Posted on April 27, 2009

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Ron Paul Video: HR 1207 Update 4/27 15:45:43
2nd Regional C4L Conference - Seattle May 22-24 - BE THERE!! 12:17:37
Cartoon from 1934 - Planned Economy or Planned Destruction? 12:11:43
End the Fed NYC with Peter Schiff 10:56:17
Reuters: Flu Could Boost Gov't Intervention (Duh.) 10:28:53
Rand Paul at End the Fed Minneapolis 4-25-09 08:53:24
Celente on Lew Rockwell Podcast 08:02:10
Ron Paul on Rockwell: Secession, the Fed, and Tomorrow 00:46:34
End the Fed / Melt the Switchboard - Your Reports 12:17:38
Closed: Ready Made Resources Benefit Auction for DP - Fluoride Water Filter 10:56:18
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Thoughts on Today 23:58:58
Alan Keyes Speech at Pittsburgh Tea Party 23:38:54 23:35:34
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 23:21:59
US FDA allows uncleared uses of flu drugs, tests 23:12:42
Don't be a wimp! 23:06:49
If the NRA is the good guy, worth looking into: 1 year free membership 22:30:40
I think I'm going to be sick... 22:27:10
Disabled protestors arrested at the white house 21:59:57
LOL @ 24 Hour Angry Email Cooling Off Period 21:33:27
The Schiff Report Video Blog April 27, 2009 20:58:58
California Rep Susan Davis' reply to HR1207 20:27:35
Who said life on the farm is kinda laid back.... 20:26:18
"Troll" Identification... ;-) 19:55:32
Great lyrics describing today 19:43:02
Vaccine Honchos Coordinate Strategy in 2004 Propaganda Summit 19:37:23
Last of the Intrepid Americans 19:21:41
Secret Of The Deceivers 1-7 19:19:18
Iraq Accuses U.S. of Violating Security Pact 19:11:32
Big Bankers Benefit Most from 911 and War on Terror (who/what are their profit drivers?) 18:46:34
John McCain admits that the Bush administration violated Geneva convention. 18:30:57
Free shipping on Gold and Silver 17:56:24
Chris Matthews just called Michael Scheuer a "neoconservative ideologue" 17:48:25
Fox sticking with schedule instead of Obama 17:32:04
Our Savior, Newt Gingrich 17:10:32
Chuck Baldwin speaks out on recent DHS right wing extremism report 17:01:59
Air Force One Terrorizes NYC - ‘Photo Mission’ (Psyop) Causes Panic, Evacuations & Fear 16:57:56
An Interesting phone call 16:50:15
Adam Miller - "There's a War on For Your Mind" 16:49:34
Numerous people open carrying in Michigan 16:46:52
Alex Jones Tv (HD) 1/3:The Bird/Swine Flu Deception! 2005 16:44:15
Air Force One and 2? fighters buzz lower Manhattan causing panic, evacuations. 16:40:14
FDIC Chair Urges Limits on Bank Size, Seeks Authority to Dismantle Institutions 16:13:06
The Pandemic Flu Scam Process -- Brasscheck 16:11:52
America in a cocoon 16:05:26
FDIC Chairman Hints At Stress Test Results (Forbes 04/27/2009) 16:04:22
CFL's Debra Medina at Dallas END THE FED Rally 16:03:30
Central Banks turn to new measures to "help" economy 15:52:42
Earthlasthope Vs Alex Jones, My Turn... AVIAN FLU - FEMA TRAIN CONNECTION! 15:52:22
Liberty Work House could become reality today -- Help Needed 15:51:29
Dr. Tenpenny: Swine Flu in Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu 15:46:02
Ron Paul Donates $500 to COFOE 15:38:57
Tea Party Video Contest - $1,000 prize - DEADLINE APPROACHING 15:34:27
CNN: 'Atlas Shrugged' author sees resurgence 15:30:06
Check it out! update. 15:21:30
Message from friend in Mexico -- no one he knows of is even sick 15:12:29
Ron Paul on 1976 Swine Flu 14:50:17
Swine Flu - A Distraction? 14:46:01
Another Famous Ron Paul Supporter? 14:43:25
Shot By Cops & Facing Life In Prison, Vincent Arias Beats The Rap (Pro Per) 14:21:37
-BREAKING NEWS- 6.0 Earthquake Hits Near Mexico City 4/27/09 13:47:41
Kick Them All Out! Great new website 13:46:21
Ron Paul's HR 1207 Update 4/27 13:21:40
Secession: the Ultimate States' Right 13:11:37
END THE FED Dallas - CFL's Debra Medina 13:01:12
Global Warming - Newt Rips Gore’s ‘Facts’ To Pieces 12:54:56
---> Awesome new widget for FREEDOM WATCH!! Embed on your site please :) 11:55:25
Fun queston- what is this? 11:54:03
Swine flu HOAX/debacle of 1976 is recalled! - LA Times article today! 11:45:08
Bird Flu in Chris Carter's 1998 'Millennium': "It was always about control, Frank." 11:33:40
Live Free or Die by Mark Steyn 11:24:16
UPDATE- Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal 11:17:38
Man arrested for twittering...or maybe just being a twit 11:09:20
CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported‏ 11:06:30
Government Vaccines- Bad Policy, Bad Medicine 11:04:21
I thought this was a pretty interesting article on torture: 10:54:19
Swine Flu Vaccines: Dr. Ron Paul In 1976 - "“An evil political maneuver..." 10:45:33
FLU CURE, Hydrogen Peroxide in ears. 3-5 drops every 2 hours 10:26:21
'Atlas Shrugged' author sees resurgence 10:17:27
So far one school closed in South Carolina over Flu. 10:06:20
Flu...keep kids home from school today (Monday)? 09:49:50
Flu a windfall for some drugmakers, shares jump 09:38:48
The pay for protection racket 09:35:44
A few questions 08:32:44
Some food for thought. 08:23:21
Remain Focus - Melt The Switchboards - HR1207 08:09:23
Inga from Sweden 07:49:42
Alert! the United States officially declared insolvency 06:59:17
The Small City Of Wilson, NC versus Time Warner Cable 06:56:05
Bin Laden could be dead, whereabouts unknown says Pakistan's Pres 06:29:01
Current Republican Feed, What does this mean? 03:01:31
Proof the Tea Parties Really a Ron Paul Thing! 01:32:19
I'm thinking of volunteering at my local government Disaster Response Team to get insider information for the upcoming pandemic 01:25:10
"We the People Will Prevail" - Speech at U.S. Capitol [video digg] 01:15:38
UK: Finally, a 'constructive' use for nanoparticles; Sunday night levity 01:14:05
Town challenges and WORRIES the Federal Government!! 01:08:25
Flu Pandemic Scenario Could Happen this Week... 00:37:13