Posted on April 26, 2009

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The Swine Flu Debacle of 1976 21:44:09
Draft Kokesh - Watch This! 19:06:30
Dr. Steve Pieczenik guests on Steve Quayle - topic: Martial Law and the Coming Revolution 17:09:01
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Mexican doctor: Real figure is 200 dead, situation out of control 23:47:51
Is Universal Healthcare on 'fast-track' to pass this week? 23:13:00
Guilty of being poor (happened in my state) We need to fix this people! 22:57:24
The Naked Truth 21:52:19
youtube 21:34:22
More for the Swine Flu Sceptics among us..... 21:18:22
Federal government to seize 401K plans? 21:14:42
"Bush Talks about Quarantining Parts of America!" 21:06:33
"Condoleezza Rice can go on trial for her tortures" 20:55:50
Beware of Bacon 20:53:20
Anybody know the High School in Texas where the flu is happening? 20:40:18
Rubber bullets fly at Kent State 20:27:27
Current Flu = Dry Run... disprove this 19:31:09
Baxter International Working On Vaccine For Swine Flu 18:19:29
Daily Layoff/Hiring List/News. GREAT Resource!! Bookmark 18:07:57
Lyndsey Graham's comment that "Ron Paul doesn't run this (GOP) Party 17:59:48
Anyone else notice all the talk of Pakistan having nukes lately? 17:57:18
One more way for the banks to get our joke 17:40:07
End The Fed Rally NYC - PETER SCHIFF SPEECH 17:39:39
Made in the USA: "Swine Flu" and NAFTA 17:39:17
Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility 17:37:51
On the swine flu and those dead microbioligists 17:15:07
gotta listen to this, william k. black vs banksters 17:01:13
Great End The Fed Rally vid - hahaha!! "SAY NO TO BANKER C*CK! 16:49:17
Lloyd Webber: "I beg readers not to confuse overpaid bankers with the rest of Britain's entrepreneurs". 16:13:15
Are we free? Great Video 15:37:51
Daily NUTKOOK report.... 15:33:54
I am selling junk silver, good prices. 15:30:55
Canada confirms first cases of swine flu 15:29:42
For The Record 15:04:59
Deadly Tamiflu drug now being pushed on panicked citizens! 15:04:22
What happened to the thread I started 14:43:36
Yarrrrrr! Ron Paul Right Again! 14:18:22
Does anybody know what happened yesterday? 14:15:12
What should we name the Bioterror Flu developed by the military? 14:09:55
US declares public health emergency for swine flu 14:06:09
Americans Rally Nationwide to End the Fed 13:38:43
The Co-Worker Meltdown Thread. 13:11:57
The Rumsfeld Swine Flu connection! 13:02:38
Mexican Flu - How to be Prepared **Update** 12:42:08
Anarchist exposed 12:39:15
Israeli man fails to hijack US plane 11:34:18
The REAL Reason Behind the Torture! 11:27:13
Ghengis Khan - May 2009 - Vortex 11:21:28
Cruise Ship Crew Uses Guns to Ward-off Pirates 11:04:42
Politico: The Republican Rebellion: (Enter Ron Paul...) 10:46:25
Max Keiser on Racketeering and Roots of R3volution 09:49:57
9/11 debate 09:35:25
Sick Pigs From Outer Space 09:10:29
If This Doesn't Pi** You Off...What Will? 08:53:41
Strike me dead.. how is this for planning : mass vaccination exercise on May 2 07:02:48
Swine/Bird Flu may be in France, Remember, France experiencing civil unrest!! 06:57:48
First 100 Days 06:44:51
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Doctors Kill More By Medical Mistake And We're Losing Our Minds Over The Flu?? 04:34:31
New Zealand Flu fears as NZ students quarantined 04:24:22
GM employee stock fund dumps all GM shares! 03:50:36
Texas High School closes from "Bird" Flu!!!! 03:45:35
I liked your forum very convenient! 02:41:54
This swine flu thing??? 01:20:13
MP3 - Alex Jones Emergency Broadcast April 25 2009 (2.5 hr mp3) Bird / Swine Flu Update 01:14:18
Okay Am I WACKO???? 00:56:18
Baxter 00:14:35
Definitive Proof That PhD's can also be IDIOTS 00:00:35