Posted on April 3, 2009

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I wrote my Congressman to support HR 1207 and got this response 18:50:25
Rep. Ron Paul Introduces HR 1866 The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009 13:00:33
NO to the Cybersecurity Act of 2009! 10:12:03
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New global currency here!: "SDRs"; "Conspiracy theorists will love it." 23:47:43
Hedge Fund Paid Obama Adviser Summers $5.2 Million 23:30:36
Objectivistliving forum links Ron Paul and C4L 23:22:32
Remember that Robin Hood Movie? 22:51:11
G20 demonstrators tracked down by police 22:37:17
Before you sell your better read this... 22:35:06
Obama's Blackwater? Chicago Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private "Security" in Israel and Iraq 22:02:39
I Don't Drive, I Travel! 21:57:00
Secret Congressional meeting? 21:40:38
hey you all, check out the title of this article! 21:09:15
BOs NWO 21:07:35
Richard Humenn senior project manager for the trade centers construction joins 911 truth 20:48:15
Where do I buy Freedom to Fascism dvd's cheap? 20:38:34
Your Share of Fed Spending is $42,105.00 - How Can You Stop it? [video digg!] 20:24:16
How did this upcoming Tea Party event get hijacked 20:15:27
Got Hemp ? Dr Pauls HR 1866 19:38:35
More reasons and ways to love your chickens 19:03:20
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe 18:58:05
Need your advice.. 18:40:33
Marc Faber chimes in 18:17:15
high school-1959vs.2009 18:00:40
Newt Gingrich-Has anyone else got a call? 17:59:12
Failed bank Friday: guess the number? 17:38:19
What did you learn today from the mass shooting? 17:37:24
Fed 'extremely uncomfortable' about bailouts 17:31:27
The United States is Bankrupt 17:29:58
Been on my mind for awhile...How does a constitutional government work? 17:15:18
What is this? Serve America Act 16:52:00
Lecture tonight at 7PM Eastern webcast 16:49:07
Can I start my own bank? 16:43:14
Ron Paul’s Tribute to Burt Blumert 16:02:44
Fannie, Freddie worker bonuses total $210M 15:57:18
"The War on Drugs" 15:57:12
The Shot Heard 'Round the World! 15:55:07
Confrontation with a Fed Governor 15:44:50
Got a cell phone contract? Did you read the fine print? 15:43:35
Buchanan: Should we kill the fed? 15:38:37
See, Obama didn't bow to the Queen of England.... 15:36:00
Hey Manystrom, would you be opposed to avatars on this site? 15:30:45
Core of Corruption 15:18:39
A rather uncomfortable but necessary thing to ponder 15:13:12
Baitullah Mehsud and the CIA 14:51:59
Kevin Tuma Comic, Needs A Reddit! 14:34:53
MA HB 2929, taxing and regulating Marijuana 14:32:05
Is ALL Taxation "Evil"? 14:27:16
Ghandi Speaks On Non-Violence 14:20:08
lol. only in canada! :) 14:18:16
Queen's gift to Calderon: Collector's Edition of 1984...?!! 14:18:10
ANOTHER SHOOTING: watch out the excuse to rip our 2nd amendment rights are increasing 14:13:51
Fire Safe Cigarettes! 14:06:47
Why the Dollar will NOT crash as most of you believe 14:04:32
O'bama says' "“My administration,is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” 13:54:29
Bernanke: Fed 'extremely uncomfortable' about bailouts; but strategy to ease crisis is working 13:43:37
Social Security: There Is No Trust; There Is No Fund 13:41:19
US Vet: "Israel got by with cold blooded, premeditated murder." 13:18:05
Uh oh...another shooting 13:07:31
END THE FED: Please go and VOTE in Glenn Beck's 912 Project Poll 13:05:57
END THE FED: Please go and VOTE in Glenn Beck's 912 Project Poll 12:57:56
Why Fearing the Police Is Not Irrational 11:24:36
Is the Housing Market beginning to liquidate/prices adjust? $500,000 homes going for $250,000 11:10:53
Let's dupe them again!!! 11:01:40
The Soft Panic of 2009 Has Just Begun 10:57:19
Obamas greeted at NATO by chants of "Go home!" 10:39:31
I'd like to apologize 10:22:14
DIGG THIS! Dr. Paul gives an update on his bill H.R. 1207 ! 10:16:25
Arnold Murray - a constitutional preacher of great wisdom! 09:46:24
HR 1207 now has 58 Cosponsors!! 09:42:01
Federal Reserve Expands Power Globally - Max Keiser on AJ's Inside Story 09:37:52
Do you remember the post about Mass Graves, the reason is revealed. 09:30:11
Should We Kill the Fed? - Pat Buchanan! 08:52:16
Midas Resources--Advertises here. Can Anyone Comment on their Service? 08:22:46
Poll: are you excited or concerned about the new world order. 08:19:04
forget the G20 protests check out the Nato summit ? This is really out of control !! 08:15:48
Mark to Market Madness … Geithner Plan Shenanigans … the Economy … and More 08:02:59
"A New World Order - A Plan to Reform the UN" 06:58:33
More trouble brewing -- and it ain't tea this time! 04:22:10
Senate slips in amendment to the budget to expose the Fed 04:20:40
deleted 04:01:09
I need to put this 'dollar' misconception to rest... 02:57:02
"When governments fear the people there is liberty..You Know the Rest but Where Are We At Now? 02:39:03
An easy fix for the "return address" problem 02:36:53
Audit the Fed bills in the Senate: Contact your senators! 02:27:54
I found this by accident... Alex Jones in "Waking Life" cartoon 02:13:36
Pat Buchanan - great review of 'Meltdown' 02:08:09
Why did FDR run on a platform of limited-government + a gold standard? 01:47:59
AIG commercial 01:39:07
What the MSMedia is NOT Reporting thread 01:33:29
Ron Paul in "Bruno" Movie 01:16:21
Halo's, Obelisks and more. 01:06:09
SA@Takimag - Steadfast Sanford 00:55:49
State considers return to gold, silver dollars. 00:30:11
Animation of Peter Schiff's Consumer Island 00:17:40
We're Being Marched Toward '1984'-Glenn Beck 00:14:25