Posted on April 29, 2009

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Flu Pandemic: Don't Panic, But Don't Dismiss It Either 23:34:39
WHO checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning (Includes COMPULSORY Vaccination) 23:22:37
Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate 18:08:04
!! WHO: Only 7 Swine Flu Deaths NOT 152 !! 09:58:08
RNC's Steele may lose purse strings 08:33:04
Report from the field. Michigan is ground zero 08:33:12
PA Race for US Senate - Everyone in PA should know about PEG LUKSIK!!! 08:33:11
Video Update: RJ Harris on Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" Webcast - 2pm ET 18:08:03
Ron Paul along with 28 Congressmen support *HR 450* 17:57:59
US Congressman Roy Blunt LIVE TODAY April 29 10am to discuss HR1207 08:33:05
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I suffer from Swine Flu 23:44:02
Possible case now in Morris Minnesota 23:14:41
Infowars under Zombie attacks from Australia 22:04:18
Midwest Liberty Fest - Summer 2009 21:34:33
Hate Bill passed House, call your Senators ASAP 21:22:15
Question for the DP men - Women chime in if you want.... 21:10:12
If you're in PA contact these congressmen about HR1207 21:08:10
Authorized to use expired vaccines? 21:03:02
Pakistan Prophecy: Ron Paul on CNN Situation Room 12/27/07 20:53:19
Dr Leonard Horwitz accuses Novavax UK and implicates them on Youtube 20:36:20
You Know You're A Survivalist If....Another Laugh for the Day! 20:35:35
Tamiflu Manufacturer Predicted A 531% Increase In Sales In 2009! 19:51:12
Has Dennis Kucinich signed onto HR1207 yet? 19:29:06
Where is Calderon? 19:23:36
Swine flu cure 19:21:02
Grade Obama Now 19:05:04
3rd party opportunity 18:05:12
Inflation coming in 2010? 17:31:26
Hidden in the shades of the swine flu 17:07:52
CNN Polling Backtrack-Barack's First 100 Days 17:01:25
Alex Jones revisited exposing AJ's misinformation - NEW RADIO SHOW- LIVE NOW Wed April 29th 7pm eastern 17:00:41
WHO PHASE 5 now official 16:26:21
How about flooding craiglists with phony porn ads... just to keep the cops busy? 16:01:01
Time To Reinvent The GOP With The "Ron Paul" Liberty Mission 15:16:40
Lew Rockwell: "You don't fight political action with political action." 15:04:09
Drug Additives Causing Side Effects 14:58:23
Obama mocks teaparties, First they ignore you, then they laugh at you... 14:44:54
Strange Black Ops Military Badges 14:42:25
.....SC first responders called in this morning UPDATE! 14:41:03
Post pulled from Craigslist ... (Need a laugh) 14:36:09
QUIZ: How well do you know the US Constitution? 4/29/09 14:30:03
Doom and Gloom... 14:06:52
Journalist held indefinitely - now being denied food?!? 13:56:03
To those who think the Government does not Manipulate markets... think again... 13:48:38
Huffington Post on FED Transparency. 13:35:02
Here is more proof that we are living in a nation of sheep. 13:30:17
**How To Tase a Naked Hippie** 13:28:30
Obama seeks to change crack sentences 13:22:59
GOP Confronts Its Future Viability 13:19:54
Councilman Arrested for Opposing Red Light Camera 13:15:50
U.S. lawmaker sees credit card law in May 13:00:48
Treasury to auction record $71 billion next week 12:34:20
Swine Flu Fact or Fiction?! Dr. Mercola 12:33:56
"Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" 12:02:48
If you wondered why the border to Mexico was left so porous..... 12:00:15
Peter Schiff: The Price of Gold is Still Deceivingly Low 11:58:07
What if Congress telecommuted every day from their home district? 11:57:40
Chuck Baldwin: Obama Positioning for Backdoor Gun Control by circumventing the House of Representatives 11:55:20
Usurper in Cheif 11:49:36
If you have TWITTER, you should Follow the Daily Paul--sign up today 11:42:51
"Get your hands off my country," he said 11:39:59
50 million retirees to get $250 checks in May-Stimulate, Stimulate! 11:25:15
Spanish judge opens Guantanamo investigation 29Apr2009 11:12:51
Economy Crumbles; Criminals Party 10:50:31
Interesting big pharma story, DNDN stocks way up too 10:47:45
The Obama Timeline 10:45:49
Plowing the Fields Under 10:31:55
RTR reports 100 co-sponsors for HR 1207 09:58:39
Cafferty: Time for Cheney to Put a Sock in It! - Digg! 09:44:09
Michael: The DP Twitter link needs Twitter Feed 09:12:06
Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction? 08:58:28
Flu in New Jersey 08:40:00
Deaths by Disease - Puts the so called "pandemic" into perspective! 08:34:06
Submit & Vote for Questions for Today’s “Freedom Watch” (4/29) 08:15:27
First U.S. Flu Death 23 Month-Old, in Texas for treatment, But from Mexico 07:57:57
Congress will soon pass a law to let you Cramdown your Mortgage in Bankruptcy and Lower your Payments and Principal 07:45:19
The Fed Is Said to Seek Capital for at Least Six Banks 07:15:47
Freedomworks pushing Tea Party this Sat, Graham NC 06:58:21
Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog April 28, 2009 06:38:00
I am pretty sure my mom has caught the swine flu 06:00:05
Swine Flu Deaths = 1936 Deaths in New England 05:08:09
OMG This Is It! You Must Read This My Thoughts!!! 03:32:04
The Flu, the stockmarket and other evidence for the setup... Dr. Len Horowitz 02:31:46
Steve Quayle on Alex Jones : Something Wicked This Way Comes 01:41:32
Lecture webcast 5/1, IOTC 7PM Eastern 01:25:53
Obama’s NHTSA Choice Favors Roadblocks, Random Pullovers 01:03:59
***I am 19 years old and I want to get involved in my local Rep. party...Help Please! 00:44:54
The Monsanto Connection 00:44:21
Holy Crap! This Dr. Says 200,000 Infected in Mexico 00:30:32
"Supreme Court upholds TV profanity crackdown" 00:16:14
Bilderberg Kathy Sebelius sworn in as HHS Sec to oversee 'Bilderflu' 00:14:26
Why A Fertilized Egg Is Not A Person 00:10:08
U.S. Sets Fight in the Poppies to Stop Taliban 00:06:51
Important - 17th Amendment! 00:04:55