christian hero. 00:28:49
Milwaukee Police Chief Unworthy of Badge 00:27:23
Why are the upper appendages of Ursidae necessary for a free state? 00:14:15