Posted on April 8, 2009

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Book Bomb! Ron Paul's New Book 'End the Fed' Now Available for Pre Order. 22:21:54
What news sites do you use? 22:18:55
Site slowdown and the pink box of death 22:14:20
David Ray Griffin is Coming to Boston University April 11, 2009 21:45:46
Rand Paul on What it Means to Be a Republican 12:05:55
Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" Webcast 4-8, 2pm ET 12:05:53
Imagine: Fresh out of the womb and you're already $35,000 in debt 08:58:49
The Hijacking of Our Movement and the Next Wave of Patriots 12:05:54
Ed and Elaine Brown 08:58:50
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Elizabeth Warren Introduces COP's April Report 23:53:56
outrage in america 23:39:50
Campaign For Liberty Staffer Detained by Airport TSA for Carrying Cash 23:33:26
Keith Cyrnek Live From The Honeycomb Hideout 23:13:24
Ron Paul: Neoconservatives backing Obama's foreign policy 23:13:09
Are You a ‘Prepper’? Got Ammo? 22:56:56
Must see video 22:19:19
Hilarious Interview on Colbert with Rep. Dan Maffei 22:17:56
Anyone else having trouble with this site besides me?? UPDATE: Much better now (ALMOST)! 21:39:17
Goverment vs. free-market constitutions 20:24:41
Obama Looking at Cooling to Fight Warming ! 19:56:03
Freedom Watch w/ Napolitano - GET IT ON TV!! 19:49:22
The American Conservative: Mark Sanford: How I did not see this coming? 19:48:36
The Samson Gambit~ Why Steve Rosen is suing AIPAC 19:36:02
Hero Blues:Progressives Line Up With Milatarism 19:32:24
'Progressive’ Warmongers 19:27:09
Internet turf wars continue: AP going after Google, not us. 19:08:16
Constitutional Crisis in the United States 19:01:32
Reason TV puts the spending into perspective. 18:29:24
Ready to make a new Ron Paul bestseller? Preorder "End the Fed" 18:23:42
Full Show - Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch 4-08-2009 18:02:37
Loners that got it right 18:00:10
"The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class" 17:58:32
Ron's new book - END THE FED - pre-order woo hoo!!! 17:56:19
Humor.. 17:40:42
Todays Glenn Beck guest, Douglas Feith (google Office Of Special Plans) 17:35:53
Video shows London police assaulting man just before his death at G20 protest 17:29:34
Glock vs Beretta 45 - 40 17:27:50
Ron Paul's New Book End the Fed Available for Pre-order on Amazon 17:20:05
Who has naked pictures of YOU? TSA, if you keep flying. 17:16:44
David Kretzmann on "Know Your Rights" 17:04:45
My Email To Glenn Beck 16:36:16
Note to jackbooted thugs: You are on camera, too (another "Cops gone wild" vid) 16:27:45
"Declaration of Separation" - incredibly well done 16:17:01
For those of you who want some fun on WOW 16:06:27
Rand Paul Speaks to College Republicans at WKU 4-7-09 UTUBE 15:53:31
Liberty Dollar and Alternative Currency in Mass. 15:44:18
DP - I need your help! pt1 15:42:19
Write this down 15:04:51
What'sup with the Pirates? 14:41:03
Obama Moves To Legalize Warrantless Wiretapping! 14:40:04
Idaho Passes Sovereignty Bill! 14:24:26
Lindsey Williams live now 14:23:23
Former Obama Advisor and CFR VP says 100,000 troops, 10+ More years needed in Afghanistan 14:11:36
Lady Liberty is such a tease 13:49:09
Sandra Day O'Connor touts civics lessons via games 13:48:05
Who wants to help take on Gov. Perry tonight? 4/8/09 13:42:57
U.S. plans new spy satellites to protect the military and citizens 13:38:40
YaLiberty ! MotorhomeDiaries 13:33:10
I do apologize 13:30:22
Jim Bunning can't win reelection...Rand Paul for senate!!!!! 13:23:32
"Obama Begins Turnover of USA Sovereignty to International Body" 13:13:10
I'm a Prepper , She's a Prepper , Wouldn't you like to be a Prepper too ? 12:53:57
Obama considers cloud seeding/radical approaches to fight global warming... 12:53:19
Obama team sends 15 to speed up GM's progress 12:47:09
This sounds like propaganda to enforce stricter rules on / shutting down the internet 12:23:13
Business is booming for Dallas-Fort Worth bomb shelter company 12:02:46
Michael Ruppert- CIA, Drugs, Wall Street & 9-11 11:55:07
Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse 11:54:55
Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows - A Must See Doc - Video and related interviews 11:35:42
Keep chopping at the root!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11:19:36
Great video about regulatory corruption and the Corporate State 10:58:42
Response from an Obama Supporter 10:40:16
Cyberspies penetrate electrical grid: report 09:54:55
US power grid compromised 09:50:56
Huffington Post recruits anti-tea party operatives. Fight Back!! 09:21:17
Pirates seize U.S. ship 08:59:43
A Church R3volution? 08:57:47
Note to Dr. Paul - Pirates! - introduce a bill of marque and reprisal 08:51:57
Signs of the Times: Storage Unit Auctions on the Rise 08:48:16
U.S. to Offer Aid to Life Insurers 08:00:20
Glenn Beck and Fema Camps- My report 07:48:36
Life Will Find a Way: ALTERNATIVE MONEY 07:37:36
Americans volunteering for the IDF - Really 07:30:54
James Meigs Shilling Against Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"!!! 07:29:55
Digg! - RON PAUL WINS 2012 Republican Primary Poll! 07:13:34
Huffpo Operative Plan to infiltrate Tea Party Protests 06:54:07
Fascism = nike sneakers and smiley shirts 04:30:03
Adam Smith (CD9) becomes the first WA Congressman to commit to cosponsor HR1207! 04:11:25
"Super Synchronicity" Freakout - The Continuing Saga 03:45:07
Rush Limbaugh Gets OWNED by caller 03:03:22
They Have a Little Dissident List - 8 Million Long 02:59:56
Off Topic- Kurt Cobain's estate swindled dry 02:50:08
Drug War Fail 02:17:03
NH- Training day: Police storm Londonderry church 02:01:19
Motorist subdues Dept. Homeland Security at checkpoint ... 01:04:12
Dinosaur Jim Bunning=28% approval rating, loses to ALL dems 00:42:11
March 9th, 1933??? 00:29:36
quotes on the fed 00:21:15