Posted on May 1, 2009

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OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism 10:27:58
Word From Rand Paul & U Kentucky Speech 12:03:26
Big News: Adam Kokesh Announces Run for Congress! 11:53:45
Barney Frank 2005: What Housing Bubble? 10:27:56
Wall Street Journal and quotes linked back to Daily Paul 09:06:23
Flu Skeptic Ron Paul: The sky isn't falling! 10:27:57
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Self Defense HB 228 now law in Montana: open carry, no retreat... 23:15:02
China has 'canceled US credit card': lawmaker 22:50:28
Born Again American...this is great...should be on the main page. 22:46:19
100 Days of Change for the Family 21:35:44
download ammazing music 21:11:06
Swine Flu move over, make way for the ZOMBIE FLU (N1Z1) 21:10:49
President Obama: Nationalize the Fed and Create Our Own Money 21:08:27
Suggested Weekend Viewing: Why Unregulated Capitalism is the Only Moral Social System 20:55:25
Sibel Edmonds Documentary - Kill The Messenger - 52:04 20:25:40
X-Files, The Simpsons, and 9/11 20:09:42
Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 01, 2009 20:08:45
Golly. Another suicide. 19:49:48
The Government is Spying on your Internet and how to Stop It 19:41:35
The most Non-polluted water on the Planet........ 19:26:29
Tax credit was just a sham ! 19:23:09
Straw Poll Picks Romney, Jindal, Paul and Palin in 2012 19:22:41
Adam Kokesh on Jack Blood's Deadline Live Radi Show 19:13:26
EVERYONE should meet the census taker at the door... 19:10:46
Bank Failure Friday (BFF). Two so far, but one of them is quite big and very important to the industry. 18:58:59
George Carlin-Saving the Planet (comedy-flashback) 18:45:08
Why have a Congress at all? 18:36:43
Census used GPS to mark my front door ?? 18:34:09
CDC is keeping Swine Flu numbers artificially low 17:42:18
Citizens Community Bank, Ridgewood, New Jersey, was closed today by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, 17:29:51
A letter from the Future 17:14:34
New DHS report surfaces 17:06:54
Obama hopes to replace Justice Souter by October 17:00:24
Gee Whiz...Here we go. Planes being diverted now. 16:32:40
Slieverton Bank, N.A., Atlanta--Closed by FDIC 16:32:13
endometriosis 16:31:46
2010 Census Form PDF 15:59:49
I Am Spartacus! Standing Up to Homeland Insecurity 15:48:56
"Swine Fear" Comedy break 15:43:53
Wonder where some of the bailout money went? 15:39:47
Prosecutors to Drop Charges Against Two Former AIPAC Lobbyists 15:09:11
Dennis Miller CONFIRMS... 14:46:37
FEMA trailers on the move? 14:41:18
MSNBC: Racists at it again 14:40:36
The House of Morgan 14:37:25
Two-headed monster 14:34:51
Image of Bush and Obama Mocking Constitution 14:03:12
The Fair Tax, just a way to keep the Baby Boomers paying! 13:43:37
Vote for Adam Kokesh NOW! 13:23:25
To anyone who doesn't believe the illuminati is real (show them this) 13:18:27
Condi Rice Pulls a Nixon: If the President Orders Torture, It Must be Legal 13:16:43
May Day turns violent in Turkey, Germany, Greece 13:03:28
4/30/09 Judge Napolitano on Fox Business: The Power of a Bankruptcy Judge 12:49:50
Ashton Lundeby is being held under the USA Patriot Act 12:30:33
Beyond The Infowar Friday May 1st 7pm Eastern 6pm Central 12:03:14
Obama's eligibility: answers on the horizon? Smoking gun finally found? The transcript indicates that Obama, under the name of 11:58:17
Ron Paul doesn't make TIME's most influential list 11:53:04
Gary Johnson and Mark Sanford TIE as Liberty Candidate for 2012 11:47:05
Federal Reserve to reportedly delay bank stress test results - Update 11:35:00
This is really scary` Ahmadinejad adopts Obamas "Yes we can slogan" 11:29:45
The Police and Laws Are No Substitute for Moral Values 11:16:05
Please sign the petition for a new investigation NYC CAN needs your help 10:36:35
A 13 Year Old' View On America 10:22:52
Understanding the Constitution not a Factor in Obama's Judicial Nominations 10:03:10
Psalm 2 09:31:39
What is legal to give away but illegal to sell? 09:22:31
Census: Give this to the Census Worker, will this help? 09:15:56
Anti-Torture Protestors Arrested in Droves 08:51:22
Ron Paul Resolutions we can get behind. 08:42:51
Ron Paul and IQ 08:39:06
Starwave Corp. is watching you on DailyPaul 08:31:45
Supreme Court Justice Souter Retiring 08:29:34
here lazy highway 08:26:45
Sayonara Treasury Bubble! 08:20:26
Schiff goes to Washington???? 07:40:12
International Military Force Lands on Florida Beach 07:11:42
Max calls for old-style punishment of banksters 04:32:59
Georgia Guidestones Info & Hunt 04:24:22
Dr. Rand Paul's Speech from Last Night! 4-30-09 University of Kentucky 03:54:44
Mexico shuts down to control swine flu 03:10:30
The Printing Press Cycle 02:30:28
Drug Treatment Centers 02:05:33
Swine flu headfake! 01:58:51
Stimulus Checks??? 01:17:50
What if? 00:46:56
Guns bought this year could outfit the armies of China and India 00:28:55
the flag and the law 00:25:39