Posted on May 12, 2009

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Video: Ron Paul on Torture - 5/12/09 14:24:51
Texas Straight Talk: On Af-Pak: Stop "Helping" 14:24:50
Dr. Ron Paul on Fox Business 05-11-09 07:19:56
Let's Email Bomb Glenn Beck. See if he'll talk about HR 1207! 02:47:53
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Petition Pelosi to Audit The Fed (Please help, takes just a minute) 23:41:22
Gun Control History in the 20th Century 23:41:11
Reparations to be paid to Victims of U.S. Eugenics program 23:36:57
Tea Party II W. Sanford and Perry on Drudge now 23:31:50
Just another gimmick to get votes. 23:30:33
K'Naan on Somali Pirates and Marijuana (Hip Hop's Future) 23:22:10
As far as the 2nd ammendment goes, all of us here on dailypaul have a responsibility 23:19:36
were the fires in CA a way to keep 23:16:18
Start Some Brush Fires In Peoples Mind 23:11:12
A Presidential Bombshell....(not what you think) 22:56:10
It is always darkest before dawn 22:51:18
Anyone seen the Ron Paul matrix parody 22:47:26
Census stopped by....with GPS 22:40:34
Anyone heard from Liberty Belle? 22:35:54
If there where no taxes? 22:27:36
United States & the worlds top Porsche and Audi dealership files for Chapter 11 22:09:54
"We The People" Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial 22:08:38
We don't want chemo. Shut up, the state will decide for you 22:06:04
Anybody here in the CFL? Please read this. 21:56:32
Tillman's parents want general's record reviewed 21:45:54
Peter Schiff Report 12 May 2009 21:41:27
State GOP wants advice on how to improve... 21:34:27
Grandmother Arrested And Has House Seized 20:50:08
Urgent Alert for Liberty Lovers in PENNSYLVANIA Near Harrisburg 20:35:35
Action Alert from NRA **CCW License Holders** Not just Fla 20:34:43
Yet Another Victory! Red Light Camera Ticket TOSSED in CA 20:25:05
Starting a new job - question about W-4 refusal 20:09:14
It Is Getting Very Serious Now 20:04:47
Anyone notice how quiet the Daily Paul is? 19:59:03
David Wolfe - Visions of Paradise 19:21:09
Your Plans?? 18:38:44
Another mega-thief ( Madoff ) walks free in the US 18:22:37
Ron Paulers...Go Make Babies 18:20:43
Woman is forcefully arrested for trespassing on her own paid for property UPDATE: 18:18:05
Trespassing GOP official gets a light sentence 18:08:02
Our "President" on Globalism 17:46:31
Chrysler Bailout/Bankrupcy 17:18:50
Are We Being Conditioned To Accept a Pre-emptive Attack on Iran? 17:16:26
Digg for Adam Kokesh! 17:15:52
The creation of the debt state ! 17:08:01
‘Does Ron Paul hate Arnold Palmer?’ 16:52:49
ThisJuly4th.Com - The Adam Kokesh Money Bomb - Please DIGG!!!! 16:39:28
Some employees are simply irreplaceable 15:51:12
Ron Paul Is Showing These Reps Some Love... Time For Them To Show Some Back! 15:31:24
You cannot make this stuff up!! 15:21:46
Okay DPers, What is the liberty solution to Hardware Store Issues in America? 15:03:37
The Treasury is recalling all the money. 14:37:16
Calling all "Smedley Butler Republicans!" 14:08:37
Volunteer for a Libertarian Congressional Candidate! 13:53:40
The Awful Truth About Taxation! 13:47:51
Going into debt to secure your future 13:44:51
Hey you Americans 13:42:50
NY Mayor Defends Charging Rent for Working Homeless 13:36:41
Cheney open to testifing? 13:21:07
Youtube censorship is scaring me. 12:54:00
The Socialist Pledge... 12:46:28
In the real world their shutting Detroit down :( 12:35:08
Obama wants Fed to be Finance Supercop 12:31:03
For many years our internal security was designed to keep a strong Republic 12:18:35
Election Activists: We Need Expert Witnesses, Research & Legal Assistance 12:08:22
What to straighten out corporations? 12:02:27
Liberty Resoration project trown out of MO governor's office 12:00:55
Quick help needed - dreadful farming bill number? 11:52:02
WARNING! History Repeating 11:37:49
Are congressional committees constitutional? 11:33:14
Demanding Liberty - Louis Rose. 11:15:01
***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter Schiff at Hard Assets Investment Conference 5/11 11:07:23
Taliban poisoning little girls? 10:57:42
'Chip' mentioned on TV this morning! 10:57:04
(Video) "Rich Dad" Explains The FED! 10:30:30
Jesse back!! He's on Larry King Live.. (you tube link here) 10:07:48
Reddit Troll alert 09:52:05
Israelis criticize Pope 09:46:47
Help Wanted: Accounting - General Bookkeeping, AR, AP, Payroll,... 09:42:43
American extradited to Germany for trial. 09:28:55
9/11 Blueprint for Truth (2008 Edition) My favorit, undebunkable 09:17:27
Do you believe Dr. Paul's votes were counted correctly? 09:10:21
New Chuck Baldwin article: It is getting very serious now. Gun confiscation 09:01:27
By the way... 08:56:09
Desperado: New Theme Song\Video for the Conservative Movement 08:37:38
Mortgage Refinance? Is Now The Time? 08:29:53
The Government as Robin Hood 07:47:59
Andrew Jackson said Secession was TREASON 06:44:13
Ron Paul on FOX Business -Video - 11 may 06:25:38
Ron Paul Republicans 05:54:51
Darth Greenspan 04:59:09
Obama and Bush Foreign Policy: Opposites Really DO Attract! by Young Americans For Liberty 04:54:49
WTP Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial 02:07:17
Obama Deception screening, responses, and street action 01:28:27
Ron Paul Republicans by the Southern Avenger 01:24:00
Texas: City Councilman Arrested for Opposing Red Light Cameras 01:11:39
SA@Takimag - Ron Paul Republicans 01:08:08
Does human nature require the State? 01:03:24
Can courts accept paper dollars? 00:29:12
First Alex Jones, Now Jeff Rense Is Hacked; Broadcast Postponed. 00:07:32