Posted on April 9, 2009

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Oath Keepers - Orders We Will NOT Obey 17:44:25
Need help...please! Baby on the way...need advice. 05:38:45
NEW Ron Paul Video!! Dr. Paul Visits Victoria 01:25:37
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second amendment in trouble??????? what would you do about it 23:40:33
Video - An Argentine opinion on the GFC 23:38:10
Has anybody been able to contact family in the Bay area/Santa cruz? 23:10:44
Somebody please post where we can all go to communicate what website 23:08:39
Cut fiber optic cables in santa clara county! State of emegency declared.Link to only news story running this..story. Strange. 23:02:16
More Geoengineering stuff from your pals at the CFR.... 22:58:17
Big communications outage in California is maybe why the site is down? 22:57:33
Obama is using his influence to destroy the daily paul :( 22:46:41
Why are police officers called 'cops'? Where did the term come from? 22:24:58
Fiber optic cables cut? 22:06:52
Employment Opportunity - Gold and Silver Investing 22:04:01
Activist Employment Opportunity 22:01:23
Employment Opportunity 21:59:50
Eight Ways to Join the Local Food Movement 21:51:22
So where do we go to post up if this site becomes terminated? 21:48:51
4409 -- Judge gets pwned over photo radar case 21:34:03
Barack's Bailout Bonds by Lew Rockwell 21:11:56
Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within 21:07:10
Worms or trolls: which is worse? maybe we have both; Scan your computers for infections! 21:05:40
rhino: I guess this situation gives me free reign. 21:01:04
This site WAS running REALLY FUNKY for me! Anyone else?? 20:24:43
Alarm Get Your Arms Now 20:24:20
Every Thread I Click Displays A White Blank Page 20:23:22
You have to see this - Welcome to Mississauga 20:20:55
Chem Trails Proof 20:02:58
Private individuals in Hawaii ignored government and repaired a public roadway for free! 19:33:38
"Obama's obscene remarks in Iraq" 18:46:33
Vets: A new assault on your second amendment rights? 18:33:06
**False Flag Practice Run - All Phones Cut In Bay Area** 18:26:56
WND Poll: GOLDEN RULERSHIP: How important are America's independence and sovereignty? 18:13:01
Bill Moyers interviews William Black 17:56:58
Extremely Important 17:47:24
Is the website running crappy for anyone else? 17:29:56
States’ Rights Update: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Montana 16:37:30
Ready? It's coming... "Chemtrails undo damage from clean air legislation." 16:15:55
These are some sick SOBs - Reality TV's latest wheeze: make US 16:14:55
Grand Jury Power: Take It Back 16:07:51
We Keep Paying and Paying and Paying 15:45:10
The Quiet Coup - Former IMF economist tells it like it is - an absolute must-read 15:37:40
Should we Kill the Fed? 15:15:06
Glenn Jacobs: What is government? 14:58:13
Dubai The Dark Side of "Pseudo Libertarian Capitalism" 14:23:33
You will Love This Deflation Made Easy! 14:19:55
Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism 14:17:00
What makes a good economist? 14:01:58
China starts international trade with Yuan & Confers with Russia about "supra-national reserve currency 13:40:18
If you thought they might legalize marijuana, guess again 13:26:54
1819: America's First Housing Bubble 13:25:00
"Recession outlasts even extended jobless benefits" 13:08:40
ACORN, Obama Leftists Plan Disruptions at Tea Parties 13:07:11
Virgina Turns Down Stimlus!!! 13:07:00
Latest to push states' rights in 10th amendment 12:50:23
Pelosi advocates Gun Registration on CBS 12:48:35
History Repeats-Great Cartoon 12:46:08
WND petition: RE-Declaration of Independence 12:19:12
Constitutional Tender: Another Milestone Reached! 12:07:32
Thanks NPR 11:36:36
So I guess the Economy is in a Full Fledged Recovery 11:27:58
Only 45% Think They Pay More Than Their Share In Taxes 11:15:14
More Psychosis... 10:46:38
Marijuana arrests exceeds arrests for all violent crimes combined 10:35:23
I knew we had scum of the earth in Government positions over the years .Here is a good list of them 10:19:58
MT keeping feds in line? 10:14:38
Flu Shots Are Full Of Mercury... 10:10:07
If we let the tyrants win, there's no USA to come save us! 09:56:34
Obama expands wiretapping to include sovereign immunity . 09:52:52
Growing Movement Against Manadory Vaccines - Article 09:46:15
Coincidence? 09:45:36
End the NWO Movie 09:40:47
Stop Spending Our Future Videos and website.. 09:29:24
U.S. Congressman Ron Paul visits Victoria 09:21:15
Iraqis protest US in Baghdad rally yesterday 09:14:48
Completely OT, but good for a laugh... 09:11:06
Great Truth bumper sticker! 09:07:20
You Know You are a Liberty "nerd" when..... 08:34:18
Good News! They can quit being so secretive... 08:25:35
The Economy - In English PLEASE! 07:46:45
Who is buying bomb shelters? POLITICIANS 06:52:27
Obama to push immigration bill this year 06:24:09
HR 1207---How about this??? 06:16:04
updated--Ron Paul Loves the Gadsden Flag--" THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN FLAG"--It is now a Symbol of Terrorism 03:49:46
Rush Admits Torture (Accidentally) and more... 03:07:11
The video for the Rally Lexington Green 02:44:55
Fewer Americans support stricter gun control laws 02:10:18
Hugo Chavez Meets with China on NWO 01:27:29
High Priest of Hawaiian Marijuana Church Gives Tea Party Advice 01:25:45