Posted on April 28, 2009

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Global Financial Collapse - Experience from Argentina 19:45:43
Swine Flu Now in Indiana, and ... 18:23:56
Republican Senator Arlen Specter To Switch Parties 19:45:44
Fed Flu Propaganda From The 70's -- Take A Look. 11:04:19
Ron Paul is NOT your leader, I am. 06:56:26
Ron Paul Folks Gaining Power Within GOP? 01:53:48
Iraq War Vet Beaten, and Tased by Cops at Las Vegas Airport 00:44:32
A Sobering Look at Glenn Beck 00:01:02
4/27 Ron Paul Discusses Swine Flu 11:04:21
When the populace become "Pirates" they elect those that reflect their values. 11:04:20
The Future of Food 13:42:00
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depression heart attack statistics 23:44:55 A link to a pretty good Google Map with Flu legends 23:40:53
Don't worry about the price of gold dropping right now.... 23:33:14
Ron Paul on Michael Savage 23:31:47
Pakistan follows US orders, now they will be paid 23:24:06
Vacinations, Who's Next? 23:02:04
Is Pat Buchanan contemplating whether torture is moral? 22:34:17
Shut Down the Philly Army Experience Center 22:09:09
Breaking--UPDATED-->>Global Map Shows All "swine flu" Outbreaks-- Deaths --Illnesses 21:55:21
Ron Paul Speaks Out About Swine Flu - Symptoms Of Swine Flu 21:16:31
What happened in Anniston Alabama ? 21:04:14
Rush: Bye Specter and take McCain with you! 20:58:59
FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic 20:52:17
Who am I? This Is Chilling!!! Must Read! 20:47:02
Same Sex Marriage AND Swine Flu in Podunk, Iowa 20:23:06
TERRORISM: Do you think the FLU and Air Force 1 fly-over are terrorist acts? 19:42:57
Swine flu name offensive to some... 19:41:24
Apmex silver sale 19:33:55
Third Case Of Swine Flu In Western Canada 18:44:41
Obama has spent 1 million on legal fees 18:38:52
Anyone here seen Idiocracy? 17:58:23
Israel in search of 'heroes' to bomb Iran 17:54:56
Where's the poison? 17:51:17
Alex Jones and Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory discussing the Swine Flu - 4-27-09 17:25:43
Thanking Congressmen for supporting HR1207 16:56:20
So. Cal: See the Actual, Authentic Magna Carta 16:26:49
Now That Many of Us Have Taken Leadership Positions, What Do You Envision As the Most Important Work? 16:26:30
Bug-out time may be quickly approaching 15:30:33
North Carolina "Involuntarily Isolating" people suspected of flu 15:19:20
Although 0 confirmed deaths in U.S. from "swine flu" 14:27:53
Does Anyone Know How Many States 'Passed' Their 10th Amendment Rights? 14:13:44
Ron Paul is my leader! 14:13:37
WHO awaits U.S. confirmation on human flu spread; Phase 5 Ahead? 14:10:20
Are You an Austrian, Axiomatic or Mainstream Economist? 14:06:35
GOOD NEWS PEOPLE!!! We took our CD District here in Minnesota this Past Saturday!!!!! 13:57:25
Retiree throws himself into push for state sovereignty 13:51:01
BBC News: Mark Sanford - The Trashing of the US Currency and Future Inflation 13:44:57
Judicial Watch Files Senate Ethics Complaint against Senator Christopher Dodd 13:31:13
'Secession Is in Our Future' by Clifford M. Thies 13:26:24
Mexican Reports: Flu Much Worse Than Reported 12:52:07
Colin Powell and Joe Biden predict (flu?)crises 12:45:41
HR 1207 RESPONSE: g. miller (d) 7th dist., ca 12:30:05
Need some help, I am being slammed by NEOCONS! 12:24:26
Jim Rogers The Swine Flu could be a Disaster for world Economy 12:21:50
An introduction and a great opportunity for a freedom-loving individual 12:20:50
Fox refuses to air Obama's 100th day for American Idol. 12:15:24
Schumer 16 sec video: Bragging about cutting pandemic funds 12:01:36
Baldwin - Culture Of Surveillance 11:48:47
Celebrate Perversity 11:45:57
So, What Do You Think? 11:18:30
Planned Swine Flu For US-Canada-Mexico To Unite.... 11:15:07
Swine flu not naturally occurring 10:51:27
Map showing how fast disease will spread 10:50:54
Aren't they trying hard? 10:49:08
Poof! 10:14:48
Government Motors-Too Big To Fail continues 10:14:28
&&&&&& Links to Baxter & their roll in this, THANKS!*********** 09:59:24
4/28/09 Dow opens with nose dive 7,944.39 down -80.61 -1.00% 09:39:11
Financial Flogging For Dummies 08:29:36
China Organ Harvesting Concentration Camps 08:27:01
Desperate to draw attention away from the ongoing financial heist? - "I Know - How about a Flu Pandemic"? 07:29:13
CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study; JANUARY 2004??? 06:50:56
U.S. tells Citi, BofA to increase capital: report (Reuters) 06:32:24
Stop Baxter! Company Sends Contaminated Vaccines, Get Awarded Swine Flu Contract 05:43:46
"Lawmaker wants border closed over swine flu" 05:28:48
Video: New Yorkers running from "new" attack. 05:20:41
What happens when you try to mess with the IBC (International Banking Cartel? Diggs needed! 05:08:21
Homeland Security/Bank of America Behind recent "Swine Flu"..? 03:57:38
Fear Pandemic Strikes OMG! OMG! OMG! 03:21:27
End the Fed Cartoon Please Digg 03:18:58
Swine flu not naturally occurring Russia Today 03:05:41
Firefox Mozilla problems - Fixed 02:09:42
How would Glenn Beck respond to Jesse Ventura on the subject of terrorism? 01:52:41
*** Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle on C2C! *** 01:40:54
R.J. Harris to be on Freedom Watch this Wednesday! 01:14:22
OH MY - Max Keiser, guillotines, bossnappings - WOW!!! 00:44:35
Alarming video every Westerner should see 00:37:21
Chemtrails don't exist...they are just contrails 00:16:52