Posted on April 30, 2009

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Interview With Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Real-ID & Spychips 21:24:20
Martial law, forced vaccination, quarantine discussed on Fox News 18:32:22
Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul Supporters: Common ground can be explored 16:26:31
422 Yea & 1 Nay from RP 14:21:45
Ron Paul on Russia Today - Obama's First 100 Days, Secession 14:21:46
Crudele: Questions About Goldman Sachs Role in Market 11:37:04
Mish: Anti-Libertarian Nonsense on the Fed 10:34:34
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Census - You WILL answer their questions 23:52:03
C2C Tonight --- THERMITE! --- 23:14:59
Peter Schiff sums up the problem with mainline Republicans 22:58:51
**Attn: Californians -- AB 1121 Is In Appropriations! 22:49:08
Obama and ACORN GPS marking every front door in America? 22:45:08
Internet running out of space? Disruptions possible in 2010? Right on time. 22:32:35
North American Union takes priority over the Swine Flu Pandemic - Lou Dobbs 4/30/09 22:24:28
MO HCR 13 (sovereignty) no action in senate 21:53:20
RJ Harris: "Thank you all so much for your votes" 21:46:25
Wake up America; It's time to fight for Liberty! 21:33:25
New ad: Impeach Judge Bybee 21:12:53
RP - Please Call On Your Troops To Phone Bomb For HR 1207! 21:02:40
Chrysler Lender Talks Break Off Bankruptcy VERY probable 20:54:11
Alex Jones Extra Broadcast Tonight 9-12 pm EST 20:52:44
my flu day 2 20:47:20
Want to redesign the dollar? Create a new currency? Now you can. 20:41:38
Bunning Retiring, 7/04 Rand Paul Moneybomb! 20:28:18
Bretton Woods III? (Roubini) 20:23:26
***Flash***Jim Bunning to retire! 20:19:03
Worship Optional: Joining a Church To Avoid Vaccines 19:52:50
Indiana kid gets hauled away as terrorist. 19:39:22
Free Sam Dodson: Political Prisoner 19:29:29
Ron Paul Doesn't Make Time 100 Issue 19:20:16
NOT Gloom and Doom 19:06:37
NBC national news - "Barbie" doll 19:00:34
No Matter What You Do In The World - You Need Someone to Stand By You! 18:48:19
Me and My Big Mouth 18:35:51
Bend over, America and get ready for the largest tax increase in history… the cap and trade scheme. 18:21:30
Bunning to Retire! 17:52:05
E-mail from Ron Paul 17:40:50
I Love the dailypaul but one question...` 17:34:31
The 911 Truth Genie may escape this weekend! 16:58:51
It's the end of the world , wwwwwaaahhhh 16:56:49
Phone Bomb Barney Tomorrow!!! 16:31:59
Swine Flu Hysteria: A Nurse's View by Debra Medina 16:12:26
No More Fake News: 2003 SARS Scam Paves Path to Swine Flu Scam 16:08:09
A Cajun in the UK! And deeply disturbed! 16:04:12
Pigs flying??? 16:00:22
March 27th, 2010! Could the flu have come out on 3/27/09? Could this be a warning for next year and a possible bio-9/11? 15:59:55
Website tracking Obama's campaign promises? 15:26:48
Federal Reserve - A Big Hoax Private Corporation 14:28:30
2009 TIME 100- Another Year, Another Lousy List. 14:16:11
Has the Swine Flu Been Engineered to be Genetic Specific? 14:10:37
What is America's BIGGEST Problem? Do you agree? 14:09:52
Do We Need the FDIC or Deposit Insurance? 14:06:19
Legal Consequences for Breaking Their Oaths! 13:57:49
2 trains carrying Swine Flu explode in Switzerland...?? 13:55:52
An ETF "heads up" 13:45:44
2nd hand clothes & 3rd world debt 13:32:54
An informative book on Ron Paul. 13:28:43
OBAMA Announces Chrysler Bankruptcy 13:27:50
Constitutional Convention. Just say NO! 13:24:00
VIDEO: Border Patrol Ordered by DHS Not to wear Masks! 13:22:51
Great 50 yr old cartoon 13:08:28
Has anyone seen any of the usual reporting on allergy season this year? 13:05:49
Anyone Connecting the Dots Between This and the Swine Flu? 13:03:08
Maybe the most important political race in Texas: Activists needed! 12:22:26
Video: "Swine Flu Was Cultured In A Laboratory", Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director says 12:05:57
Don’t Turn America into France (From Reason TV and CATO) 12:01:48
*** Attention All SC RP GOP State Delegates*** 11:56:13
Radio Show Swine Flu Propaganda started today... 11:52:17
Great deals for those of us who are patient 11:41:26
What do you do with 26 million doses of expired H5N1 vaccines? 11:38:07
Receive a free gift 11:30:42
Jobless claims: 631,000 newly unemployed. Glimmers of hope? (uhh no) 11:23:16
Patriot Act = Loss of Due Process 11:20:41
“Swine Flu Hemagglutinin”: amino acid sequence as ambient music 11:18:12
The reason YOU cannot sell YOUR house is...... 11:04:01
If the elite doesn't practice Eugenics 10:43:04
Where did all the bailout money go? 10:42:11
Specter Spectacle Hides Deadly New Folly in Terror War 10:21:35
Chrysler heads towards bankruptcy 09:58:14
IRmep Legal Challenge to AIPAC Trade Deal 09:49:15
Flu now in Nashville confirmed 09:32:09
Biden, Besser remain against border closing idea (AP) 09:12:59
Britain Ends Combat Iraq Operations 09:11:51
So What are YOU Going to Do? Updated!! 09:09:30
Swine Flu Smoking Gun? CDC Combining Viruses in 2004 08:56:38
Is it my imagination or are things resembling "V for Vendetta" more and more... 08:53:52
The second thing everyday in the morning all R3volutionaries should do is read their horoscope. 08:48:57
Will the flu virus be the impetus for the next part of the crash? 08:45:03
"A Visitor From The Past"........YOU MUST SEE THIS!!!!! 08:30:53
HR 1207 now up to 109 Co-Sponsors! 08:29:07
AE911 truth symposium live from san franscisco on justin tv 08:24:55, Ron Paul is winning 07:58:38
NY pulling a fast one on NY Gun Owners--Major Gun Control bills passed in assembly 07:44:50
Biden - the next Madoff 06:54:04
Does affirmative action punish whites? Courts see a growing number of reverse discrimination cases 06:51:03
Obama Describes Big-Government Solutions as Unwanted, but Necessary 06:31:48
"medical" implant. slightly disturbing....... 05:41:54
Mexico "temporarily closed" essential services only 05:13:48
Real Consequences for Violating Oaths of Office 04:12:52
Quarantine Flags & Swine Flu Signs: Keep away the in-laws & census takers! 04:05:47
Census Worker with GPS confronts home owner for taking pictures (Video) 02:55:37
How is the Swine Flu affecting YOU? 01:51:54
I've seen the future, brother: it is murder. 01:44:58
Economy Shrinks 6.1%:The Obama Depression? 01:21:21
Privatization & Globalization (Ayn Rand / Ron Paul) 01:13:26
California man gets POT back! 00:59:00
Firm sounded Swine flu alarm weeks ago!!! 00:39:23
What would happen to the price of Gold in a Truly Free-Market? 00:22:50