Posted on April 7, 2009

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Video of police attacking man who died at G20 UPDATE3: Cops caught lying on video 15:06:25
Documentary: Argentina's Economic Collapse 14:16:40
RT Interviews Alex Jones: U.S. is a puppet of private bankers 10:56:05
Video: Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank Over Economy 10:26:03
Peter Schiff - Kudlow Report 4/6 03:05:50
The last official act of any government is to loot the country 10:58:34
Digg! - RON PAUL WINS 2012 Republican Primary Poll! 10:58:32
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Cyberspies have penetrated and booby-trapped the U.S. electrical grid 23:54:26
How many of you are really paying attention to the where..... 23:38:29
FBI and Military Officials Going After Obama 22:53:49
Non Nobis and Te Deum 21:54:04
New Huck\Palin ad reminds me of Franco's "The Real Spain" 21:45:07
Did anyone see this on MSN?! "Right-wing concern over gun rights?" 21:26:13
Did any of you know that flight 93 on 911 was reported as crashed at camp david? 21:22:04
China seems to be done playing games with us 21:02:33
Mike Wallace interviews Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World 20:01:06
Montana Poised to Buck Federal Gun Control 19:37:55
Whats a successful troll? would you like to know? 19:22:42
What the hell is this? 19:16:39
Dr. Edwin Vieira: Dangers of "Judicial Supremacy" 19:02:16
If you have had enough "political correctness" watch this 18:50:12
" Kymatica " now on Google Video , Learn and know your constitutional rights 18:18:14
the economy is dead 17:58:00
LPUK Press Release: Live by the database, die by the database 17:57:55
Growing the movement by supporting those leaders who are joining us! 17:04:22
Your Own Bailout: 6 Urgent Steps To Save Your Home, Income, Investments, Savings Retirement 17:00:37 Expanding financial oversight may add risks 16:57:13
Michelle Bachmann warns of re-education camps 16:51:14
An Introduction to False Flag Terror 16:51:00
*European Socialism To Run our Financial System* 16:48:41
Free States Network 2.0 - Brainstorm Needed 16:46:51
signed RON PAUL silver liberty dollar on EBAY 16:27:39
signed RON PAUL silver liberty dollar on EBAY 16:27:22
Dow Close 4/7/09 7,789.56 down -186.29 -2.34% 16:16:01
Help with foreign 'crisis' scenario??? 16:11:49
Obama BC is the 800# Gorilla: Newsmax/Farber 16:09:45
Tape of C4L official's detention going viral 16:08:41
strange days by james kunstler 15:58:39
Troll successfully posts inflamatory thread on Ron Paul Forums 15:48:31
Are "9/11 truthers" simply left/right-wing saboteurs trying to marginalize the RP movement? 15:34:09
Scientist warned of quake, was reported to police and ordered to be silent 15:15:38
HR 1866 " The Industrial Hemp Act" Now has 10 Co-Sponsors! 15:14:39
italy earthquake kills 200 & wounds 2000 15:11:43
Mortgage Refinance Questions 15:08:24
Papers Close As Gov't Grows... [pic] 14:32:01
wheres oruval? i miss him 14:29:28
Lew Rockwell: Obama denounces earmarks. why's Obama against earmarks? read to know why 14:23:48
US Mint Reports Highest Monthly Silver Bullion Sales Since 1986 14:06:39
Plans for Mass Graves Confirmed: Government Surveying Cemetery Readiness for Flu Outbreak 14:02:37
Earmark! 13:21:51
Rally In Lexington, MA! April 19. 13:00:21
What would actually work? 12:39:25
Let's Create a Liberty Grant for Outspoken College/HighSchool Students 12:13:51
Letter to the media from NY shooter sounds like mind control 11:57:09
Dollar Devaluation is Inevitable... Just like in 1934 11:33:06
Tea Parties website - post info to educate other patriots 11:17:02
MIAC director reassigned over report 11:04:30
Your Country At War and What Happens To You After A War 10:59:29
Ron Wins NPR Poll - IT'S OVER. 10:58:29
***Shocking Evidence: Vaccination Causes Voting For Romney!!!*** 10:54:44
Excellent Interview with Max Keiser - MUST SEE and SHARE! 10:39:36
Great Synopsis of our Current state of affairs 10:36:59
HAARP strikes again! 10:23:17
Video 4/7/09:Conservative Harvard Law Student Takes On Barney Frank 10:12:44
Paul 50% - Demint 49% Get to voting 09:27:11
So now if you attend University you might be a terrorist. 09:21:29
Indian shoe thrower- 2nd place 09:13:34
OT: Earthquake oddities they aren't discussing 09:10:26
"Sanfordville" Tent City protest over SC stimulus $$$ 09:07:30
Spartanburg County - Only County in US to Sponsor 2nd Event with Ron Paul?? 08:00:16
1942 Government film: "Hemp For Victory" 07:31:23
Maixine Waters: "This liberal will be all about socializ... um..." 07:16:09
Spammers are ANTI-Ron Paul 07:02:13
Alex Jones Tv 1/7:The NSC, Military Checkpoints & Yes Glenn Beck, FEMA Camps are Real !! 06:39:53
The banksters are not done robbing us... This is a MUST READ! 06:00:36
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Debunking the Fema Camps? - (1/2) Glenn Beck (Radio show)- 4.6.2009 05:07:00
Let's have a constitutional showdown! 04:48:04
Force Congress to Follow the Constitution 04:43:51
Youtube, google, etc....what are your favorite videos 03:04:51
NPR Poll: Romneybots making final-hours Push! 02:44:19
Satire on Obama and His Daughters 02:28:43
Esoteric Agenda - December 21, 2012 is becoming ubiquitous 02:24:18
Mexican Drug Lord Officially Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal 00:55:52
Michael Rozeff: Goverments based on coercion cannot be tamed 00:47:53
Get your own Dashboard Obama now! 00:44:26
I think the tea parties are going to be platforms to beat war drums 00:43:20
Fusion Center : 'historically black colleges' as 'radicalization nodes' 00:25:42
The Fed Increasing Credit Swaps: Euro, Yen, S. Franc, & Sterling for.. Dollars 00:20:43
Gov Mark Sanford agrees with Gingrich: We should attack North Korea "pre-emptively" 00:12:27
Has this ever been posted before? about cellphones and spyphone ware 00:05:26