Posted on April 4, 2009

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Personal Update from Ron Paul: "Audit the FED" 4/2/09 21:24:10
Two New Ron Paul Videos - House Floor 04-01-09 & Discussing the Budget 04-02-09 21:17:25
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Breaking New's!! North Korea has launched rocket!! Say's BBC News 23:22:51
Watch this from 2001. 23:20:28
Is the Dispatch song "The General" about Maj Gen Smedley Butler? 23:14:16
Maybe eugenics not so bad 23:00:37
Author David Wolfe, "Usury" is the Cause for Economic "Uncertainty" 22:46:59
Bill Moyers interviews Bank Regulator: Excellent interview 22:18:14
Mo Big BRO! 21:32:35
Texans delay 'Agent Orange' spraying on border 21:25:18
Tom McClintock 4/2/09 Speech on Tobacco Taxes and Regulation - H.R. 1256 21:19:22
Are Competing Currencies Constitutional? 21:15:30
Obama doesn't want our money paid back... 21:07:21
Obama Prepares for War... 20:29:40
Ed Hudgins: Obama's Grab-Bag Socialism 20:28:25
1 In 10 Americans On Food Stamps 19:55:49
End of America Movie 19:23:10
Great New Job "Globalization" 19:02:08
Obama wants to control all banks... 18:43:32
Check out the car that runs on garbage! 18:42:23
Proof Obama is in bed w/ Wall Street (youtube) 18:26:05
Sign petition to release Wall Street Protestors... 18:21:57
Get your Barack Obama Chia-fro today !!! 18:19:41
Lincoln and the First Shot: A Study of Deceit and Deception by John V. Denson 18:17:37
The UK's Operation Channel Project. 18:12:50
The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity. 17:39:15
Saturday night- FUN SAILING 17:26:24
The Final Four 17:25:14
More Nato protest videos and article 17:14:26
**** NAIS info assistance for a 10 min talk******** 16:57:45
The Irony and Foolishness of Antitrust Laws 16:40:29
Motivational video "Do it!" 15:56:43
Local Tea Party neo-con love fest. 15:47:33
Yes, They Are Cockroaches... [pic] 15:39:01
A Popular End to Tyranny 14:08:18
What is open mindedness? 14:01:58
How to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police. 13:47:52
Obamas New World Order 13:21:27
3 police killed during a standoff in Pittsburgh - update 12:32:15
Making Peace in Israel Impossible 12:28:53
US Mint Reports Highest Monthly Silver Bullion Sales Since 1986 11:59:28
Sunday, April 18, 2010 11:50:00
Dick Morris Reports 4/04/09 11:48:39
Barney Frank and Ron Paul team up on hemp 11:22:58
Treason at the highest levels? 11:05:49
Revolving door politics. Why failed career politicians always go to heaven. 10:51:52
Aaron Russo talks with Ron Paul!! BLUNT INTERVIEW!!! 10:14:32
Time for less "Civil" and more "disobedience" perhaps? 10:05:36
Can We Get A Million Votes For Dr. Paul 09:51:21
Congress Says: Be Prepared for "Extraordinary Circumstances" 09:50:00
New Swedish law cuts internet use by 50 % are we next ? 09:36:25
Bank of America raises Salaries for top people-no bonuses! 09:26:01
American Middle Class Now the ‘Homeless Class’ 08:40:00
Verdict: Geitner and Paulson guilty of FRAUD 08:16:08
Barack Obama's New World Order 07:58:00
Here we go: Taliban claimed to be involved in NY shooting 07:39:58
Looking for a link to the doco: Who Killed William Cooper 07:34:05
How's This For A Headline - "Obama's New World Order" Read It Here 07:22:44
Love your brain? Use marijuana every day, never quit. 07:08:03
Maricopa Co. Sheriffs PO'd: A bit of truth about immigration 06:38:51
A peaceful and prolonged siege of DC may be the only thing left to save this country! 06:14:00
Fannie and Freddie at it AGAIN!!! 05:03:30
I am here to help!! SAVE $$$$ on ANYTHING!! 04:47:16
Why are all the places SOLD OUT of Gold?? 04:25:10
USA disarmed by end of Sept.2009? pls listen to this broadcast 04:24:53
Norman Solomon attacks Glenn Beck and CNN 2007 04:04:52
I think Pat Buchannon got a wiff of Ron Paul....Should we kill the Fed? 03:52:22
The Gun in the Room by Stefan Molyneux 03:31:57
Strawman Freedom Sovereign Patriot "How To" by: Dario Busch 02:13:10
What The Hell Is "Carbon Sequestration"? Let's Ask wiseGEEK 02:12:01
The Financial Alchemy behind Gethner Plan II and who gets shafted 01:58:00
Indiana Congressman Mike Pence - Hasn't co-sponsored HR 1207 00:22:13
Gunman kills 13 immigrants in a citizenship class - then self destructs..... 00:15:33
National Conference on BO BC 4/3-4/4/09 in Washington, D.C.; Anyone know about this? 00:06:23