Posted on April 5, 2009

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Rand Paul Speaks to Knob Creek Machine Gun Shootout 23:59:44
Thousands Flee Bomb Attacks by US. Drones 20:04:45
Morris & Hannity Admit WE WERE RIGHT 12:17:11
President with Power to Shut Down Internet??? Hold on..... 03:35:38
Obama Hands Over Economic Sovereignty to the Foreign Bankers 18:34:57
HR 1207 Now Has 55 Cosponsors!! 18:34:56
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Require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws 23:19:57
History Channel's slanted economic nonsense 23:08:49
The Flat Tax Is Not Flat and the FairTax Is Not Fair 22:46:47
Mylow’s lawyer brings MIB guy who takes his motor and papers 22:21:43
VICTORY in Nashville! 22:17:04
Bow vs Crossbow- Gold vs Silver 21:26:22
Anderson Cooper stirring up contention against Iran 21:16:51
How different would it be "today" if Ron Paul won ? 20:56:26
What ever happened to Vincent Bugliosi?? 20:55:56
New "permanent" president of the EU: Blair?;"Britain needs a key figure in the architecture of the "new world order" 20:38:32
Going for gold: How the world's mints are coining it 20:21:02
Why did Obama decide on an Iraq draw down in 18 months? 20:18:58
The Southern Poverty Law Center And ADL Are Your Friends... 20:11:13
John Perkins ~Democracy Now~ How They Enslave Nations 20:09:12
Let's send Alex Jones a Money Bomb 19:23:32
DC woman lost kids to gun violence; demands right to bear arms 19:14:42
Have You Guys Seen This? More on the Pittsurgh shooter & they mention Ron paul 19:08:59
CNN Poll: Does one nation have the right to tell another nation whether it can launch a rocket? NO!!! 18:39:19
Any News On Rally for Republic DVD from Last Year? 18:33:48
Who are the Private Owners of The FED? 18:20:23
Tea Party Protests Set to Sweep on Nation on Tax Day 18:19:30
Need help finding old Gov video. 18:11:29
Another day of old threads being bumped... 18:05:24
New Bill S. Res. 98, Proposing April 15, 2009-2010 National Tea Party Day 17:08:09
VisionVictory on G20 17:00:52
"Pittsburgh shooter was fan of online conspiracy theories"! 16:38:07
Prodigy on RON PAUL and the NWO 16:02:19
Let's Play Pretend! By Peter Schiff 4/6/09 15:50:46
Somebody should create an online marketplace/network that trades with alternative currencies that are currently in circulation. 15:29:13
On this N. Korea Satellite Launch 15:22:52
Recarving Rushmore - Please digg and Shout 15:11:03
North American Union 14:54:39
Dan Carlin voice of reason 14:52:40
Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and others: What's up? 14:31:44
Eminent Domain As Collateral To China 13:55:09
Texas Tea Party Liberty Fundraiser 13:42:36
BO To Get Rid Of World Nukes 13:16:28
Devon_Saunders 12:37:55
Cartoon from 1934 Chicago Tribune that mirrors today to a T! 12:32:46
Corporate media links PA shooter to Alex Jones 12:26:17
Don't Listen To Them ... Send Tea!! 12:07:11
Join The Goldrush 2009! 12:04:34
Obama Wants to Control the Banks, Refuses Repayment of TARP Money -- WSJ 11:37:28
Video - CBS 60 Minutes Interview - Was Obama High? 11:25:03
Reality Report - Audit the FED, Tea Parties, G20, Global Currency, Organic Farmers 10:29:27
Can Uncle Sam Ever Let Go? 10:05:42
Ron Paul on C-Span 2, Book TV, Sunday, April 5, at 9:00 PM (ET) 10:01:40
County GOP Chair considers run Texas for governor's post 09:35:31
Scientists find active 'super-thermite' in WTC dust 09:17:32
Hannity Show : Obama Attacks America !! 09:16:44
Protesters converge on Wallstreet 8.5 % un-employment anger. 09:04:43
Jobless Shock! - Great Depression Rallies - Go Register For Tuesday 4/7 08:49:23
Will I learn Math and Science? Nope, Empathy! Empathy? 08:25:19
Get those property taxes reassessed 07:33:06
Kalamazoo Gazette: Signup for medical marijuana usage begins Monday 05:25:45
Carlos Santana wants Obama to legalize marijuana 05:12:10
Anderson Cooper Notes Gordon Brown & Obama's G20 "New World Order" 04:24:35
Went back to Parris Island today, my first time since bootcamp 03:15:54
Phoenix police raid home of blogger whose writing is highly critical of them 02:58:01
Infowars Story on Illegal Tennessee Checkpoint Prompts Action by Governor 02:46:31
You sure as heck don't need guns... 02:35:52
Father Kills his 5 children 02:24:30
And yet another unexplained family murder/suicide.. 01:58:25
Rand Paul MUST CHALLENGE Jim Bunning in the primary 01:46:35
Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty worker detained at Missouri Airport for carrying cash. 01:40:32
Tea Party Opportunities 01:35:12
Remember Mitt Romney's "Stool?" Well, here's Obama's 01:20:02
Galileo Put Us In Our Place 01:03:35
The Left and Glenn Beck 00:44:43
2 Lefties discover sad truths, 00:43:58
Obama announces new governmental agency for the regulation of molecular oxygen! 00:40:11
Can anyone recommend the best video link for Rally for the Republic!!! 00:19:01
IMF Assumes Power to Regulate All Economies - Including Ours! 00:06:29