Posted on April 25, 2009

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Please help the first responders . 23:53:09
Why would Mexico Need to Declare a State of Emergency NOW? 23:38:41
Unintended Consequences by Peter Schiff Apr 25, 2009 22:34:32
Shep Smith's Outburst on Freedom Watch Top Story Huffington Post 22:32:20
Obama messes up AGAIN!!! 21:12:06
"Fleeing California" 20:53:49
The Murder of Fred Hampton 20:41:38
Alex Jones, Swine Flu Emergency Broadcast - LIVE At 8PM CST - 20:09:37
Military Hummers with cages on the back...any one know what they are for? 20:00:08
Is LAwson running again for US House in 2010? 20:00:02
The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 19:42:47
"Donald Rumsfeld makes $5 M. Killing on Bird Flu Drug" 19:42:31
Allodial Title 19:16:51
Its Official, we got the RINO out, Doug Wavle ! Thank you Patriots! 19:12:23
Family claims Chicago police officer beat autistic teenager 19:11:31
G20 police officer said he wanted to 'beat up hippies' on Facebook 18:57:00
Could this pandemic panic just be a diversion? 18:52:14
Mexico’s Calderon Declares Emergency Amid Swine Flu; Obama Possibly Exposed! 18:11:25
Daughter Cheney argues for her Father / Waterboarding 18:02:36
Tips For Dealing with The Law Reasonably 18:01:11
What is this? It looks like a company that sprays chemicals from planes for weather modification 16:52:43
Are you getting prepared for civil unrest? 16:06:14
Just received letter from CountryMark warning of Obama's "Cap and Trade" 16:00:16
Handy device for when the SHTF 16:00:02
Should government employees have job security if we the people don't? 15:46:35
Medical Director: Swine Flu Was “Cultured In A Laboratory” 15:41:51
Political Cartoons of Michael Ramirez of Investor's Business Daily 15:35:38
Former Vice President Walter Mondale: Investigate 9/11 15:10:26
All Activist that live in the Show Me state 14:38:48
Guilty of Being Poor 14:25:42
How 4 Librarians beat the Patriot Act 13:44:52
Ground Zero Glass for the "One World Trade Center" Will Be "Made In China?" 12:58:56
Vote for Ron on Glen Beck's Poll 12:14:31
Ron Paul: Secession, the Fed and Tomorrow 12:13:28
Geithner: I Don't Know Nuthin' 12:12:13
Lew Rockwell interviews Ron Paul 4-24-09 11:50:38
Navy Sheep and Shepherds: The Role of Black Sheep and Judas Goats 10:42:32
How The Bank Frauds Happened - William K. Black 10:41:35
Dire Warning About This Pandemic 10:07:45
My Latest Video 4/25/09 09:30:23
What video? Three guys with berets setup table on street corner and educate from 2008 09:25:54
Obama accidently hanging out with swine flu victim 09:21:41
Family night out for pizza in small town USA . WRONG ! 09:06:41
Deadly New Flu Hits US-Video 08:47:10
Controlling the "Internet"...a Public Service Announcement 08:40:58
Our Monetary System: State of Permanent Siege 08:34:41
Lets back our currency with wine 08:13:55
How I Beat A Cell Phone Ticket In California 08:03:29
When we take to the streets, lets do it like this 07:35:43
AMAZING Predictions from 1958 that came true. Will blow your mind 07:16:42
What is the true TOTAL rate of return in the Fractional Reserve System - 900%? 06:40:22
What do you guys think of this plan? 06:16:45
Violent Criminals for Citizen Disarmament 06:05:32
The Obama Machine Affirms Fear Of Losing Office 05:16:25
Travis County, TX Sheriff Employee Speeding 04:39:25
Now that Alex Jones is getting some real credibility 04:01:26
Is it Time? 03:53:06
Why support the CFL? 03:07:09
4/24/09 Peter Schiff: END THE FED! 02:44:37
Checkout this on Navy SERE training: 02:28:59
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv (HD) We The People are The Real Change! 02:22:53
Vote Ron Paul In This Online Poll At Glen Beck! 02:14:35
4/24/2009 Peter Schiff On No Bias, No Bull: Schiff Gives Obama An F In Economics 01:57:03
Thomas Wood's speak's at University of Mississippi 4-24-09 01:54:10
Help with Anti-Gun Control Sources 01:36:57
Please read ! Someone sent me this and told me to share it with everyone possible 01:24:44
Possible Swine Flu Outbreak At NYC Prep School 01:19:58
Sean Hannity is a Schizophrenic! 01:13:47
Ron Paul on Alex Jones 00:41:51
HAARP shown manipulating weather in new GI-JOE animated series 00:09:13